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Monday Mixer: New York Comic Con delivers the goods

Posted October 10, 2016, 3:10 PM

Just when you thought this was going to be a boring weekend, you were reminded that the New York Comic Con was ongoing. While New York's Con will never rival that of its originator on the other coast, it is starting to get some real traction with studios in terms of being a great place to promote films and TV shows.

Give its early October date, the New York Comic Con is perfectly positioned for studios to promote new Fall TV shows and bigger genre pictures that are starting to creep far away from their traditional Summer stomping grounds. While the Fall/Winter months have traditionally showcased family films and awards contenders, the trend in recent years is that studios aren't afraid to open big blockbusters in December or even January.

That theory will certainly be tested next year with non-traditional Winter fare...

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Review: 'Swiss Army Man' is a fun, bizarre trip

Posted October 4, 2016, 4:10 PM

Alright, you made it. I saved the best for last because this was a film that I was eagerly looking forward to seeing. Ever since the first trailer, my mouth was on the floor in wonderment at the sheer bizarre audacity of a film that champions a farting corpse as a man's literal salvation.

But, I'm getting way ahead of myself. Allow me to start at the beginning. I should warn you right now that there might be some light spoilers ahead, but to be honest, if you've seen the trailer, then you pretty much know what you're going to get with this film. I don't believe that anything I could save would possibly damper your enjoyment (or hatred) of this film.

Let's face it, this is a film that is going to be quite divisive with its audience. I've done a...

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Review: 'The Purge' hits its stride in 'Election Year'

Posted October 4, 2016, 4:10 PM

Two down, two to go. Are you still with us?

In a year in which neither of the two mainstream party candidates for President is particularly well-liked, a film like The Purge: Election Year is like picking low-hanging fruit. I don't think you would have a hard time finding volunteers who would be willing to track down and enact some Purge-like justice on Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

Of course, the country is so widely divided that we find ourselves at a crossroads where the dystopian future of the Purge films has never seemed more like a real possibility.

I will admit it. In fact, I think I've said it on here a few times, but I didn't particularly care for the first Purge film. I thought that the story had potential, but that the film devolved into clich├ęs and didn't really allow...

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Review: 'Joshy' is full of well wishes

Posted October 4, 2016, 3:10 PM

At some point in like a decade or so, we are going to look back on this period of film and really hate upon the Duplass brothers. They, and their mumblecore brethren, have given us so many forgettable films in this whole mumblecore genre that they are starting to blend together.

Case in point, Joshy.

Joshy is the perfect example of what mumblecore has become. It's a series of films that, much like Chinese food, is enjoyable while consuming, but an hour later they are mostly forgettable. That's not to say that the experience of watching them is any less than other films, it's just that it often feels like these films are on the verge of saying something so poignant and then just end.

Sort of like Joshy, but I digress.

Did I enjoy Joshy? Yes, I did. There were parts of the...

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Review: '6 Plots' is D.O.A.

Posted October 4, 2016, 2:10 PM

I apologize in advance because we have a lot of reviews to get to today. That's the nature of the new reality that we find ourselves. You might have noticed that over the last few months, the first Tuesday of each month has had a disproportional number of new movies arriving on DVD and Blu-ray than the rest of the month.

This is intentional as the smaller studios have banded together to make the first Tuesday of each month an event atmosphere with plenty of small to medium titles to compete with the rest of the bigger titles later in the month. That's not to say that the "big six" are playing along, you only have to look as far as this week's X-Men: Apocalypse to see that they don't mind crashing the party with a box office heavyweight.

Of course, the...

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October the 4th: Double the 'Star Wars' fun

Posted October 4, 2016, 1:10 PM

Did you miss us last month? I could make up so many excuses and argue that since the 4th of September fell on a Sunday, I should get a pass. But, the reality is that last month was just crazy and something had to give.

And to be honest, Star Wars news was a bit slow last month, but don't worry, I didn't just toss those tidbits out like yesterday's blue milk. Nope, I held on to them and added this month's Star Wars chatter.

With Rogue One on the horizon, the news is surely going to ramp up in the coming months. And while even Disney head honcho Bob Iger agrees that Rogue One won't match last year's Force Awakens performance, the scuttlebutt around Disney is that they are cautiously optimistic about Rogue One's long-term prospects.

Speaking of long-term, today is another...

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Review: There can be only one definitive 'Highlander'

Posted September 27, 2016, 4:09 PM

I have a confession to make. Up until this past week, I had never seen a single frame of any of the Highlander films. So, when the opportunity to review the 30th Anniversary Edition, I figured I was either the most (or least) qualified person to pen an unbiased review.

Of course, by not having grown up with lore of Highlander in my DNA, would I be able to appreciate a film that has a cult following and has come to surpass the constraints of conventional analysis. For instance, it would be as unfair to compare the special effects by today's standards as it would be to criticize the lack of color in It Happened One Night.

And yet, I have seen enough good (and bad) films to be able to look beyond the technological constraints of the 1980s and see the...

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