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Month of February 2015

Everything DVD (620)

Date Title (Rating) DVD Formats Star B.O.
2/2/15 13th Child: Legend Of The Jersey Devil DVD Cliff Roberston
2/2/15 Alchemy: The Egyptian Connection DVD
2/2/15 Aleister Crowley: Legend of Beast DVD
2/2/15 Algiers DVD Charles Boyer
2/2/15 Alien Crash at Roswell: UFO Truth Lost in Time DVD
2/2/15 Alien Creatures from Beyond: Monsters, Ghosts & Vampires DVD
2/2/15 Alien Encounter at Loch Ness DVD
2/2/15 Alien Paranormal: Bigfoot UFOs & Men in Black DVD
2/2/15 All American Horror: Gateways to Hell DVD
2/2/15 America's Alien Invasion: Lost UFO Encounters DVD
2/2/15 American Adventure: Quartzsite Arizona DVD
2/2/15 American Sasquatch Hunters: Bigfoot in America DVD
2/2/15 Ancient Astronauts: Return of Gods DVD
2/2/15 Angel On My Shoulder DVD Paul Muni
2/2/15 Arrest Bulldog Drummond DVD John Howard
2/2/15 Attack of the Giant Leeches DVD Ken Clark
2/2/15 Beneath The 12-Mile Reef DVD Robert Wagner
2/2/15 The Big Lift DVD Montgomery Clift
2/2/15 The Birth Of A Nation DVD Lillian Gish
2/2/15 Black Coin DVD
2/2/15 Black Water Creek: Legend of Sasquatch DVD
2/2/15 British Intelligence DVD Boris Karloff
2/2/15 Bulldog Drummond At Bay DVD John Lodge
2/2/15 Cartoon Rarities of the 1930s DVD
2/2/15 Cattle Stampede DVD Buster Crabbe
2/2/15 Cavalry Command DVD John Agar
2/2/15 Christmas Lights Across America DVD
2/2/15 The Clutching Hand DVD Jack Mulhall
2/2/15 Creature From The Haunted Sea DVD Anthony Carbone
2/2/15 Death & Murder: Epic Ghosts & Paranormal Hauntings DVD
2/2/15 Dowsing: The Complete Survival Guide DVD
2/2/15 Drums In The Deep South DVD James Craig
2/2/15 Epic War Stories of WWI & WWII DVD
2/2/15 Exorcist Chronicles DVD
2/2/15 Fighting Marines DVD
2/2/15 Flaming Frontiers DVD Johnny Mack Brown
2/2/15 Fog Island DVD Lionel Atwill
2/2/15 Foot Reflexology: Master Guide DVD
2/2/15 Forbidden Archeology: Hidden History of the Human Race DVD
2/2/15 Freakhouse: No Way Down DVD
2/2/15 Ghost and Demon Children of the Damned DVD
2/2/15 Ghostkeepers DVD
2/2/15 Ghosts On The Loose DVD East Side Kids
2/2/15 Giant of Marathon DVD
2/2/15 The Golem DVD Paul Wegener
2/2/15 Groove (R) MOD DVD Lola Glaudini $1.1
2/2/15 Guilty Of Treason DVD Charles Bickford
2/2/15 Happy Go Lovely DVD Vera-Ellen
2/2/15 Heart Of The Golden West / Come On Rangers Double Feature DVD
2/2/15 Hot Rod Girl DVD Lori Nelson
2/2/15 Intolerance DVD Lillian Gish
2/2/15 The Jackie Robinson Story DVD Jackie Robinson
2/2/15 Kikujiro MOD DVD
2/2/15 Killer Diller DVD King Cole Trio
2/2/15 Killers From Space DVD Peter Graves
2/2/15 King of the Wild DVD
2/2/15 Lady Frankenstein (R) DVD Joseph Cotten
2/2/15 Law Of The Lash DVD Al ``Lash' LaRue
2/2/15 Legend of the Goatman: Horrifying Monsters Cryptids & Ghosts DVD
2/2/15 The Lost City DVD Kane Richmond
2/2/15 Lost Crime Shows Volume 1 DVD
2/2/15 Lost Secret of Immortality DVD
2/2/15 The Luzhin Defense MOD DVD
2/2/15 The Man Without a Past (PG-13) MOD DVD Markku Peltola $0.9
2/2/15 Martial Arts: Secrets of Asian Masters DVD
2/2/15 Matt Clark Railroad Detective: Stories of the Century Volume 1 DVD
2/2/15 Mystery Mountain DVD
2/2/15 Paranormal Prisons: Portal to Hell on Earth DVD
2/2/15 Paranormal Rosslyn Chapel: Haunted Portal of Spirits & Ghosts DVD
2/2/15 The Perils of Pauline DVD Evalyn Knapp
2/2/15 Phantom of Opera DVD
2/2/15 Postal Inspector DVD
2/2/15 Riders of Death Valley DVD Buck Jones
2/2/15 Ripper in Canada: Paranormal Encounters from the Great White North DVD
2/2/15 Robert Wise: American Filmmaker DVD
2/2/15 Rogue of the Range / Texas Kid Double Feature DVD
2/2/15 Roy Rogers with Dale Evans Volume 1 DVD
2/2/15 RU-486: The Last Option DVD
2/2/15 The Satanic Rites Of Dracula (R) DVD Christopher Lee
2/2/15 Tarot Card & Palm Reading DVD
2/2/15 UFO Chronicles: Cosmic Watergate DVD
2/2/15 UFO Chronicles: You Can't Handle the Truth DVD
2/2/15 Unwritten Code MOD DVD
2/2/15 Virgin in Hollywood / Protect Your Daughter Double Feature DVD
2/2/15 Wild Horse Round Up / Timber War Double Feature DVD
2/2/15 World's Greatest Minds: Literary Geniuses DVD
2/3/15 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea DVD Allen Holubar
2/3/15 7 Shades of Sexy Movie Collection DVD
2/3/15 ABCs of Death 2 DVD
2/3/15 The Adorable Cheat DVD Lila Lee
2/3/15 Alien Storm DVD Jeff Fahey
2/3/15 An American Tail (G) DVD Phillip Glasser
2/3/15 Annie Oakley Volume 12 DVD
2/3/15 Anzac Girls DVD
2/3/15 Arizona Terror / Range Warfare Double Feature DVD Ken Maynard
2/3/15 Attention Shoppers MOD DVD Lillian Adams
2/3/15 The Aviators DVD Jeff Foxworthy
2/3/15 Axe to Grind DVD Debbie Rochon
2/3/15 Babe (G) DVD James Cromwell
2/3/15 Bad Men's Money / Branded a Bandit Double Feature DVD
2/3/15 Balto (G) DVD Kevin Bacon
2/3/15 Barney's Great Adventure: The Movie (G) DVD George Hearn
2/3/15 Beethoven (PG) DVD Charles Grodin
2/3/15 The Best of Me (PG-13) DVD Michelle Monaghan $26.7
2/3/15 Black Omnibus DVD James Earl Jones
2/3/15 Blazing Justice / Romance Rides the Range Double Feature DVD
2/3/15 Bleeding Hearts DVD Tony Todd
2/3/15 Blue Bird DVD
2/3/15 The Bob Newhart Show: Season Five DVD Bob Newhart
2/3/15 The Bob Newhart Show: The Final Season DVD Bob Newhart
2/3/15 Bob Ross The Joy Of Painting: Fall Collection DVD
2/3/15 Bob Ross The Joy Of Painting: Winter Collection DVD
2/3/15 Boogie MOD DVD
2/3/15 Boys DVD
2/3/15 The Bride Wore Black MOD DVD Jeanne Moreau
2/3/15 Care Bears: Share Your Care Digital Copy + DVD
2/3/15 The Case Against 8 MOD DVD
2/3/15 Casper (PG) DVD Christina Ricci $100.3
2/3/15 Cat in the Hat: Fun Feathered Friends DVD
2/3/15 Cat in the Hat: Thumps & Jumps DVD
2/3/15 Classic Showbiz Collection DVD
2/3/15 Coffee Town DVD Glenn Howerton
2/3/15 Comedy Parade: Rediscovered Classics DVD Jack Benny
2/3/15 Comic Party: The Complete Original Series DVD
2/3/15 Coming Attractions: Classic Westerns Set DVD
2/3/15 Coraline (PG) DVD Dakota Fanning $75.2
2/3/15 Courage Of The North DVD John Preston
2/3/15 Cowboy Classics: Lost Silent Westerns Collection Volume 1 Set DVD
2/3/15 Curious George: Zoo Night & Other Animal Stories DVD
2/3/15 D.O.A. Collection Double Feature DVD
2/3/15 Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Big Brother Daniel DVD
2/3/15 Dear White People (R) Digital HD with UltraViolet + DVD Tyler James Williams $4.4
2/3/15 The Demon's Rook DVD James Sizemore
2/3/15 The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby (R) DVD Jessica Chastain $0.3
2/3/15 Doc McStuffins: Cuddle Me Lambie DVD
2/3/15 Dr. Seuss' The Cat In The Hat (PG) DVD Mike Myers $100.4
2/3/15 Dracula Untold (PG-13) DVD Luke Evans $55.9
2/3/15 Dumb & Dumber: The Animated Series MOD DVD Bill Fagerbakke
2/3/15 Ella Cinders DVD Coleen Moore
2/3/15 The End of the Affair Collection Double Feature DVD
2/3/15 Every Man For Himself (PG) Criterion Collection DVD Van Heflin
2/3/15 Everything Ernest DVD
2/3/15 Exists (R) Digital Copy + DVD Dora Madison Burge
2/3/15 Exploring Ephesus DVD
2/3/15 Exposed DVD
2/3/15 Fiesta / Border Romance Double Feature DVD
2/3/15 Fifty Shades Uncovered MOD DVD
2/3/15 Five on the Black Hand Side (PG) MOD DVD Clarice Taylor
2/3/15 Food Chains DVD Forest Whitaker
2/3/15 Fool for Love (R) MOD DVD Sam Shepard
2/3/15 Frontline: Firestone and the Warlord DVD
2/3/15 Fury Volume 4 DVD Peter Graves
2/3/15 Getting Even with Dad (PG) MOD DVD Macaulay Culkin
2/3/15 Girls Gone Wild: My Daughter's BFF DVD
2/3/15 Girls Gone Wild: Real Girls of Beverly Hills DVD
2/3/15 Gloria Collection Double Feature DVD
2/3/15 Golden Age of Television: Volume 16 DVD
2/3/15 Hector and the Search for Happiness (R) DVD Simon Pegg $1.1
2/3/15 Hollywood Hounds DVD
2/3/15 Hoot Gibson Silent Cowboy Marathon Set DVD
2/3/15 How to Undress For Your Husband DVD
2/3/15 John Wick (R) Digital Copy + DVD Keanu Reeves $43.0
2/3/15 Jurassic City DVD Ray Wise
2/3/15 Konga MOD DVD Michael Gough
2/3/15 Kristin Chenoweth: Coming Home DVD Kristin Chenoweth
2/3/15 Ladies Crave Excitement DVD Norman Foster
2/3/15 The Land Before Time (G) DVD
2/3/15 Last of Summer Wine: Vintage 2003 DVD
2/3/15 Lego: The Adventures of Clutch Powers DVD
2/3/15 Leon Errol Collection Volume 1 DVD Leon Errol
2/3/15 Leon Errol Collection Volume 2 DVD Leon Errol
2/3/15 Lights Out Volume 7 DVD
2/3/15 Literary Classics: Great Expectations / Jane Eyre / Tale of Two Cities DVD
2/3/15 The Little Rascals (PG) DVD Travis Tedford
2/3/15 Lost Comedy Classics Volume 2 DVD Harold Lloyd
2/3/15 Man of the House (PG-13) DVD Tommy Lee Jones $19.1
2/3/15 The Metropolitan Opera: Encores! Great Performances at the Met DVD
2/3/15 Miss Julie (R) MOD DVD Saffron Burrows
2/3/15 The Monster that Challenged the World (G) MOD DVD Tim Holt
2/3/15 The Mouse on the Moon MOD DVD Margaret Rutherford
2/3/15 Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking: Season 2 DVD
2/3/15 Nas: Time is Illmatic DVD Nas
2/3/15 National Geographic: Unlikely Animal Friends DVD
2/3/15 New Faces Of 1937 MOD DVD Joe Penner
2/3/15 The New Public DVD
2/3/15 The Night They Killed Rasputin DVD John Drew Barrymore
2/3/15 Ninja Warriors: Martial Arts Triple Feature Triple Feature DVD
2/3/15 Not Tonite, Henry DVD Hank Henry
2/3/15 Once Upon a Time Veronica DVD
2/3/15 One Piece Collection 11 DVD
2/3/15 One Thrilling Night DVD John Beal
2/3/15 Ouija (PG-13) DVD Olivia Cooke $50.8
2/3/15 The Overnighters (PG-13) Digital Copy + DVD
2/3/15 The Owl & The Pussycat / For Pete's Sake Double Feature DVD Barbra Streisand
2/3/15 ParaNorman (PG) DVD Kodi Smit-McPhee $56.0
2/3/15 The People's Choice Volume 1 DVD
2/3/15 Phantom Fiend Double Feature DVD
2/3/15 The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything (G) DVD Mike Nawrocki $12.7
2/3/15 Pound Puppies: Puppy Love DVD
2/3/15 Racing Luck DVD William Boyd
2/3/15 The Reagans: The Legacy Endures DVD
2/3/15 The Retrieval (R) DVD Ashton Sanders
2/3/15 Richard Pryor: Omit the Logic (R) DVD
2/3/15 Rikky & Pete (R) MOD DVD Stephen Kearney
2/3/15 The Riverside Murder DVD Basil Sydney
2/3/15 The RKO Brown & Carney Comedy Collection MOD DVD
2/3/15 RKO Double Feature: Old Man Rhythm / To Beat The Band MOD DVD
2/3/15 Rose of Versailles Part 1 DVD
2/3/15 Roxanne (PG) DVD Steve Martin
2/3/15 The Saint: Set 2 DVD Simon Dutton
2/3/15 Scavenger Killers Director's Cut DVD Eric Roberts
2/3/15 SciGirls: Seasons 1 & 2 DVD
2/3/15 Seventh Heaven MOD DVD Simone Simon
2/3/15 Sex(ed): The Movie DVD
2/3/15 The Sheik DVD Rudolph Valentino
2/3/15 Silent Comedy Classics Collection Volume 2 DVD
2/3/15 Silent Comedy Marathon Volume 1 DVD
2/3/15 Silent Comedy Marathon Volume 2 DVD
2/3/15 Silent Comedy: Visual Pioneers DVD Larry Semon
2/3/15 Silent Cowboy Marathon: Desert Rider / Arizona Days Set DVD
2/3/15 Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage (PG-13) DVD Patrick Stewart (voice)
2/3/15 Sinner's Holiday MOD DVD Grant Withers
2/3/15 Sister to Judas DVD Claire Windsor
2/3/15 The Sopranos: The Complete First Season New Box Art DVD James Gandolfini
2/3/15 The Speed Spook DVD Johnny Hines
2/3/15 Star-Studded Stallions DVD
2/3/15 Starred Up DVD Jack O'Connell
2/3/15 Starry Eyes DVD Alex Essoe
2/3/15 The Station Agent (R) Digital HD with UltraViolet + DVD Patricia Clarkson $5.7
2/3/15 Taffin (R) MOD DVD Pierce Brosnan
2/3/15 The Tale of Despereaux (G) DVD Robbie Coltrane $50.8
2/3/15 Themes from Shakespere DVD
2/3/15 Thoroughbred DVD
2/3/15 Thrillers of the Silent Screen DVD
2/3/15 Thunder and the House of Magic DVD
2/3/15 Titanic: The Definitive Documentary Collection Collectible Tin Box DVD
2/3/15 Trailin' DVD Tom Mix
2/3/15 Tricked DVD
2/3/15 Triple Threat: Action Triple Feature Set DVD
2/3/15 True Blood: The Complete Fourth Season New Box Art DVD Anna Paquin
2/3/15 UFC 179 / 180 DVD
2/3/15 UFC Presents Championship Stories DVD BJ Penn
2/3/15 Victor and the Secret of Crocodile Mansion (PG) DVD Kristo Ferkic
2/3/15 Video Games: The Movie DVD Sean Astin
2/3/15 Walking Back DVD
2/3/15 Warm Summer Rain (R) MOD DVD Kelly Lynch
2/3/15 When a Stranger Calls (1979) / When a Stranger Calls (2006) Double Feature DVD
2/3/15 When The Girls Take Over DVD Robert Lowery
2/3/15 The White Sin DVD
2/3/15 Wigstock: The Movie (R) MOD DVD
2/3/15 The Wire: The Complete Fourth Season DVD Dominic West
2/3/15 Woman Unafraid DVD
2/3/15 The Wonder Years: Season Two DVD Fred Savage
2/3/15 Woody Woodpecker Favorites DVD
2/3/15 WWE: Best of Raw Smackdown 2014 DVD
2/3/15 You Belong to Me MOD DVD
2/3/15 You're Being Summoned: Azazel Complete Collection DVD
2/3/15 Zombie Killers: Elephants' Graveyard DVD Billy Zane
2/4/15 The Eve Arden Show Volume 1 DVD
2/4/15 Great Quiz Shows of the '50s DVD
2/6/15 Cinema Archives Set: Come To Stable / 3 Blind Mice / Suez MOD DVD
2/6/15 Cinema Archives Set: Foxes Harrow / Flea Ear / Staircase MOD DVD
2/6/15 Cinema Archives Set: Road Glory / Wife / Earthbound MOD DVD
2/6/15 Cinema Archives Set: Take Her / Jackpot / No Highway MOD DVD
2/6/15 Cinema Archives Set: Teenage / Dreamboat / Change of Heart MOD DVD
2/9/15 Old Cats MOD DVD
2/10/15 11-Movie Family Value Collection DVD
2/10/15 20 Stories for Spring DVD
2/10/15 4-Movie Witches & Warlocks DVD
2/10/15 5 Seconds of Summer: So Perfect DVD
2/10/15 5-Movie Bloodiest Westerns Set DVD
2/10/15 5-Movie Disaster Collection Set DVD
2/10/15 5-Movie Dracula Collection DVD
2/10/15 5-Movie Extreme Adventure Collection Set DVD
2/10/15 5-Movie Fantasy-Adventure Collection Set DVD
2/10/15 8-Movie Carnival of Horror Set DVD
2/10/15 AC/DC: Every Which Way DVD
2/10/15 Addicted (R) Digital HD with UltraViolet + DVD Boris Kodjoe $17.4
2/10/15 After the Fall (R) DVD Wes Bentley
2/10/15 Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (PG) DVD Steve Carell $66.9
2/10/15 American Experience: Abraham & Mary Lincoln - A House Divided New Score DVD
2/10/15 Arkham Sanitarium: Soul Eater DVD
2/10/15 Art of War: Military Triple Feature DVD
2/10/15 Atlantis: Season Two, Part One DVD Jack Donnelly
2/10/15 Batman: The Second Season, Part 1 DVD Adam West
2/10/15 Berenstain Bears: Family Matters DVD
2/10/15 Big Box of Family Movies Set DVD
2/10/15 Bound DVD Charisma Carpenter
2/10/15 A Boy Named Charlie Brown (G) DVD
2/10/15 Brotherhood of Blades DVD
2/10/15 Captain Scarlet and the Mysterions: The Complete Series DVD
2/10/15 The Carol Burnett Show: Together Again DVD
2/10/15 Chuggington: Turbo Charged Chugger DVD
2/10/15 Clarence: Mystery Pinata DVD
2/10/15 Collar Limited Edition DVD Nick Principe
2/10/15 Cosplay Fetish Battle Drones DVD
2/10/15 D.O.P.E.: Definition of Public Enemy DVD
2/10/15 Dead Walkers: Rise of the Fourth Reich DVD
2/10/15 Diamond Ruff (R) DVD Felicia Pearson
2/10/15 Digimon Fusion: Season One DVD
2/10/15 Digimon Tamers: Volume 1 DVD
2/10/15 Don't Look Now (R) Criterion Collection DVD Julie Christie
2/10/15 Dora and Friends DVD
2/10/15 Dorothy in the Land of Oz DVD
2/10/15 Dragonslayer: Medieval Triple Feature DVD
2/10/15 Earth: A New Wild DVD
2/10/15 Evil Hauntings DVD
2/10/15 F.I.S.T. (PG) DVD Sylvester Stallone
2/10/15 Family Classics: Addie & The King Of Hearts / Easter Promise DVD
2/10/15 Fear Clinic (R) DVD Robert Englund
2/10/15 Felony DVD Joel Edgerton
2/10/15 Fight Night Triple Feature Triple Feature DVD
2/10/15 Force Majeure (R) DVD Brady Corbet $1.2
2/10/15 Frankenstein vs. The Mummy DVD Ashton Leigh
2/10/15 Girls Night In Collection Set DVD
2/10/15 Greatest Heroes of the Bible Volume 1: Bible's Greatest Stories Ten Commandments DVD
2/10/15 Greatest Heroes of the Bible Volume 2: God's Chosen Ones Story Of Moses DVD
2/10/15 Greatest Heroes of the Bible Volume 3: God's Power Tower of Babel / Jacob's Challenge DVD
2/10/15 Hart to Hart: The Complete Fourth Season DVD Robert Wagner
2/10/15 High Tech Soul: The Creation of Techno Music DVD
2/10/15 Hip Hop Story: Complete DVD Smoot
2/10/15 Hollywont DVD Eddie Griffin
2/10/15 House: Season Five DVD Hugh Laurie
2/10/15 House: Season Four DVD Hugh Laurie
2/10/15 House: Season Six DVD Hugh Laurie
2/10/15 House: Season Three DVD Hugh Laurie
2/10/15 House: Season Two DVD Hugh Laurie
2/10/15 In Your Eyes DVD Zoe Kazan
2/10/15 Inheritance Collection Set DVD
2/10/15 Insight of Evil Director's Cut DVD Anthony Cortese
2/10/15 Island of the Living Dead DVD
2/10/15 Kill the Messenger (R) DVD Jeremy Renner $2.4
2/10/15 Kink DVD
2/10/15 Laggies (R) Digital Copy + DVD Keira Knightley $1.1
2/10/15 The Legend of Black Annie DVD
2/10/15 Lego: Justice League vs. Bizarro League DVDToy + DVD
2/10/15 Lilting DVD Ben Whishaw
2/10/15 Lola's Love Shack DVD
2/10/15 The Lookalike DVD Justin Long
2/10/15 Los Angeles Plays Itself DVD
2/10/15 Mama's Family: The Complete Sixth Season DVD Vicki Lawrence
2/10/15 A Mouse Tale (PG) Digital HD with UltraViolet + DVD Miranda Cosgrove
2/10/15 National Geographic: Mammoth Unearthed DVD
2/10/15 Nekromantik 2 Limited Edition DVD Monika M.
2/10/15 Nicolas Cage Triple Feature: Caged In Triple Feature DVD Nicolas Cage
2/10/15 Nightcrawler (R) DVD Jake Gyllenhaal $32.3
2/10/15 Nurse Jackie: Season Six Digital HD with UltraViolet + DVD Edie Falco
2/10/15 Olive Kitteridge DVD Frances McDormand
2/10/15 On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter (PG) DVD Travis Pastrana $0.5
2/10/15 One Generation Away DVD
2/10/15 One Small Hitch DVD Shane McRae
2/10/15 Open Sesame: The Story of Seeds DVD
2/10/15 The Outsider / Tomorrow You're Gone / The Devil's in the Details Triple Feature DVD
2/10/15 Peter & The Magic Egg DVD
2/10/15 Poker Night DVD Ron Perlman
2/10/15 Power Rangers Super Megaforce: The Silver Warrior DVD
2/10/15 Predestination (R) DVD Ethan Hawke
2/10/15 The Presidents' Gatekeepers DVD
2/10/15 Proof of the Devil DVD Lisa Mackel Smith
2/10/15 Puff The Magic Dragon: Triple Feature DVD
2/10/15 Quiero Amarte DVD
2/10/15 Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown (G) DVD
2/10/15 The Residents: Commercial DVD DVD
2/10/15 Rosewater (R) DVD Gael Garcia Bernal $3.1
2/10/15 RPG: Real Playing Game (R) DVD Rutger Hauer
2/10/15 The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming DVD Carl Reiner
2/10/15 Sailor Moon: Season 1, Part 2 DVD
2/10/15 A Secret History: The Making of America DVD
2/10/15 Slipknot: Chapter & Verse, 20 Years of Slipknot DVD
2/10/15 Slugterra: Slug Fu Showdown DVD
2/10/15 Snoopy, Come Home (G) DVD
2/10/15 Snoopy, Come Home / A Boy Named Charlie Brown (G) Double Feature DVD
2/10/15 Snuff 102 DVD Eduardo Poli
2/10/15 The Song (PG-13) DVD Alan Powell $0.9
2/10/15 The Strawberry Shortcake Movie: Sky's the Limit Jigsaw Puzzle + DVD
2/10/15 Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Bitty Mysteries Jigsaw Puzzle + DVD
2/10/15 Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Friends Forever Jigsaw Puzzle + DVD
2/10/15 Strawberry Shortcake: Bloomin' Berry Garden Jigsaw Puzzle + DVD
2/10/15 Strawberry Shortcake: Bright Lights, Big Dreams (G) Jigsaw Puzzle + DVD
2/10/15 Strawberry Shortcake: Double Feature - Wonderful World Of Strawberry Shortcake DVD
2/10/15 Strawberry Shortcake: Jammin' with Cherry Jam Jigsaw Puzzle + DVD
2/10/15 Strawberry Shortcake: Puttin' On the Glitz New Box Art DVD
2/10/15 Strawberry Shortcake: Snowberry Days DVD
2/10/15 Strawberry Shortcake: The Berryfest Princess Movie Jigsaw Puzzle + DVD
2/10/15 Strawberry Shortcake: The Glimmerberry Ball Movie Jigsaw Puzzle + DVD
2/10/15 Stray Dogs DVD Shiang-chyi Chen
2/10/15 Syncopation DVD Jackie Cooper
2/10/15 Tarzan (PG) Digital HD with UltraViolet + DVD Kellan Lutz
2/10/15 Through a Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People DVD
2/10/15 Too Cute: Season 3 DVD
2/10/15 Transformers Rescue Bots: Jurassic Adventure DVD
2/10/15 True Blood: The Complete Sixth Season New Box Art DVD Anna Paquin
2/10/15 A True Story DVD Cameron Fife
2/10/15 Turn Around Jake DVD Jarret Lemaster
2/10/15 Vandal DVD
2/10/15 Video Nasties: Definitive Guide Part 2 DVD
2/10/15 Wonder Woman: The Complete First Season New Box Art DVD Lynda Carter
2/10/15 WWE: Slam City DVD
2/10/15 Z Nation: Season One DVD Tom Everett Scott
2/10/15 Zombie: Beginning DVD
2/17/15 1969 (R) DVD Robert Downey Jr.
2/17/15 Action Man: The Complete Series DVD
2/17/15 Adventure in Baltimore MOD DVD Robert Young
2/17/15 Afro Candy Presents: Destructive Instinct 2 DVD Judith AfroCandy
2/17/15 Allies DVD Edmund Kingsley
2/17/15 Altar DVD Olivia Williams
2/17/15 The Amazing Race: Season 16 MOD DVD
2/17/15 The Amazing Race: Season 17 MOD DVD
2/17/15 American Experience: Klansville, USA DVD
2/17/15 American Justice DVD Tommy "Tiny" Lister
2/17/15 American Masters: August Wilson - The Ground on Which I Stand DVD
2/17/15 Animal DVD Keke Palmer
2/17/15 Anita Ho DVD
2/17/15 Arena Team Combat DVD
2/17/15 Babyfirst: Animal Fun with Tillie the Duck DVD
2/17/15 Babyfirst: Joey's Toybox DVD
2/17/15 Babyfirst: Peek-A-Boo, I See You DVD
2/17/15 Beach Blanket Bingo DVD Frankie Avalon
2/17/15 Best of Babyfirst: Baby Playpen DVD
2/17/15 Beyond DVD Richard Danum
2/17/15 Bikini Beach Race DVD Dana Plato
2/17/15 Birdman (R) DVD Michael Keaton $37.8
2/17/15 Blackwoods DVD Keegan Connor Tracy
2/17/15 Blaze and the Monster Machines: Blaze of Glory DVD
2/17/15 Born Reckless MOD DVD
2/17/15 Breaking Amish Los Angeles: Season 1 DVD
2/17/15 Canada Cup 1984 DVD
2/17/15 Canterbury's Law: The Complete Series DVD Julianna Margulies
2/17/15 The Casebook of Eddie Brewer DVD
2/17/15 Caveman (PG) DVD Ringo Starr
2/17/15 The Chair: The Complete First Season DVD Zachary Quinto
2/17/15 Cinema Archives Set: Best Things In Life / Three Brave Men MOD DVD
2/17/15 Cinema Archives Set: I Can / Marriage / Untamed MOD DVD
2/17/15 Cinema Archives Set: Power: Glory / Me And My Gal / Stanley MOD DVD
2/17/15 Cinema Archives Set: Remember / Life / Tonight MOD DVD
2/17/15 Cinema Archives Set: This Is My Affair / Battle of Broadway / Professional Soldier MOD DVD
2/17/15 The Coffee Shop DVD Blanche Baker
2/17/15 Cult of the Damned (R) DVD Jennifer Jones
2/17/15 A Darker Fifty Shades: The Fetish Set DVD Bill Oberst Jr.
2/17/15 The Defection of Simas Kudirka MOD DVD Alan Arkin
2/17/15 Doctor Who: Last Christmas DVD Peter Capaldi
2/17/15 Draining Lizards DVD Josh Rubin
2/17/15 Dumb and Dumber To (PG-13) DVD Jim Carrey $86.1
2/17/15 Dungeons & Dragons: The Beginnings DVD
2/17/15 Dying of the Light (R) Digital Copy + DVD Nicolas Cage
2/17/15 Easter Family Fun Pack: 6 Classic Favorites DVD
2/17/15 End of the World: Post Apocalypse Triple Feature Triple Feature DVD
2/17/15 The Eternal Return of Antonis DVD
2/17/15 Forty Years from Yesterday DVD Bruce Graham
2/17/15 Game of Thrones: The Complete Fourth Season DVD Peter Dinklage
2/17/15 Geronimo Stilton: Top Model Thea DVD
2/17/15 Gladiators of Rome DVD
2/17/15 God's Country / Lukewarm / Decision Triple Feature DVD
2/17/15 Godzilla, The Series: The H.E.A.T. is On DVD
2/17/15 Gracepoint MOD DVD David Tennant
2/17/15 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: Eternia Awaits DVD
2/17/15 High Tension MOD DVD
2/17/15 Hillbilly Horror Show: Volume 2 DVD Bo Keister
2/17/15 Hollywood Chaos DVD Vanessa Simmons
2/17/15 The Homesman (R) Digital Copy + DVD Tommy Lee Jones $2.3
2/17/15 Honeymoon MOD DVD Shirley Temple
2/17/15 How to Murder Your Wife DVD Jack Lemmon
2/17/15 The Interview (R) DVD Seth Rogen $6.1
2/17/15 Jake Squared (R) DVD Elias Koteas
2/17/15 Jumanji the Animated Series: Season One DVD
2/17/15 Kathleen MOD DVD Shirley Temple
2/17/15 A Killer Conversation DVD Ryan Hunter
2/17/15 Kiss Me, Stupid (PG-13) DVD Dean Martin
2/17/15 Kung Fu Grindhouse Theatre DVD
2/17/15 Lady Chatterley's Lover (R) DVD Sylvia Kristel
2/17/15 The Last House on Cemetery Lane DVD
2/17/15 Le Pont Du Nord DVD Bulle Ogier
2/17/15 Life Itself (R) DVD $0.7
2/17/15 Looney Tunes: Reality Check New Box Art DVD
2/17/15 Looney Tunes: Stranger Then Fiction New Box Art DVD
2/17/15 Massage Parlor of Death DVD Michelle Kaveet
2/17/15 Maude: The Complete First Season DVD Beatrice Arthur
2/17/15 Max & Ruby: Sweet Siblings! DVD
2/17/15 Motivational Growth DVD Jeffery Combs
2/17/15 Muscle Beach Party DVD Frankie Avalon
2/17/15 Mutantis DVD Darren Bolk
2/17/15 National Geographic: Quest for Gold DVD
2/17/15 National Geographic: Sleepless in America DVD
2/17/15 Nick Di Paolo: Another Senseless Killing DVD
2/17/15 Nickelodeon Favorites: Springtime Adventures DVDDVD
2/17/15 The Night That Panicked America MOD DVD Paul Shenar
2/17/15 Noah (PG-13) Easter Packaging DVD Russell Crowe $101.2
2/17/15 Not Cool DVD Shane Dawson
2/17/15 Once We Were Slaves DVD
2/17/15 The Perfect Wave (PG) DVD Scott Eastwood
2/17/15 Pokemon the Movie: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction DVD
2/17/15 Psych-Out DVD Susan Strasberg
2/17/15 Purgatorio: Journey Into The Heart Of The Border DVD
2/17/15 Retro TV Series: Starcom U.S. Space Force - The Complete Series DVD
2/17/15 Road to Hong Kong DVD Bing Crosby
2/17/15 Sanctimony DVD Casper Van Dien
2/17/15 Scalped! DVD Amanda Elizabeth Sawyer
2/17/15 Scooby-Doo: Moon Monster Madness DVD
2/17/15 Ships DVD
2/17/15 Silent Discoveries DVD
2/17/15 Sing Out Icons of Folks DVD
2/17/15 Sirens: The Complete First Season MOD DVD Michael Mosley
2/17/15 The Sixties DVD
2/17/15 Skating to New York (PG-13) DVD Connor Jessup
2/17/15 Somebody's Child / Cross To Bear Double Feature Double Feature DVD
2/17/15 St. Vincent (PG-13) DVD Bill Murray $44.1
2/17/15 Stella & Sam: Bunny Hop DVD
2/17/15 Succulent Succubus DVD
2/17/15 Super Sentai Zyuranger: The Complete Series DVD
2/17/15 Survivor DVD Kevin Sorbo
2/17/15 Susan Tuttle's In Home Fitness: Arthritis Chair Exercises DVD
2/17/15 The Tale of Princess Kaguya (PG) DVD Chloe Grace Moretz $0.6
2/17/15 Tales from the Royal Bedchamber DVD
2/17/15 Terms and Conditions May Apply DVD
2/17/15 The Theory of Everything (PG-13) DVD Eddie Redmayne $34.1
2/17/15 Twilight Hunters DVD Caitlin McIntosh
2/17/15 V/H/S: Viral (R) DVD Carrie Keagan
2/17/15 Wahlburgers: The Complete Second Season DVD Mark Wahlberg
2/17/15 Wai Lana Yoga For Everyone: Flexibility DVD
2/17/15 Wai Lana Yoga For Everyone: Strengthening DVD
2/17/15 Weiss-O-Rama 6 Hour Comedy Collection DVD
2/17/15 Where Cars Don't Dare DVD
2/17/15 White Comanche MOD DVD Joseph Cotten
2/17/15 The Wild Affair MOD DVD Nancy Kwan
2/17/15 The Wild Angels (PG) DVD Peter Fonda $6.5
2/17/15 Wish Kid: The Complete Series DVD
2/17/15 The World Made Straight (R) DVD Noah Wyle
2/17/15 WWE: Destruction of the Shield DVD
2/18/15 Super Why: Hansel & Gretel / Humpty Dumpty Double Feature DVD
2/24/15 52 Pick-Up (R) DVD Roy Scheider
2/24/15 The Alps from Above DVD
2/24/15 American Arab DVD
2/24/15 Amityville Death House DVD Eric Roberts
2/24/15 Area 51: Sci-Fi Action Triple Feature Triple Feature DVD
2/24/15 Baby Genius: Baby Animals DVD
2/24/15 Battle Apocalypse DVD Sara Gorsky
2/24/15 Beyond the Lights (PG-13) DVD Gugu Mbatha-Raw $14.5
2/24/15 Big Hero 6 (PG) DVD Ryan Potter $220.2
2/24/15 Bikini Avengers DVD
2/24/15 Blood Red (R) DVD Eric Roberts
2/24/15 Bronco: The Complete Third Season MOD DVD
2/24/15 Cinema Hold-Up DVDSpanish DVD
2/24/15 Code Black DVD $0.1
2/24/15 The Connection DVD Warren Finnerty
2/24/15 Cut! DVD David Banks
2/24/15 Dangerously Close (R) DVD John Stockwell
2/24/15 Daughters of Dolma DVD
2/24/15 Day of the Gun DVD Eric Roberts
2/24/15 Devo: Hardcore Live DVD
2/24/15 Dragonheart 3: The Sorcerer's Curse (PG-13) DVD Ben Kingsley
2/24/15 Earthquake: These Ain't Jokes DVD
2/24/15 Eat Drink Man Woman DVD Sihung Lung $7.0
2/24/15 Extraction Day DVD
2/24/15 Fellini: Satyricon (R) Criterion Collection DVD Martin Potter
2/24/15 Final Prayer (R) Digital HD with UltraViolet + DVD Gordon Kennedy
2/24/15 Flame of Recca: The Complete TV Series DVD
2/24/15 The Game DVD Tom Hughes
2/24/15 Gene Autry: Movie Collection 9 Set DVD
2/24/15 A Girl's Best Friend DVD
2/24/15 Give Me Shelter DVD
2/24/15 God Told Me To (R) Special Edition DVD Tony Lo Bianco
2/24/15 Grace DVD Annika Marks
2/24/15 Green Street Hooligans: Underground (R) Digital HD with UltraViolet + DVD Scott Adkins
2/24/15 .Hack//Sign: The Complete Series DVD
2/24/15 The Haunting of Cellblock 11 DVD
2/24/15 Horrible Bosses 2 (R) DVD Jason Bateman $54.3
2/24/15 Horse Camp (PG) DVD Dean Cain
2/24/15 Imprisoned By Love DVD
2/24/15 In the Land of the Head Hunters DVD
2/24/15 The Intruders (PG-13) DVD Miranda Cosgrove
2/24/15 Irreplaceable DVD
2/24/15 It Happened at Nightmare Inn DVD Judy Geeson
2/24/15 The Italian Americans DVD
2/24/15 J. Geils Band: House Party Live in Germany DVD
2/24/15 Julius Jr.: Pirates & Superheroes DVD
2/24/15 The Last Straight Man DVD Mark Cirillo
2/24/15 Lego Super Sweet 2-Movie Collection Double Feature DVD
2/24/15 Lilies DVD
2/24/15 Love in the Time of Monsters DVD
2/24/15 Love Me DVD
2/24/15 Mass Extinction: Life at the Brink DVD
2/24/15 The Master (PG-13) Digital HD with UltraViolet + DVD Shi Hongbo
2/24/15 Midsomer Murders: Series 25 DVD
2/24/15 Mountain Men: Season 3 DVD
2/24/15 The Murder Man MOD DVD Spencer Tracy
2/24/15 My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic: Adventures of the Cutie Mark Crusaders DVD
2/24/15 The Night They Raided Minsky's (PG-13) DVD Jason Robards
2/24/15 Oratorio for Prague DVD
2/24/15 Outside Bet DVD Bob Hoskins
2/24/15 Pirates of the Airwaves: The WSOU Story DVD
2/24/15 Return to the Wild: The Chris McCandless Story DVD
2/24/15 Samurai Troopers DVD
2/24/15 Saxon: The Saxon Chronicles Book + Music CD + DVDBook + DVD
2/24/15 Serangoon Road DVD Don Hany
2/24/15 Shakespeare Uncovered: Series 2 DVD Morgan Freeman
2/24/15 The Shift DVD Leo Oliva
2/24/15 Slaughter Nick for President DVD
2/24/15 Sofia the First: The Curse of Princess Ivy DVD
2/24/15 Sons of Anarchy: The Complete Series Book + DVD Charlie Hunnam
2/24/15 Sons of Anarchy: The Final Season DVD Charlie Hunnam
2/24/15 Speed MOD DVD James Stewart
2/24/15 Taeter City: City of Cannibals DVD
2/24/15 Ten Seconds To Hell DVD Jeff Chandler
2/24/15 They Gave Him a Gun MOD DVD Spencer Tracy
2/24/15 Tiger & Bunny The Movie: The Rising DVD
2/24/15 Traitors DVD Chaimae Ben Acha
2/24/15 VANish DVD Maiara Walsh
2/24/15 Violence Jack: The Complete OVA DVD
2/24/15 Watchers of the Sky DVD
2/24/15 Watership Down (PG) Criterion Collection DVD John Hurt
2/24/15 The Whale DVD Charles Furness
2/24/15 Whiplash (R) Digital HD with UltraViolet + DVD Miles Teller $11.3
2/24/15 Wiggles: Wiggle House DVD
2/24/15 Wild Orchid (R) DVD Mickey Rourke
2/24/15 WWE: Royal Rumble 2015 DVD
2/24/15 Zoey to the Max DVD Cassidy Mack

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