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Month of October 2014

Everything DVD (838)

Date Title (Rating) DVD Formats Star B.O.
10/1/14 2000 Years of Christianity DVD
10/2/14 40 Pounds Of Trouble MOD DVD Tony Curtis
10/2/14 Angel DVD Marlene Dietrich
10/2/14 The Aviator (PG) MOD DVD Christopher Reeve
10/2/14 Back Street MOD DVD Charles Boyer
10/2/14 Because Of Him MOD DVD Deanna Durbin
10/2/14 Belle Of The Nineties MOD DVD Mae West
10/2/14 Big Brown Eyes MOD DVD Cary Grant
10/2/14 The Black Cat MOD DVD Boris Karloff
10/2/14 The Black Shield Of Falworth MOD DVD Tony Curtis
10/2/14 Blue Collar (R) MOD DVD Richard Pryor
10/2/14 The Brass Bottle MOD DVD Tony Randall
10/2/14 The Bride Comes Home MOD DVD Claudette Colbert
10/2/14 The Chalk Garden MOD DVD Deborah Kerr
10/2/14 The Conqueror (G) MOD DVD John Wayne
10/2/14 Death Takes A Holiday MOD DVD Fredric March
10/2/14 Five Graves To Cairo MOD DVD Franchot Tone
10/2/14 Floating Skyscrapers DVD
10/2/14 A Foreign Affair MOD DVD Jean Arthur
10/2/14 Games MOD DVD Simone Signoret
10/2/14 The Glass Key MOD DVD Brian Donlevy
10/2/14 Gun For A Coward MOD DVD Fred MacMurray
10/2/14 Hands Across The Table MOD DVD Carole Lombard
10/2/14 Jet Pilot MOD DVD John Wayne
10/2/14 Lady In A Jam MOD DVD Irene Dunne
10/2/14 Love Before Breakfast MOD DVD Carole Lombard
10/2/14 Love Me Tonight MOD DVD Maurice Chevalier
10/2/14 The Mad Doctor Of Market Street MOD DVD Una Merkel
10/2/14 The Mad Ghoul MOD DVD David Bruce
10/2/14 Maid Of Salem MOD DVD Claudette Colbert
10/2/14 Mississippi MOD DVD Bing Crosby
10/2/14 The Monster And The Girl MOD DVD Ellen Drew
10/2/14 My Straight Son DVD
10/2/14 Night Key MOD DVD Boris Karloff
10/2/14 No Time For Love MOD DVD Claudette Colbert
10/2/14 Now And Forever MOD DVD Gary Cooper
10/2/14 Pop & Me (PG-13) MOD DVD
10/2/14 The Princess Comes Across MOD DVD Carole Lombard
10/2/14 The Prisoner Of Zenda (PG) MOD DVD Peter Sellers
10/2/14 The Shepherd Of The Hills MOD DVD John Wayne
10/2/14 The Strange Door MOD DVD Charles Laughton
10/2/14 Texas Across The River MOD DVD Dean Martin
10/2/14 Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey (PG) MOD DVD
10/2/14 Thirty Day Princess MOD DVD Sylvia Sidney
10/2/14 This Day And Age MOD DVD Charles Bickford
10/2/14 Tillie And Gus MOD DVD W.C. Fields
10/2/14 Time Limit MOD DVD Richard Widmark
10/2/14 Tomahawk MOD DVD Van Heflin
10/2/14 Ulee's Gold (R) MOD DVD Peter Fonda
10/2/14 The Virginian MOD DVD Joel McCrea
10/2/14 You Gotta Stay Happy MOD DVD James Stewart
10/2/14 You Never Can Tell MOD DVD Dick Powell
10/6/14 Bingo / Race The Sun Double Feature DVD
10/6/14 He-Man DVD
10/7/14 100 Movie Collection / Action Films Set DVD
10/7/14 100 Movie Collection: Family Films Set DVD
10/7/14 20 Country Legends DVD
10/7/14 27 Dresses / Bride Wars / What Happens In Vegas / What's Your Number New Box Art DVD
10/7/14 4 Explosive Action Movies Set DVD
10/7/14 4 Minute Mile (PG-13) DVD Richard Jenkins
10/7/14 4-Film Collection: Fantasy Pack Set DVD
10/7/14 4-Movie Dove Family Approved Set DVD
10/7/14 4-Movie Fantasy Collection Set DVD
10/7/14 5 Film: Happily Ever After Adventures DVD
10/7/14 5 Great Movies: Rated G Set DVD
10/7/14 The 5th Quarter / Heart of the Country / Amazing Grace / October Baby Set DVD
10/7/14 6-Film Collection: Movies of Excellence Set DVD
10/7/14 6-Film Collection: Movies of Excellence Volume 2 Set DVD
10/7/14 6-Film Fantasy Adventure Collection DVD
10/7/14 8 American Horror Stories Set DVD
10/7/14 8 Feature Compilation: Action Features DVD
10/7/14 8 Feature Compilation: Animated Volume 2 DVD
10/7/14 8 Feature Compilation: Family Action DVD
10/7/14 8 Feature Compilation: Horror Features DVD
10/7/14 8-Film British Cinema Collection Volume 5 Set DVD
10/7/14 8-Movie Alaska Adventure Collection Set DVD
10/7/14 8-Movie Fantasy Collection Set DVD
10/7/14 8-Movie Kids Big Escape Set DVD
10/7/14 8-Movie Western Pack Volume 8 DVD
10/7/14 9-Movie Bruce Lee Action Collection Set DVD Bruce Lee
10/7/14 9-Movie Collection Featuring Daughter of Darkness Set DVD
10/7/14 A-Team / A Good Day to Die Hard / Unstoppable / Man on Fire Set DVD
10/7/14 Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter / Predators / The Raven / Machete Set DVD
10/7/14 The Accidental Activist DVD
10/7/14 Act of Valor / Limitless / Machine Gun Preacher / Paranoia Set DVD
10/7/14 Adventure Time: The Complete Fourth Season DVD
10/7/14 Adventures of the Wilderness Family Trilogy Triple Feature DVD
10/7/14 An Affair to Remember / Laura / A Letter To Three Wives / The Three Faces of Eve New Box Art DVD
10/7/14 Afterlife: Season Two DVD Andrew Lincoln
10/7/14 Aftermath DVD Maciej Stuhr
10/7/14 Against the Wild (PG) DVD Natasha Henstridge
10/7/14 Alien (R) New Box Art DVD Sigourney Weaver $80.7
10/7/14 The Alien Quadrilogy New Box Art DVD Sigourney Weaver
10/7/14 Alien vs. Predator 1 & 2 Double Feature DVD
10/7/14 Aliens (R) New Box Art DVD Sigourney Weaver $85.2
10/7/14 All Dogs Go To Heaven 1 & 2 New Box Art DVD
10/7/14 All Dogs Go To Heaven 1, 2 & 3 Triple Feature DVD
10/7/14 All-Star Comedy Spotlight: Four Movie Collection Set DVD
10/7/14 All-Star Movie Collection: 6 Films Set DVD
10/7/14 The Almighty Johnsons: Season 1 DVD
10/7/14 Alpha & Omega: Howl-iday Adventure UV Digital Copy + DVD Ben Diskin
10/7/14 Alvin & the Chipmunks 1, 2 & 3 (PG) Triple Feature DVD
10/7/14 The Amazing World of Gumball and Friends DVD
10/7/14 American History Collection: Prelude to Power Set DVD
10/7/14 American History Collection: Rise from Oppression Set DVD
10/7/14 American Horror Story: Coven - The Complete Third Season DVD Jessica Lange
10/7/14 American War Collection: Patriots at War DVD
10/7/14 American War Collection: WWII Battle Chest Set DVD
10/7/14 Ancient Aliens: Season 6, Volume 1 DVD
10/7/14 Animaniacs: Wakko's Wish (G) DVD Jess Harnell
10/7/14 Apparition of Evil: Ancient Malevolence Preys on the Living DVD
10/7/14 Asia Extreme Collection Volume 1: South Korean Horror Films DVD
10/7/14 Asia Extreme Collection Volume 2: Japanese Horror Films DVD
10/7/14 Asia Extreme Collection Volume 3: Thailand Horror Films DVD
10/7/14 Avenging the Throne DVD Andrei Claude
10/7/14 Bachelor Party / Porky's / Revenge of the Nerds / Weekend at Bernie's New Box Art DVD
10/7/14 Bad Ass / Bad Ass 2 Double Feature DVD Danny Trejo
10/7/14 Baggage Claim / Just Wright / Our Family Wedding / The Secret Life of Bees Set DVD
10/7/14 Bates Motel: Season Two UV Digital Copy + DVD Freddie Highmore
10/7/14 The Batman vs. Dracula / The Batman & Superman New Box Art DVD
10/7/14 The Best of the Danny Kaye Show DVD Danny Kaye
10/7/14 Best of the West: Classic Western Collection Set DVD
10/7/14 Big Momma's Collection New Box Art DVD Martin Lawrence
10/7/14 Bill & Ted's Most Excellent Collection New Box Art DVD Keanu Reeves
10/7/14 Billion Dollar Brain DVD Michael Caine
10/7/14 Bionicle 3: Web of Shadows Digital Copy + DVD Christopher Gaze
10/7/14 Black Nativity (PG) Extended Edition Collector's Set DVD Forest Whitaker $7.0
10/7/14 The Black Rider: Revelation Road DVD James Denton
10/7/14 Blizzard (G) Holiday Packaging DVD Brenda Blethyn
10/7/14 Blood Valley: Seed's Revenge DVD Christa Campbell
10/7/14 Bodacious Space Pirates: The Complete Collection Set DVD
10/7/14 Breaking at the Edge (R) DVD Rebecca Da Costa
10/7/14 Bro, What Happened? DVD Jamie Kennedy
10/7/14 Broken City / Max Payne New Box Art DVD
10/7/14 Bronson Triple Threat Collection Triple Feature DVD
10/7/14 Bull Durham / Dances With Wolves / Mr. Brooks New Box Art DVD Kevin Costner
10/7/14 Cardio Blast: 2 Invigorating Workouts DVD
10/7/14 Care Bears: 3 Program Fundle Set DVD
10/7/14 Cartoon Network Holiday Collection DVD
10/7/14 Cast Away / The Last of Mohicans / Master & Commander / Kingdom of Heaven Set DVD
10/7/14 Chasing Mavericks / Win Win / Whip It / 127 Hours Set DVD
10/7/14 Children of the Corn Collection (R) Set DVD
10/7/14 China Beach: The Complete Series DVDSpecial Edition DVD Dana Delany
10/7/14 Choking Man DVD Octavio Gomez Berrios
10/7/14 Chuck Norris Total Attack Pack Set DVD Chuck Norris
10/7/14 The Class of '92 DVD David Beckham
10/7/14 The Clint Eastwood Star Collection New Box Art DVD Clint Eastwood
10/7/14 Comforting Skin DVD
10/7/14 Cowgirls 'n Angels 1 & 2 Double Feature DVD
10/7/14 Creeping Crawling DVD Raine Brown
10/7/14 Crimson Winter DVD Bryan Ferriter
10/7/14 The Crow Collection Triple Feature DVD
10/7/14 Cult DVD Yu Abiru
10/7/14 Cyborg / Death Warrant / Double Impact Triple Feature DVD Jean-Claude Van Damme
10/7/14 Daniel Boone: The Complete Series MOD DVD
10/7/14 Dark Secrets: 4 Movie Collection Set DVD
10/7/14 DC Supervillains Justice League: Masterminds of Crime DVD
10/7/14 The Dead and the Damned II DVD Iren Levy
10/7/14 Delta Force 1 & 2 Double Feature DVD Chuck Norris
10/7/14 The Devil Incarnate DVD Rod Luzzi
10/7/14 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: 1, 2, & 3 Triple Feature DVD
10/7/14 Dick Van Dyke Show: Classic Christmas DVD
10/7/14 Die Hard Collection (1-4) New Box Art DVD
10/7/14 Doc Holliday's Revenge (PG-13) UV Digital Copy + DVD Tom Berenger
10/7/14 Don McLean: Live in Manchester DVD
10/7/14 Donnie Darko / The Boondock Saints / Get the Gringo / Dylan Dog Set DVD
10/7/14 Down and Dangerous DVD Judd Nelson
10/7/14 Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Uncut DVD Sean Schemmel $2.4
10/7/14 Duck Dynasty: Season 6 DVD Justin Martin
10/7/14 Eddie & The Cruisers / Eddie & The Cruisers 2 (PG) New Box Art DVD
10/7/14 Elvis Presley: Winds of Change 1954-1955 DVD
10/7/14 Englewood DVD
10/7/14 Enough Said / Little Miss Sunshine / The Way, Way Back / Sideways Set DVD
10/7/14 Ever After / Mirror, Mirror / The Princess Bride / Tristan & Isolde New Box Art DVD
10/7/14 Faces of Israel Set DVD
10/7/14 The Family / Don Juan / House at End of the Street / Shark Night Set DVD
10/7/14 The Family / My Cousin Vinny Double Feature DVD
10/7/14 Family Four Pack Set DVD
10/7/14 Fantastic Four / Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer / Elektra / Daredevil Set DVD
10/7/14 The Female Gaze Set DVD
10/7/14 First Daughter / John Tucker Must Die / Legally Blonde / Monte Carlo New Box Art DVD
10/7/14 The First Power (R) DVD Lou Diamond Phillips
10/7/14 Flex is Kings DVD
10/7/14 Flicka / Flicka 2 / Cowgirls 'n Angels 1 & 2 Set DVD
10/7/14 Flicka Family Collection Triple Feature DVD
10/7/14 The Flying Nun: Seasons 1 & 2 Set DVD
10/7/14 The Following: The Complete Second Season DVD Kevin Bacon
10/7/14 Foreign Correspondent Criterion Collection DVD Joel McCrea
10/7/14 Frank Zappa: Freak Jazz, Movie Madness & Another Mothers DVD
10/7/14 From Dusk Till Dawn (R) Digital Copy + DVD George Clooney
10/7/14 Frontline: Losing Iraq DVD
10/7/14 Garfield 4 Tail Collection Set DVD
10/7/14 Garfield: The Movie / Aliens in the Attic / Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties / Marmaduke Set DVD
10/7/14 Gargantia: The Complete Series DVD
10/7/14 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes / How to Marry a Millionaire / The Seven Year Itch / Some Like It Hot Set DVD Marilyn Monroe
10/7/14 The Gift of Winter DVD Dan Aykroyd
10/7/14 Girls Gone Wild: After Hours DVD
10/7/14 Girls Gone Wild: Hot Naked Yoga DVD
10/7/14 Godzilla Vs. Biollante (PG) DVD Kunihiko Mitamura
10/7/14 The Good Witch's Charm DVD
10/7/14 Gordy (G) Digital Copy + DVD Doug Stone
10/7/14 The Grand Seduction (PG-13) DVD Brendan Gleeson $3.3
10/7/14 The Great Train Robbery DVD Jim Broadbent
10/7/14 Halloween Collection Triple Feature DVD
10/7/14 Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Set DVD Daniel Radcliffe
10/7/14 Harry Potter: Years 5-7 Set DVD Daniel Radcliffe
10/7/14 A Haunting at Preston Castle DVD Heather Tocquigny
10/7/14 The Heat / Speed Double Feature DVD Sandra Bullock
10/7/14 Hello Kitty Collection Triple Feature DVD
10/7/14 Hellraiser Collection Set DVD
10/7/14 Hemlock Grove: The Complete First Season DVD Famke Janssen
10/7/14 Holiday Family Collection Gift Set DVD
10/7/14 Holiday Movie Collection Gift Set DVD
10/7/14 Hollywood Comedy Classics Collectible Tin Box DVD
10/7/14 Home For The Holidays (PG-13) New Box Art DVD Holly Hunter
10/7/14 Hot Tub Time Machine / Miss March / College / 21 & Over Set DVD
10/7/14 Houdini Extended Edition DVD Adrien Brody
10/7/14 House: Season One DVD Hugh Laurie
10/7/14 How the Toys Saved Christmas DVD Mary Tyler Moore
10/7/14 I, Robot / Independence Day / Prometheus / The Abyss Set DVD
10/7/14 Ice Age: The Complete Collection Set DVD
10/7/14 Ice Cube'd Triple Feature DVD Ice Cube
10/7/14 In Search of Santa Digital Copy + DVD Hilary Duff
10/7/14 In the Flesh: The Complete Season 2 DVD
10/7/14 In the Name of the King Collection Triple Feature DVD
10/7/14 In Time / In the Name of the King / The Transporter / Transporter 2 Set DVD
10/7/14 The Internship / The Watch / Cedar Rapids / The Sitter Set DVD
10/7/14 The Internship / Watch / Dodgeball Triple Feature DVD
10/7/14 Into the Woods: Stephen Sondheim DVD Bernadette Peters
10/7/14 Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart (PG) DVD Orlando Seale
10/7/14 Jeepers Creepers / Jeepers Creepers 2 New Box Art DVD
10/7/14 Jennifer's Body / Chronicle / Joy Ride / Martha Marcy May Marlene Set DVD
10/7/14 Joy Ride 1, 2 & 3 Triple Feature DVD
10/7/14 Junjo Romantica: Season 2 DVD
10/7/14 Kehinde Wiley: An Economy of Grace DVD
10/7/14 Kids Holiday Collection Set DVD
10/7/14 Kingdom Of Heaven / In the Name of the King / In the Name of the King 2 / In the Name of the King 3 Set DVD
10/7/14 Lazer Us: The Legend of Kimi Lazer DVD
10/7/14 Legally Blonde 1 & 2 New Box Art DVD
10/7/14 The Legend Of Lizzie Borden DVD Elizabeth Montgomery
10/7/14 Lego Ninjago and Friends DVD
10/7/14 Life of Pi / Black Swan / The Descendants / Crazy Heart Set DVD
10/7/14 The List DVD Sienna Guillory
10/7/14 The Little Penguin: Pororo's Racing Adventure (G) UV Digital Copy + DVD Rob Schneider
10/7/14 Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow (PG-13) DVD Tom Cruise $100.1
10/7/14 Looking for Johnny: The Legend of Johnny Thunders DVD
10/7/14 Love Finds You in Sugarcreek DVD Sarah Lancaster
10/7/14 Magnum P.I.: The Complete Third Season New Box Art DVD Tom Selleck
10/7/14 Man On Fire / Out Of Time / Unstoppable / Siege New Box Art DVD
10/7/14 The Marine / The Marine 2 / The Marine 3: Homefront / 12 Rounds Set DVD
10/7/14 The Marine / The Marine 2 / The Marine 3: Homefront Triple Feature DVD
10/7/14 Marley & Me / The Good Girl / The Object of My Affecttion / Picture Perfect Set DVD Jennifer Aniston
10/7/14 Married... With Children: Seasons 5 & 6 Set DVD Ed O'Neill
10/7/14 Married... With Children: The Complete Fifth Season DVD Ed O'Neill
10/7/14 Married... With Children: The Complete Sixth Season DVD Ed O'Neill
10/7/14 The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack and Friends DVD
10/7/14 Me, Myself & Irene / Super Troopers / The Girl Next Door / Grandma's Boy Set DVD
10/7/14 Men of Honor / Raging Bull / The King of Comedy / Ronin Set DVD Robert De Niro
10/7/14 Mermaids: The Body Found DVD
10/7/14 Midnight Cowboy / The Usual Suspects / Thelma & Louise / Platoon Set DVD
10/7/14 Miller's Crossing / Fargo / Raising Arizona / Blood Simple Set DVD
10/7/14 Million Dollar Arm (PG) DVD Jon Hamm $36.4
10/7/14 A Million Ways to Die in the West (R) DVD Amanda Seyfried $42.6
10/7/14 Miracles: The Power of Faith DVD
10/7/14 Miramax House Party Collection Set DVD
10/7/14 Mirror, Mirror / Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium / Nim's Island / City of Ember Set DVD
10/7/14 Missing In Action 1 & 2 Double Feature DVD
10/7/14 Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Part 4 DVD
10/7/14 Money of a History of the Music Video DVD
10/7/14 Moonstruck / Rain Man / When Harry Met Sally / The Princess Bride Set DVD
10/7/14 Mr. Civil Rights: Thurgood Marshall and the NAACP DVD
10/7/14 Mrs. Doubtfire / Marley & Me / We Bought a Zoo / Mr. Popper's Penguins Set DVD
10/7/14 Mulholland Falls (R) DVD Nick Nolte
10/7/14 Murder She Wrote: The Complete Ninth Season New Box Art DVD Angela Lansbury
10/7/14 Murder She Wrote: The Complete Tenth Season New Box Art DVD Angela Lansbury
10/7/14 Murder, She Wrote: The Complete Eleventh Season New Box Art DVD Angela Lansbury
10/7/14 Murder, She Wrote: The Complete Twelfth Season New Box Art DVD Angela Lansbury
10/7/14 My Dog the Champion (G) DVD Lance Henriksen
10/7/14 NBC Western TV Legend DVD
10/7/14 Nekromantik DVD Beatrice M.
10/7/14 Never Been Kissed / Ever After / Fever Pitch / Whip It Set DVD Drew Barrymore
10/7/14 New Millennium Hip Hop DVD Rick Ross
10/7/14 Night at the Museum / Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (PG) Double Feature DVD
10/7/14 Obvious Child (R) UV Digital Copy + DVD Jenny Slate $3.0
10/7/14 Office Space / Mrs. Doubtfire / My Cousin Vinny / Super Troopers Set DVD
10/7/14 The Office: The Complete Series DVD Steve Carell
10/7/14 Once Upon A Starry Night DVD Dan Haggerty
10/7/14 One Way System: Full Tilt Live at Rebellion 2013 DVD
10/7/14 Paw Patrol: Winter Rescues DVD
10/7/14 People Uncounted: The Untold Story DVD
10/7/14 Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief / Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Double Feature DVD
10/7/14 Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief / Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Dreader / Eragon / The Seeker Set DVD
10/7/14 Pokemon 4Ever (G) DVD Veronica Taylor $0.7
10/7/14 Pokemon Heroes: The Movie (G) DVD Eric Stuart $0.7
10/7/14 Pokemon: Destiny Deoxys The Movie DVD
10/7/14 Pokemon: Jirachi Wish Maker DVD
10/7/14 Power Rangers in Space Volume 2 DVD
10/7/14 Predator / Predator 2 / Predators Triple Feature DVD
10/7/14 Predators of the Sea Collection Set DVD
10/7/14 The Prophecy Collection (R) New Box Art DVD
10/7/14 The Prosecution of an American President DVD
10/7/14 Psych: The Complete Fifth Season New Box Art DVD Dule Hill
10/7/14 Psych: The Complete Series DVD Dule Hill
10/7/14 Psych: The Complete Sixth Season New Box Art DVD James Roday
10/7/14 Radio Free Albemuth (R) DVD Jonathan Scarfe
10/7/14 Ranger the Cook & A Hole in the Sky Bonus Edition DVD
10/7/14 Red Dawn / Road House / Youngblood Triple Feature DVD Patrick Swayze
10/7/14 Red House DVD
10/7/14 Regular Show and Friends DVD
10/7/14 Republic of Doyle: Season 2 DVD
10/7/14 Revolting Cocks: Live! You Goddamned Son of a Bitch DVD
10/7/14 Rick and Morty: Season 1 DVD Justin Roiland
10/7/14 Rio 1 & 2 Double Feature DVD
10/7/14 Robert Plant: Before, During & After DVD
10/7/14 Robots / Horton Hears a Who! / Rio (PG) New Box Art DVD
10/7/14 Rocko's Modern Life: The Good, The Bad & The Wallaby DVD
10/7/14 Rocky I-IV New Box Art DVD
10/7/14 Roger & Me (R) DVD Michael Moore
10/7/14 Rozen Maiden Zuruckspulen: The Complete Collection DVD
10/7/14 Runner Runner / In Time Double Feature DVD Justin Timberlake
10/7/14 Running for Jim DVD
10/7/14 Safe Haven / Water for Elephants / Love & Other Drugs / The Devil Wears Prada Set DVD
10/7/14 Samurai Jack and Friends DVD
10/7/14 School Dance (R) DVD Bobb'e J. Thompson
10/7/14 Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated: The Complete Season Two DVD
10/7/14 The Secret Of NIMH Collection Double Feature DVD
10/7/14 Sesame Street Presents: Follow That Bird (G) DVD Paul Bartel
10/7/14 Sesame Street: Elmo's Super Numbers DVD
10/7/14 Sharknado 2: The Second One DVD Ian Ziering
10/7/14 Shed 5 Fast: 2 Total Body Workouts DVD
10/7/14 Sidewalk Stories (R) DVD Charles Lane
10/7/14 Sledge DVD Dustin Bowman
10/7/14 Sleeping Beauty (G) Special Edition DVD
10/7/14 Smithsonian Channel: Air and Space Collection Free item + DVD
10/7/14 Song Of The Islands MOD DVD Betty Grable
10/7/14 Sons of Liberty DVD Keith David
10/7/14 Spaceballs / Grandma's Boy / Robin Hood: Men In Tights / Super Troopers New Box Art DVD
10/7/14 Square Pegs: The Complete Series DVD Sarah Jessica Parker
10/7/14 Stephen King's Storm Of The Century (PG-13) Bonus Edition DVD Tim Daly
10/7/14 Still Life: A Three Pines Mystery DVD Nathaniel Parker
10/7/14 Taken / Taken 2 Double Feature DVD
10/7/14 Talk to the Dead DVD
10/7/14 Tasting Menu (PG-13) DVD Fionnula Flanagan
10/7/14 Teen Wolf / Teen Wolf Too New Box Art DVD Michael J. Fox
10/7/14 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012): The Complete First Season DVD Sean Astin
10/7/14 This Means War / 27 Dresses / What's Your Number / Bride Wars Set DVD
10/7/14 This Means War / Water for Elephants / Legally Blonde Triple Feature DVD
10/7/14 The Three Stooges / Parental Guidance / Gulliver's Travels / Tooth Fairy Set DVD
10/7/14 Tom & Jerry and Friends: Volume 2 DVD
10/7/14 Tom & Jerry: Santa's Little Helper DVD
10/7/14 Topkapi DVD Melina Mercouri
10/7/14 Tora Tora Tora / Blue Max / Twelve O'Clock High / Von Ryan's Express New Box Art DVD
10/7/14 Tracy Anderson: Cardio Dance for Beginners DVD
10/7/14 Tracy Anderson: Mat Workout for Beginners DVD
10/7/14 True Confessions (R) DVD Robert De Niro
10/7/14 TV Guide Spotlight: Classics Volume 2 Golden Age Of Television Set DVD
10/7/14 TV Guide Spotlight: Made-for-TV Biopics Set DVD
10/7/14 TV Guide Spotlight: Made-for-TV Disasters Set DVD
10/7/14 TV Guide Spotlight: TV's Greatest Heroes & Legends Set DVD
10/7/14 TV Guide Spotlight: TV's Merriest Holiday Episodes Set DVD
10/7/14 The Twilight Zone: Classic Christmas Episodes DVD
10/7/14 Undefeated / Broken Arrow / Big Trail / In Old Arizona New Box Art DVD
10/7/14 The Violation of Claudia / Hot Honey Double Feature DVD
10/7/14 Wagner's Jews DVD Yossi Beilin
10/7/14 Wall Street 1 & 2 New Box Art DVD Michael Douglas
10/7/14 Wes Craven Collection (R) Set DVD
10/7/14 What Happens in Vegas / In Her Shoes / There's Something about Mary / Knight & Day Set DVD Cameron Diaz
10/7/14 When Calls the Heart: A Telling Silence DVD Erin Krakow
10/7/14 When Calls the Heart: Lost & Found DVD Erin Krakow
10/7/14 When Calls the Heart: The Dance DVD Erin Krakow
10/7/14 Where Evil Lies: Six Movie Collection Set DVD
10/7/14 The Wire: The Complete Third Season New Box Art DVD Dominic West
10/7/14 The Wonder Years: Season One DVD Fred Savage
10/7/14 Woody Woodpecker and Friends: Holiday Favorites DVD
10/7/14 World War II: 75th Anniversary Commemorative Edition DVD
10/7/14 Wrong Turn 1-5 Set DVD
10/7/14 WWE: Brothers of Destruction DVD
10/7/14 X-Men Origins: Wolverine / The Wolverine Double Feature DVD
10/7/14 Xtra Credit DVD
10/7/14 Yembiyembi: Unto the Nations DVD
10/7/14 Zombie Isle DVD
10/8/14 Adventures of Robin Hood: Volume 23 DVD
10/8/14 Alice in Wonderland (1915) / Alice in Wonderland (1935) Double Feature DVD
10/8/14 Bloodbath in Creightonville / Last Corpse on the Left Double Feature DVD
10/8/14 Captain January DVD
10/8/14 Christmas Adventure Classics DVD
10/8/14 Commando Cody vs. The Moon Menace DVD
10/8/14 Dogs in Action DVD
10/8/14 Eli Eli DVD
10/8/14 Forbidden Cinema Volume 9 DVD
10/8/14 Hal Roach All Star Comedies DVD
10/8/14 The Iron Mask DVD Douglas Fairbanks
10/8/14 Lawless Years Volume 8 DVD
10/8/14 Long Hair of Death / Fangs of the Living Dead Double Feature DVD
10/8/14 Mooch Goes to Hollywood DVD
10/8/14 A Pair of Silk Stockings DVD
10/8/14 Sherlock Holmes Volume 10 DVD
10/8/14 Society Fever DVD Lois Wilson
10/8/14 Teenage Strangler DVD Bill Bloom
10/8/14 Trouble at Melody Mesa / Lightning Bill Double Feature DVD
10/8/14 Two Heads On A Pillow DVD Neil Hamilton
10/8/14 The Virginian DVD Dustin Farnum
10/8/14 With Words And Music DVD Robert Armstrong
10/9/14 Conquerers: Sherman's March MOD DVD
10/9/14 In Search of History: The Voice of Civil Rights MOD DVD
10/9/14 Nature Tech: Tornadoes MOD DVD
10/14/14 10 Movie Fairytale Collection Set DVD
10/14/14 10 Movie Family & Romance Holiday Collection Set DVD
10/14/14 10 Movie Princess Collection 2 Set DVD
10/14/14 10-Film Action Volume 10 Set DVD
10/14/14 10-Film Action Volume 9 Set DVD
10/14/14 15-Movie Family Set DVD
10/14/14 17-Movie Feature Kiefer Sutherland Set DVD
10/14/14 2 Broke Girls: The Complete Third Season DVD Kat Dennings
10/14/14 20-Film Action Volume 4 DVD
10/14/14 28 Hours of Horror Set DVD
10/14/14 4 Film Favorites: Classic Comedies Set DVD
10/14/14 4 Film Favorites: Cruising Set DVD
10/14/14 4 Film Favorites: Eddie Murphy Cop Collection (R) Set DVD Eddie Murphy
10/14/14 4 Film Favorites: Leonardo DiCaprio Set DVD Leonardo DiCaprio
10/14/14 4 Film Favorites: Westerns Gunfighters Set DVD
10/14/14 4 Film Favorites: Will Ferrell (R) Set DVD Will Ferrell
10/14/14 4 Film Favorties: Clint Eastwood Set DVD Clint Eastwood
10/14/14 4 Film Favorties: Family Film Fun Time Set DVD
10/14/14 Ballin' at the Graveyard DVD
10/14/14 Batman 3-Pack Fun New Box Art DVD
10/14/14 The Belly Of An Architect (R) MOD DVD Brian Dennehy
10/14/14 Beneath the Harvest Sky DVD Emory Cohen
10/14/14 The Best of Rocky & Bullwinkle: Volume 3 DVD
10/14/14 The Big Knife MOD DVD Jack Palance
10/14/14 Body And Soul (R) MOD DVD Leon Isaac Kennedy
10/14/14 Bucktown MOD DVD
10/14/14 Caillou: Caillou's Family Favorites Book + DVD
10/14/14 Captain John Smith And Pocahontas MOD DVD Anthony Dexter
10/14/14 Cauldron Of Blood (PG) DVD Boris Karloff
10/14/14 Chasing Beauty DVD Jane Larkworthy
10/14/14 Chemical Peel (R) UV Digital Copy + DVD Natalie Victoria
10/14/14 Chinese Puzzle (R) DVD Audrey Tautou $0.3
10/14/14 A Christmas Carol Color DVD Alastair Sim
10/14/14 The Christmas Ornament DVD Kellie Martin
10/14/14 Chuggington: Chuggineers Ready to Build DVD
10/14/14 Classic Shorts from the Dream Factory Volume 3 MOD DVD
10/14/14 Classic TV Favorites DVD
10/14/14 Cliff Barrows: Just As I Am The Music Of The Billy Graham Crusades DVD
10/14/14 Corpus Christi DVD
10/14/14 Courage the Cowardly Dog: Season 2 DVD
10/14/14 Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy DVD
10/14/14 Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Daniel Tiger's Happy Holidays DVD
10/14/14 DC Superheroes Movie 3-Pack New Box Art DVD
10/14/14 The Death Kiss DVD Bela Lugosi
10/14/14 Desperately Seeking Susan (PG-13) DVD Rosanna Arquette
10/14/14 Devil's Deal UV Digital Copy + DVD Matthew Greer
10/14/14 Don't Blink DVD Mena Suvari
10/14/14 Dracula Sucks (R) DVD Jamie Gillis
10/14/14 Dracula: Season One DVD Jonathan Rhys Meyers
10/14/14 Dragonfly Squadron DVD
10/14/14 Dry Bones DVD
10/14/14 Dying to be Heard DVD Alyse Nicole
10/14/14 Edgar Wallace Collection Volume 3: Terrible People / Inn On The River DVD
10/14/14 The Equation of Life DVD Gerry Orz
10/14/14 Eurocrime! The Italian Cop and Gangster Films That Ruled the '70s DVD Franco Nero
10/14/14 Every Three Seconds DVD
10/14/14 Evils of the Night (R) DVD Neville Brand
10/14/14 A Family Thing (PG-13) MOD DVD Robert Duvall
10/14/14 Fargo: The Complete First Season DVD Martin Freeman
10/14/14 The FBI: The Complete Ninth Season MOD DVD
10/14/14 Five And Ten MOD DVD Marion Davies
10/14/14 For Such a Time DVD
10/14/14 Fort Bliss DVD Michelle Monaghan
10/14/14 Golden Christmas Collection Triple Feature DVD
10/14/14 Good Guys Wear Black / A Force of One Double Feature DVD
10/14/14 Gore, Quebec DVD
10/14/14 The Great Gatsby (PG-13) Single Disc DVD Leonardo DiCaprio $144.8
10/14/14 Growing Cities DVD
10/14/14 Guilty of Romance Special Edition DVD
10/14/14 Gunfighters Of Casa Grande MOD DVD Alex Nicol
10/14/14 Gunsmoke In Tucson MOD DVD Mark Stevens
10/14/14 The Hanging Garden (R) MOD DVD Chris Leavins
10/14/14 The Hangover Part III (R) Single Disc DVD Bradley Cooper $112.1
10/14/14 Happiness Is... Peanuts Fun Pack New Box Art DVD
10/14/14 Hercules Collection DVD
10/14/14 Here Comes Honey Boo Boo: A Very Boo Christmas DVD
10/14/14 Himizu DVD
10/14/14 Holiday Heist DVD
10/14/14 The Honorable Woman DVD Maggie Gyllenhaal
10/14/14 The Hoodlum Priest MOD DVD Don Murray
10/14/14 Hostages: The Complete Series MOD DVD Toni Collette
10/14/14 Hot & Saucy Pizza Girls DVD Candida Royalle
10/14/14 Hot Wheels Battle Force 5: Season 2, Volume 5 DVD
10/14/14 Hot Wheels Battle Force 5: The Complete Season 2 DVD
10/14/14 How I Met Your Mother: The Whole Story DVD Josh Radnor
10/14/14 Irving Berling's White Christmas DVD Bing Crosby
10/14/14 Jennifer (PG) DVD Lisa Pelikan
10/14/14 Just Between Friends (PG-13) MOD DVD Mary Tyler Moore
10/14/14 Knight Rusty DVD David Holt
10/14/14 Krampus: The Christmas Devil DVD
10/14/14 Lalaloopsy Babies: First Steps! Digital Copy + DVD
10/14/14 Lamb of God: As the Palaces Burn DVD
10/14/14 Las Luchadoras Contra El Robot Asesino DVD
10/14/14 Last Embrace (R) DVD Roy Scheider
10/14/14 The Last Supper DVD Daniel Wu
10/14/14 The Legend Of Johnny Lingo (G) MOD DVD George Henare
10/14/14 The Lieutenant Wore Skirts MOD DVD Tom Ewell
10/14/14 Life Begins in College MOD DVD
10/14/14 Locked In (R) UV Digital Copy + DVD Ben Barnes
10/14/14 Looney Tunes Super Stars 3-Pack New Box Art DVD
10/14/14 Magic School Bus: Season's Greeting Double Feature DVD
10/14/14 The Man Show: Season Four New Box Art DVD Adam Corolla
10/14/14 The Man Show: Season One DVD Adam Corolla
10/14/14 The Man Show: Season Three New Box Art DVD Adam Carolla
10/14/14 The Man Show: Season Two New Box Art DVD Adam Carolla
10/14/14 The Man Who Played God MOD DVD George Arliss
10/14/14 Margaret (R) MOD DVD Anna Paquin
10/14/14 Marlene Dietrich: Her Own Song MOD DVD
10/14/14 Married To The Mob (R) DVD Michelle Pfeiffer
10/14/14 Marvel Knights: Wolverine Collection DVD
10/14/14 Max Lucado's God Came Near DVD
10/14/14 Meganebu: The Complete Collection DVD
10/14/14 Mercenaries DVD
10/14/14 Mike the Knight: Journey to Dragon Mountain DVD
10/14/14 Miracle in Harlem / Ten Minutes to Live Double Feature DVD
10/14/14 Mission Of The Shark MOD DVD Stacy Keach
10/14/14 Mobilize DVD
10/14/14 Moonshine and the Dixie Mafia DVD
10/14/14 Mortal Combat: Legacy DVD Michael Jai White
10/14/14 Mortal Kombat: Legacy II DVD Casper Van Dien
10/14/14 Mr. Peabody & Sherman: The Complete Collection DVD
10/14/14 Mr. Peabody and Sherman (PG) DVD Ty Burrell $111.4
10/14/14 Murdoch Mysteries: Series 7 DVD
10/14/14 My Darling Clementine Criterion Collection DVD Henry Fonda
10/14/14 Mystery Road DVD Aaron Pedersen
10/14/14 Naruto Movies Collection Triple Feature DVD
10/14/14 Naruto Shippuden: Box Set 20 Set DVD
10/14/14 National Geographic Classics: Witches, Ghosts & Monsters DVD
10/14/14 Night Of The Blood Beast DVD Michael Emmet
10/14/14 Nostril Picker DVD
10/14/14 Nothing Bad Can Happen DVD Julius Feldmeier
10/14/14 Oh Sailor Behave! MOD DVD Irene Delroy
10/14/14 One Direction DVD
10/14/14 One Night at Susie's MOD DVD Billie Dove
10/14/14 Oregon Passage MOD DVD John Ericson
10/14/14 Osama (PG-13) MOD DVD Marina Golbahari $0.9
10/14/14 Ozzy Osbourne: Memoirs of a Madman DVD
10/14/14 Pacific Rim (PG-13) Single Disc DVD Charlie Hunnam $101.7
10/14/14 Pawn Stars: A Very Vegas Christmas DVD
10/14/14 Paycheck to Paycheck: The Life & Times of Katrina Gilbert MOD DVD
10/14/14 Pearl Jam: In Their Words DVD
10/14/14 Peekarama: Carnal Haven / Her Last Fling Double Feature DVD
10/14/14 Peekarama: Red Heat / Hot Vampire / Peeping Tom Set DVD
10/14/14 Penny Dreadful: The Complete First Season DVD Eva Green
10/14/14 Persecuted (PG-13) DVD James Remar $1.4
10/14/14 Pop Star (PG) DVD
10/14/14 The Princess And The Pirate DVD Bob Hope
10/14/14 Princess Jellyfish: The Complete Series DVD
10/14/14 The Purple Plain MOD DVD Gregory Peck
10/14/14 Rage Of Honor (R) MOD DVD Sho Kosugi
10/14/14 Raton Pass MOD DVD Dennis Morgan
10/14/14 Rhythm in the Clouds DVD
10/14/14 Ringo And His Golden Pistol MOD DVD Mark Damon
10/14/14 Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 2: Villians in Paradise DVD
10/14/14 Rock Rock Rock DVD
10/14/14 Rooster Doodle-Doo DVD Gaston Lepage
10/14/14 Running with Demons DVD
10/14/14 Salaam Bombay! MOD DVD Shafiq Syed
10/14/14 Samson DVD Jeffrey Scallon
10/14/14 Saving Santa DVD Martin Freeman
10/14/14 Scooby-Doo and the Monster of Mexico Bonus Edition DVD
10/14/14 Scooby-Doo On Zombie Island Bonus Edition DVD
10/14/14 Secret History of World War II Boxed Set DVD
10/14/14 Secrets of Iconic British Estates DVD
10/14/14 Secrets of the Dead: Dick Cavett's Watergate DVD
10/14/14 Sherlock Holmes: Classic Film & Radio Collection Collectible Tin Box DVD
10/14/14 Shirt Tales: The Complete Series DVD
10/14/14 Shoot-Out At Medicine Bend MOD DVD Randolph Scott
10/14/14 A Small Circle Of Friends (R) MOD DVD Brad Davis
10/14/14 Small Town Santa (PG) DVD Dean Cain
10/14/14 The Smurfs: 3 Pack of Fun DVD
10/14/14 Snow Globe Christmas DVD
10/14/14 Son Of A Gunfighter MOD DVD Russ Tamblyn
10/14/14 Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion DVD
10/14/14 Steven Spielberg Director's Collection Set DVD
10/14/14 Super Why: 'Twas The Night Before Christmas New Box Art DVD
10/14/14 Swimming Upstream (PG-13) MOD DVD Geoffrey Rush $0.1
10/14/14 Tall, Dark And Handsome MOD DVD Cesar Romero
10/14/14 That Championship Season (R) MOD DVD Robert Mitchum
10/14/14 Throwdown Digital Copy + DVD Vinnie Jones
10/14/14 Tickety Toc: Christmas Present Time DVD
10/14/14 Tom & Jerry 3 Full-Length Movies New Box Art DVD
10/14/14 Tropic Thunder / Zoolander (R) Double Feature DVD
10/14/14 Two and a Half Men: The Complete Eleventh Season DVD Ashton Kutcher
10/14/14 Under Wraps (PG) DVD Brooke Shield
10/14/14 Veggie Tales: Beauty and the Beet DVD
10/14/14 Venus in Fur DVD Emmanuelle Seigner $0.2
10/14/14 Very Merry Mix Up DVD
10/14/14 Vikings: Stories of the Norse Raiders DVD
10/14/14 Violette DVD Emmanuelle Devos
10/14/14 War Hunt MOD DVD John Saxon
10/14/14 We're the Millers (R) Single Disc DVD Jason Sudeikis $150.4
10/14/14 Werewolf Rising DVD Bill Oberst Jr.
10/14/14 The Westerner DVD Gary Cooper
10/14/14 When Santa Fell to Earth (PG) DVD Alexander Scheer
10/14/14 White Tiger DVD
10/14/14 Whitey: United States of America v. James J. Bulger (R) DVD Stephen Rakes
10/14/14 Who Can I Run To? DVD
10/14/14 Wild Orchid 2 (R) MOD DVD Nina Siemaszko
10/14/14 Winners Take All (PG-13) MOD DVD Don Michael Paul
10/14/14 Witching and Bitching DVD Hugo Silva
10/14/14 Women's Murder Club: The Complete First Season MOD DVD Angie Harmon
10/14/14 WWE: John Cena's Greatest Rivalries DVD
10/14/14 X-Men: Days of Future Past (PG-13) DVD James McAvoy $233.9
10/14/14 You and the Night DVD Kate Moran
10/14/14 The Young Guns MOD DVD Russ Tamblyn
10/14/14 Young Justice: Season 1, Volumes 1-3 New Box Art DVD Jesse McCartney
10/14/14 Yu-Gi-Oh Classic: The Complete Series DVD
10/14/14 Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Season 1 DVD
10/15/14 Kettlebells The Iron Core Way: 2 Volume Workout Set Set DVD
10/15/14 Piloxing Bonus Edition DVD
10/16/14 Cries from the Cross DVD
10/16/14 It's a Miracle DVD
10/16/14 A Year in Italy DVD
10/21/14 1 Dead Party DVD Nikki McKenzie
10/21/14 American Masters Dorothea Lange: Grab a Hunk of Lighting DVD
10/21/14 Anna Netrebko: Live from the Salzburg Festival DVD
10/21/14 Annie Oakley: The Complete TV Series DVD
10/21/14 Autumn Blood (R) DVD Sophie Lowe
10/21/14 Bad Movie Police Case 1: Galaxy of the Dinosaurs DVD
10/21/14 Bad Movie Police Case 2: Chickboxer DVD
10/21/14 Bad Movie Police Case 3: Humanoids from Atlantis DVD
10/21/14 Battle B-Boy DVD
10/21/14 Bent Volume 1 DVD
10/21/14 Bent Volume 2 DVD
10/21/14 Bent Volume 3 DVD
10/21/14 Berenstain Bears: Snow Bears DVD
10/21/14 Billy Crystal: 700 Sundays DVD Billy Crystal
10/21/14 Blackbird DVD
10/21/14 Bloodletting DVD Ariauna Albright
10/21/14 Bloodworx DVD Tricia Helfer
10/21/14 Boobs, Babes and Laughs: Sex Comedy Collection Set DVD
10/21/14 Cannibal DVD
10/21/14 Canopy (PG-13) DVD Khan Chittenden
10/21/14 Carnage For The Destroyer DVD
10/21/14 Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol DVD Karl Argue
10/21/14 A Coffee in Berlin DVD Tom Schilling $0.1
10/21/14 Coming Up Roses DVD Bernadette Peters
10/21/14 Cook's Country: Season Seven DVD
10/21/14 Dead & Rotting Special Edition DVD
10/21/14 Deep Purple with Orchestra: Live in Verona DVD
10/21/14 Destruction Kings DVD
10/21/14 Downton Abbey: Seasons 1-4 Set DVD
10/21/14 Duck Dynasty: Seasons 4-6 Set DVD
10/21/14 Earth to Echo (PG) DVD Teo Halm $38.8
10/21/14 Eddie Presley DVDSpecial Edition DVD Duane Whitaker
10/21/14 Filthy McNastiest Double Feature DVD
10/21/14 The Fluffy Movie (PG-13) DVD Gabriel Iglesias $2.8
10/21/14 For a Woman DVD
10/21/14 Forrest Gump (PG-13) DVD Tom Hanks $330.1
10/21/14 From Inside Special Edition DVD
10/21/14 Gabrielle (R) DVD Gabrielle Marion-Rivard
10/21/14 Ghost Hunters: Season 9, Part 2 DVD
10/21/14 Ghosts, Curses & Creepy Kids: The J Horror Collection Set DVD
10/21/14 The Girl Hunters DVD Mickey Spillane
10/21/14 Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site & More Stories DVD
10/21/14 Gorky Park (R) DVD William Hurt
10/21/14 Government Girl DVD Olivia de Havilland
10/21/14 Great Train Layouts DVD
10/21/14 Hell Asylum Special Edition DVD
10/21/14 Hi Fly Guy & Other Antics DVD
10/21/14 Hillbilly Horror Show Volume 1 DVD Bo Keister
10/21/14 Homecoming DVD Jordan Belfi
10/21/14 The Housewife Slasher DVD Andrea Alfonso
10/21/14 Kundo DVD Ha Jung-Woo
10/21/14 La Dolce Vita Criterion Collection DVD Marcello Mastroianni $19.5
10/21/14 Le Chef (PG-13) DVD Jean Reno $0.3
10/21/14 A Letter to Momo DVD
10/21/14 Life After Beth (R) UV Digital Copy + DVD Aubrey Plaza $0.1
10/21/14 Mad Men: The Final Season, Part 1 UV Digital Copy + DVD Jon Hamm
10/21/14 Misfire DVD Gary Daniels
10/21/14 Mission Air DVD Gigi Rice
10/21/14 Mona Lisa is Missing DVD
10/21/14 Mulva: Zombie Ass Kicker / Filthy McNasty DVD
10/21/14 My Dead Girlfriend DVD
10/21/14 The Naked Face (R) DVD Roger Moore
10/21/14 National Geographic: Egypt Unwrapped DVD
10/21/14 Necrophile Passion Unrated Director's Cut DVD
10/21/14 Nova: Rise of the Hackers DVD
10/21/14 Nuclear Nation DVD
10/21/14 One Night in Vegas DVD
10/21/14 Ozone 10th Anniversary Edition DVD
10/21/14 Pee-Wee's Playhouse: Seasons 1 & 2 DVD
10/21/14 Play Hooky DVD Tom Petrone
10/21/14 Polymorph DVD
10/21/14 The Purge: Anarchy (R) DVD Frank Grillo $71.5
10/21/14 Quest For The Egg Salad DVD
10/21/14 Raging Boll DVD Uwe Boll
10/21/14 Red Skeleton Show: The Early Years DVD
10/21/14 River Monsters: Season 5 DVD
10/21/14 RoboRex (PG) DVD Ben Browder
10/21/14 Sandman DVD
10/21/14 Satellite DVD Stephanie Szostack
10/21/14 Science-less Fiction DVD Bil Zebub
10/21/14 The Scribbler (R) DVD Katie Cassidy
10/21/14 The Search for Simon DVD Carol Cleveland
10/21/14 Secret Files of the Inquisition International DVD
10/21/14 Secrets of the Freemasons: Inside the Sacred Order DVD
10/21/14 See No Evil 2 (R) Digital Copy + DVD Glenn Jacobs
10/21/14 Seed: The Complete First Season DVD
10/21/14 Sex Tape (R) UV Digital Copy + DVD Jason Segel $38.5
10/21/14 Shotgun Garfunkel DVD Bryan van Niekerk
10/21/14 Siddharth DVD
10/21/14 Silent Witness: Season 1 DVD
10/21/14 Silent Witness: Season 17 DVD
10/21/14 Sleeping with the Fishes DVD
10/21/14 Snowpiercer (R) DVD Ed Harris $4.4
10/21/14 Something To Scream About DVD
10/21/14 Soul Man: Season 1 DVD
10/21/14 The Squad DVD
10/21/14 Sunday Without God: The Complete Collection DVD
10/21/14 Super Babes DVD Rosalee Rae
10/21/14 Swamphead DVD Josh Harmon
10/21/14 To All A Goodnight DVD Jennifer Runyon
10/21/14 Tormented Female Hostages DVD
10/21/14 Unstoppable: Kirk Cameron DVD Kirk Cameron
10/21/14 Uranium Drive-In DVD
10/21/14 Werewolf Woman DVD
10/21/14 Wings of the Navy DVD George Brent
10/21/14 A Woman In Flames DVD Gudrun Landgrebe
10/21/14 Word World: Kooky Spooky Halloween DVD
10/21/14 Word World: Welcome / Race Double Feature DVD
10/21/14 Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort (R/Unrated) DVD Sadie Katz
10/21/14 WWE: Night of the Champions 2014 DVD
10/27/14 Joey & Rory: Country Classics - A Tapestry Of Our Musical Heritage DVD
10/27/14 Kaufmann: Bizet Carmen DVD
10/28/14 Accused: Series 1 & 2 DVD
10/28/14 Adventure Planet (PG) DVD Brooke Shields
10/28/14 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn MOD DVD Tony Randall
10/28/14 Alexander / Troy Double Feature DVD
10/28/14 Alive and Well DVD
10/28/14 American Railroads: Heritage Collection Set DVD
10/28/14 Appaloosa / The Assassination of Jesse James Double Feature DVD
10/28/14 Beethoven's Treasure Tail (PG) DVD Jonathan Silverman
10/28/14 Begin Again (R) DVD Keira Knightley $16.0
10/28/14 Behaving Badly (R) DVD Selena Gomez
10/28/14 Beneath DVD Jeff Fahey
10/28/14 Best Foot Forward MOD DVD Lucille Ball
10/28/14 Big Block Singsong: Volume 1 DVD
10/28/14 The Big Valley: The Final Season DVD
10/28/14 Bloodsport / Ninja Assassin Double Feature DVD
10/28/14 Bob Ross the Joy of Painting: Seascape with Lighthouse DVD
10/28/14 Bob Ross the Joy of Painting: Times Past DVD
10/28/14 Bone Shop of the Heart DVD
10/28/14 Bound by Flesh DVD Lea Thompson
10/28/14 Brainscan (R) MOD DVD Edward Furlong
10/28/14 Care Bears: Belly Badge Rock Digital Copy + DVD
10/28/14 Child of God (R) DVD Scott Haze
10/28/14 Cloverfield / Dark City Double Feature DVD
10/28/14 The Complete Jacques Tati Collection Criterion Collection DVD
10/28/14 Debby Mack Plus Size Workouts: Back 2 Basics Cardio Workout DVD
10/28/14 Debby Mack Plus Size Workouts: Cardio Kick Kickboxing Workout DVD
10/28/14 Deliver Us From Evil (R) DVD Eric Bana $30.5
10/28/14 Dinosaur Train: Dinosaurs in the Snow Toy + DVD
10/28/14 Dormant Beauty DVD
10/28/14 Dragon Day DVD
10/28/14 Easy Yoga DVD
10/28/14 Fedora (PG) DVD William Holden
10/28/14 The Forgotten Kingdom DVD
10/28/14 Franklin & Friends: Franklin's Christmas Spirit DVD
10/28/14 Free Fall (R) DVD D.B. Sweeney
10/28/14 Gold Is Where You Find It MOD DVD George Brent
10/28/14 Good People (R) DVD James Franco
10/28/14 Grace: The Possession (R) DVD Alexia Fast
10/28/14 Great British Authors Collection DVD
10/28/14 Great British Poets Collection DVD
10/28/14 Guns N' Roses: After the Destruction DVD
10/28/14 Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East Season 2 Collection DVD
10/28/14 Harold & Kumar: Three Film Set Triple Feature DVD John Cho
10/28/14 Heist / The Score Double Feature DVD
10/28/14 Heterosexual Jill DVD
10/28/14 Holiday Evening by the Fire DVD
10/28/14 How We Got to Now with Steven Johnson DVD
10/28/14 Ignite by Spri 900 Calorie Burn DVD
10/28/14 Ignite by Spri Hi-Itensity DVD
10/28/14 In the Footsteps of the Great Composers Collection DVD
10/28/14 The Inside DVD
10/28/14 Jamie Marks is Dead DVD Liv Tyler
10/28/14 Joseph: Close to Jesus DVD
10/28/14 The Last Showing DVD Robert Englund
10/28/14 LFO DVD Patrik Karlson
10/28/14 Life of Crime (R) UV Digital Copy + DVD Jennifer Aniston $0.1
10/28/14 Lives of the Artists Collection DVD
10/28/14 The Losers / RocknRolla Double Feature DVD
10/28/14 Lovejoy: The Complete Season Three DVD Ian McShane
10/28/14 Masterpiece Mystery: Death Comes to Pemberley DVD Anna Maxwell Martin
10/28/14 The Middle: The Complete Fifth Season MOD DVD Patricia Heaton
10/28/14 Moebius DVD
10/28/14 My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks DVD
10/28/14 The Mystery of Happiness DVD Guillermo Francella
10/28/14 Mystic Blade DVD
10/28/14 Nazi Dawn DVD
10/28/14 The Notebook / The Time Traveler's Wife Double Feature DVD
10/28/14 One Piece Collection 10 Set DVD
10/28/14 Outbreak / Contagion Double Feature DVD
10/28/14 Outlaw Prophet MOD DVD Tony Goldwyn
10/28/14 Pennies From Heaven MOD DVD Bing Crosby
10/28/14 Planet Of The Vampires DVD Barry Sullivan
10/28/14 Plastic (R) DVD Will Poulter
10/28/14 Pokemon: Season 1 Indigo League Complete Collection Set DVD
10/28/14 Pokemon: Season 1 Indigo League Set 2 DVD
10/28/14 Pokemon: Season 1 Indigo League Set 3 DVD
10/28/14 Pretty In Pink / Some Kind Of Wonderful Double Feature DVD
10/28/14 The Prince (R) UV Digital Copy + DVD Bruce Willis
10/28/14 QB VII MOD DVD Ben Gazzara
10/28/14 The Rainmaker / The Pelican Brief Double Feature DVD
10/28/14 Raw Cut DVD Christopher Soren Kelly
10/28/14 The Reckoning (R) DVD Jonathan LaPaglia
10/28/14 Red Nights DVD
10/28/14 The Replacements / Varsity Blues Double Feature DVD
10/28/14 Ride Beyond Vengeance MOD DVD Chuck Connors
10/28/14 Run Wild, Run Free (G) MOD DVD John Mills
10/28/14 Running from Crazy DVD Mariel Hemingway
10/28/14 Screamers (R) MOD DVD Peter Weller
10/28/14 Semi-Pro / Blades Of Glory Double Feature DVD
10/28/14 Snakehead Swamp MOD DVD
10/28/14 Soulmate DVD Anna Walton
10/28/14 A Star for Christmas DVD Briana Evigan
10/28/14 Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist DVD
10/28/14 Teddy Roosevelt: The Heritage Collection DVD
10/28/14 Thomas & Friends: The Christmas Engines DVD
10/28/14 Unknown / Edge Of Darkness Double Feature DVD
10/28/14 Valentine's Day / New Year's Eve Double Feature DVD
10/28/14 The Vanishing Criterion Collection DVD Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu
10/28/14 Vanity Street MOD DVD
10/28/14 Vera: Set 4 DVD Brenda Blethyn
10/28/14 The Wiggles: Go Santa Go! DVD
10/28/14 Wish I Was Here (R) DVD Zach Braff $3.5
10/28/14 Witness / Fugitive (R) Double Feature DVD
10/28/14 WKRP in Cincinnati: The Complete Series DVD Gordon Jump

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