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Month of April 2014

Everything DVD (613)

Date Title (Rating) DVD Formats Star B.O.
4/1/14 10 Movie Dog Lovers Collection DVD
4/1/14 2 Little Monsters DVD Christopher Boeres Hipp
4/1/14 27 Dresses / Bride Wars / What Happens In Vegas / What's Your Number Set DVD
4/1/14 47 Ronin (PG-13) DVD Keanu Reeves $38.3
4/1/14 666: Kreepy Kerry DVD
4/1/14 Action: The Complete Series, Uncut & Unbleeped! DVD Jay Mohr
4/1/14 An Affair to Remember / Laura / A Letter To Three Wives / The Three Faces of Eve Set DVD
4/1/14 American Experience: Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid DVD
4/1/14 Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (PG-13) DVD Will Ferrell $127.4
4/1/14 At Middleton (R) DVD Vera Farmiga
4/1/14 Australia / Moulin Rouge / Romeo & Juliet Triple Feature DVD
4/1/14 The Bag Man (R) DVD John Cusack $0.1
4/1/14 Batman & Friends DVD
4/1/14 Battle of the Empires DVD Devrim Evin
4/1/14 Big House Collection Triple Feature DVD
4/1/14 Broadchurch: The Complete First Season DVD David Tennant
4/1/14 Bugs Bunny & Friends DVD
4/1/14 The Bunker DVD Ken Shamrock
4/1/14 Campaign of Hate: Russia & Gay Propaganda DVD
4/1/14 Cottage Country DVD Malin Akerman
4/1/14 Daffy Duck & Friends DVD
4/1/14 Daniel O'Donnell: Stand Beside Me DVD
4/1/14 Date Night / Mr. & Mrs. Smith / This Means War Triple Feature DVD
4/1/14 Delphi Bureau: Merchant of Death Assignment MOD DVD
4/1/14 The Devil Wears Prada / Love & Other Drugs / Walk The Line Triple Feature DVD
4/1/14 The Dick Van Dyke Show: Classic Mary Tyler Moore Episodes Set DVD
4/1/14 Duel Of Hearts MOD DVD Alison Doody
4/1/14 Ebiten: The Complete Collection DVD
4/1/14 Elmo & Friends DVD
4/1/14 Epic (PG) Spanish DVD Josh Hutcherson $107.4
4/1/14 Ever After / Mirror, Mirror / The Princess Bride / Tristan & Isolde Set DVD
4/1/14 Fargo (R) New Box Art DVD Frances McDormand
4/1/14 Finding Bigfoot: Volume 3 DVD
4/1/14 First Daughter / John Tucker Must Die / Legally Blonde / Monte Carlo Set DVD
4/1/14 Forgetting the Girl DVD
4/1/14 Four Seasons DVD Christian Keyes
4/1/14 Franklin & Friends: Franklin's Earth Day DVD
4/1/14 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes / How to Marry a Millionaire / The Seven Year Itch / There's No Business Like Show Business Set DVD Marilyn Monroe
4/1/14 George Gently: Series 6 DVD
4/1/14 The Girl In The Empty Grave MOD DVD Andy Griffith
4/1/14 Girls Gone Wild: Hot Tub Hotties DVD
4/1/14 Girls Gone Wild: Naughty Slumber Party DVD
4/1/14 Happiness: The Complete Collection DVD
4/1/14 Hot Wheels Battle Force 5: Season 2, Volume 2 DVD
4/1/14 Hot Wheels Battle Force 5: Season 2, Volume 1 DVD
4/1/14 House of Good & Evil DVD Marietta Marich
4/1/14 I Dream of Jeannie: Seasons 1 & 2 DVD
4/1/14 I Dream of Jeannie: The Complete First Season DVD Barbara Eden
4/1/14 I Dream of Jeannie: The Complete Second Season DVD Barbara Eden
4/1/14 Ice Age 1-4 Set DVD
4/1/14 The Inspector Lavardin Collection DVD Jean Poiret
4/1/14 The Jesus Film (G) Anniversary Edition DVD Brian Deacon
4/1/14 Knights of Badassdom (R) DVD Ryan Kwanten
4/1/14 L'Immortelle DVD Francoise Brion
4/1/14 Let's Play Ball Collection Set DVD
4/1/14 The Little Rascals Save the Day (PG) DVD Valerie Azlynn
4/1/14 Management / Numb Double Feature DVD
4/1/14 Meet Him and Die DVD Elke Sommer
4/1/14 Moonstruck / Raising Arizona / Say Anything / The Sure Thing Set DVD
4/1/14 National Geographic: Best of Nature Collection DVD
4/1/14 Nature: Ireland's Wild River DVD
4/1/14 News Radio: The Complete First and Second Seasons DVD Dave Foley
4/1/14 The Pirate Fairy (G) DVD Christina Hendricks
4/1/14 Power Rangers Turbo Volume 1 DVD
4/1/14 Power Rangers: Seasons 13-17 DVD
4/1/14 Princess Nine: The Complete Series Boxed Set DVD
4/1/14 Psych: The Eighth and Final Season DVD Dule Hill
4/1/14 Romancing The Stone (PG) Special Edition DVD Michael Douglas $74.9
4/1/14 The Rose And The Jackal MOD DVD Christopher Reeve
4/1/14 Scooby-Doo & Friends DVDDVD
4/1/14 Seal Team 8: Behind Enemy Lines (R) DVD Tom Sizemore
4/1/14 Smuggler: Live Action Movie DVD
4/1/14 Story of Medicine: Pain, Pus & Poison DVD
4/1/14 Superman & Friends DVD
4/1/14 The Swan Princess: Princess Movie Collection Set DVD
4/1/14 T.J. Hooker: The Complete First and Second Seasons DVD William Shatner
4/1/14 TCM Greatest Classic Films Legends: Robert Mitchum Set DVD
4/1/14 TCM Greatest Classic Films: Henry Fonda Set DVD Henry Fonda
4/1/14 TCM Greatest Classic Films: John Wayne War Set DVD John Wayne
4/1/14 TCM Greatest Classic Films: War Time Musicals Set DVD
4/1/14 Third Girl with the Blue Eye: Complete Collection Boxed Set DVD
4/1/14 Tom & Jerry & Friends DVD
4/1/14 Tristan & Isolde (PG-13) New Box Art DVD James Franco $14.4
4/1/14 Tweety Pie & Friends DVD
4/1/14 UFC 168 DVD
4/1/14 Waitress (PG-13) New Box Art DVD Keri Russell $18.7
4/1/14 War of the Worlds: Goliath (PG-13) DVD Beau Billingslea
4/1/14 Warrior Assassin (PG-13) UV Digital Copy + DVD Pan Yuanjia
4/1/14 WWE Ultimate Warrior: The Ultimate Collection DVD
4/3/14 Battlefield Detectives: Oriskany MOD DVD
4/3/14 Biography: George Washington Founding Father MOD DVD
4/3/14 Biography: John Dillenger MOD DVD
4/3/14 Biography: Ponce De Leon MOD DVD
4/3/14 Clash of the Gods: Odysseus Curse of the Sea MOD DVD
4/3/14 How the Earth was Made: The Grand Canyon MOD DVD
4/3/14 Investigative Reports: Teen Suicide MOD DVD
4/3/14 Modern Marvels: Halloween Tech MOD DVD
4/3/14 The Real Hobbit MOD DVD
4/8/14 513 Degrees (R) DVD Avelawance Phillips
4/8/14 5th Street DVD
4/8/14 Act of Faith DVD John Amos
4/8/14 Apocalypse Kiss DVD O.C. Douglas
4/8/14 August: Osage County (R) DVD Ewan McGregor $37.6
4/8/14 Back in the Day (R) DVD Michael Rosenbaum
4/8/14 Bad Ass 2: Bad Asses (R) DVD Danny Trejo
4/8/14 The Bamboo Saucer (G) DVD Dan Duryea
4/8/14 Bang, Bang, You're Dead DVD Tony Randall
4/8/14 Bastards DVD Vincent Lindon
4/8/14 The Bear Family and Me DVD
4/8/14 Bella Sara: Emma's Wings DVD
4/8/14 Ben 10 Omniverse: Duel of the Duplicates DVD
4/8/14 Best Night Ever (R) DVD Desiree Hall
4/8/14 The Bible: The Epic Miniseries New Box Art DVD Diogo Morgado
4/8/14 Bikini Swamp Girl Massacre DVD
4/8/14 Black Coffee (PG) DVD Tiffany Hines
4/8/14 Black Jack Anniversary Edition DVD Jean Franval
4/8/14 The Bobby Darin Show DVD
4/8/14 Bordertown: Seasons 1 & 2 Set DVD
4/8/14 Breeding Farm DVD
4/8/14 Cavemen (R) DVD Skylar Astin
4/8/14 Charlie Chaplin Volume 1 DVD
4/8/14 Chillers / Space Preachers Double Feature DVD
4/8/14 Cocaine Cowboys: Reloaded (R) DVD
4/8/14 Cry Danger DVD Dick Powell
4/8/14 Dead on Appraisal DVD Zack Fahey
4/8/14 Doctor Who: Series 2, Volume 1 DVD David Tennant
4/8/14 Don't Ask Me Questions DVD
4/8/14 Down by the River DVD
4/8/14 Earthflight DVD David Tennant
4/8/14 Everyday DVD Shirley Henderson
4/8/14 Extreme Bears DVD
4/8/14 Familiar of Zero: Season One DVD
4/8/14 Family Matters: The Complete Fourth Season New Box Art DVD Reginald VelJohnson
4/8/14 A Field in England Digital Copy + DVD Michael Smiley
4/8/14 Ghost Towns: America's Lost Worlds DVD
4/8/14 Grudge Match (PG-13) DVD Sylvester Stallone $29.7
4/8/14 Guardian of the Highlands DVD Sean Connery
4/8/14 Heart Like A Wheel (PG) DVD Bonnie Bedelia
4/8/14 Henry Jaglom Collection 3: The Women's Quartet Set DVD
4/8/14 The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (PG-13) Special Edition DVD Martin Freeman $258.3
4/8/14 Hollywood Best: Beverly Hillbillies Volumes 3 & 4 Set DVD
4/8/14 Hollywood Best: Beverly Hillbillies Volumes 1 & 2 Set DVD
4/8/14 Hollywood Best: Frank Sinatra & Kirk Douglas Set DVD
4/8/14 Hollywood Best: Gary Cooper & Humphrey Bogart Set DVD
4/8/14 Hollywood Best: Susan Hayward & Bette Davis Set DVD
4/8/14 Holy Ghost People (R) DVD Emma Greenwell
4/8/14 A Horse for Danny (G) DVD Robert Urich
4/8/14 I am Divine DVD
4/8/14 Justin Bieber's Believe (PG) DVD Justin Bieber $6.2
4/8/14 Knight Rider: Season Four, The Final Season New Box Art DVD David Hasselhoff
4/8/14 Knight Rider: Season Three New Box Art DVD David Hasselhoff
4/8/14 Knight Rider: Season Two New Box Art DVD David Hasselhoff
4/8/14 Lalaloopsy Ponies: The Big Show DVD
4/8/14 Lexx: Seasons 1 & 2 DVD Brian Downey
4/8/14 Lizzie Borden Took an Ax DVD Christina Ricci
4/8/14 Lucio Fulci Collection Set DVD
4/8/14 Lust For Freedom (R) DVD Melanie Coll
4/8/14 Mad About Men DVD Glynis Johns
4/8/14 Mayberry R.F.D.: The First Complete Season DVD Ken Berry
4/8/14 Moonshiners: Season 2 DVD
4/8/14 MURPH: The Protector (PG) DVD
4/8/14 My Fair Lady DVD Christopher Backus
4/8/14 My Name is Paul DVD Andrew Roth
4/8/14 Naruto Shippuden: Box Set 18 DVD
4/8/14 National Geographic Classics: Super Predators DVD
4/8/14 National Geographic Kids: Amazing Animals DVD
4/8/14 Norman (R) DVD Dan Byrd
4/8/14 The Northwest Passage: The Last Great Frontier DVD
4/8/14 Nurse (R) DVD Paz de la Huerta
4/8/14 Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (R) DVD Andrew Jacobs $32.4
4/8/14 Pound Puppies: Perfect Match DVD
4/8/14 Power Rangers Megaforce: The Great Dragon Spirit DVD
4/8/14 Reality Rides: Season 1 DVD
4/8/14 Redeemed DVD Ted McGinley
4/8/14 Refurbished Tails 2 DVD
4/8/14 Ronald Reagan: The Life and Legacy DVD
4/8/14 Snake & Mongoose (PG-13) DVDT-Shirt + DVD Jesse Williams
4/8/14 Sofia the First: The Floating Palace DVD
4/8/14 Squad 77 DVD
4/8/14 Todd Oliver: Funny Dog DVD Todd Oliver
4/8/14 Too Sane for this World DVD
4/8/14 A Touch of Sin DVD Zhao Tao
4/8/14 Tracie Long Longevity: Defining Shape DVD
4/8/14 Tracie Long Longevity: Staying Power DVD
4/8/14 Tracie Long Longevity: Step Forward DVD
4/8/14 Winged Planet DVD
4/8/14 Young At Heart DVD Doris Day
4/8/14 Zero Charisma DVD Sam Eidson
4/9/14 10 Movie Princess Collection Set DVD
4/9/14 The Navy Vs. The Night Monsters MOD DVD Mamie Van Doren
4/9/14 Posed For Murder (R) MOD DVD Charlotte J. Helmkamp
4/9/14 Venus In Furs (R) MOD DVD James Darren
4/10/14 200 Acoustic Licks DVD
4/10/14 200 Blues Licks DVD
4/10/14 200 Country Licks DVD
4/10/14 200 Jazz Licks DVD
4/10/14 200 Rock Licks DVD
4/10/14 America's Castles: Mexico's White House MOD DVD
4/10/14 Beyond Scared Straight: Chowchilla MOD DVD
4/10/14 Beyond Scared Straight: Jessup Womens MOD DVD
4/10/14 Beyond Scared Straight: Lieber MOD DVD
4/10/14 Beyond Scared Straight: Mecklenburg MOD DVD
4/10/14 Beyond Scared Straight: Oakland City MOD DVD
4/10/14 Beyond Scared Straight: Portsmouth MOD DVD
4/10/14 Clash of the Gods: Zeus MOD DVD
4/10/14 Foot Soldier: Rebels MOD DVD
4/10/14 Foot Soldier: Yankees MOD DVD
4/10/14 Great Banjo Lessons: Clawhammer Style DVD
4/10/14 In Search of History: Athens Triumph and Tragedy MOD DVD
4/10/14 In Search of History: Roman Roads - Paths / Empire MOD DVD
4/10/14 In Search of History: The True Story of the Molly Maguires MOD DVD
4/10/14 Modern Marvels: Exterminators MOD DVD
4/10/14 Nature Tech: Hurricanes MOD DVD
4/10/14 Time Machine: Hippies MOD DVD
4/11/14 2 Film Tactical Force / Recall DVD
4/11/14 Appalachian Fingerstyle Guitar in Dadgad Tuning DVD
4/11/14 John McCarthy: Acoustic Guitar DVD
4/11/14 Queen: Greatest Video Hits DVD
4/15/14 2 Guns (R) DVD Denzel Washington $75.6
4/15/14 The 40 Year-Old Virgin (R) DVD Steve Carell $109.4
4/15/14 7 Days in September DVD
4/15/14 95ers: Time Runners DVD Alan Peterson
4/15/14 Ace Of Aces MOD DVD Richard Dix
4/15/14 After the Dark (R) DVD Katie Findlay
4/15/14 The Almighty Comedy Collection Set DVD
4/15/14 American Pie (R/Unrated) DVD Jason Biggs $101.3
4/15/14 American Reunion (R) DVD Jason Biggs $56.7
4/15/14 Anger Management: Volume Three UV Digital Copy + DVD Charlie Sheen
4/15/14 Angry Birds Toons: Season 1, Volume 2 DVD
4/15/14 Animal House (R) Snap Case DVD John Belushi $141.6
4/15/14 Apostle Paul: A Polite Bribe DVD
4/15/14 Baby Mama (PG-13) DVD Amy Poehler $60.3
4/15/14 Bad Blonde DVD Barbara Payton
4/15/14 Barney: Happy Birthday DVD
4/15/14 Berserk Golden Age Arc 3: Advent DVD
4/15/14 Better Living Through Chemistry DVD Sam Rockwell
4/15/14 Between the Lions: Vowel Power DVD
4/15/14 The Beverly Hillbillies: The Official Fourth Season DVD Buddy Ebsen
4/15/14 The Big Lebowski (R) DVD Jeff Bridges
4/15/14 Black Nativity (PG) DVD Forest Whitaker $7.0
4/15/14 The Bletchley Circle: Season 2 DVD Anna Maxwell Martin
4/15/14 Blood Shed DVD Bai Ling
4/15/14 Boys of Abu Ghraib (R) DVD Luke Moran
4/15/14 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Secrets of Hook Guard & Finalising DVD
4/15/14 Bridesmaids (R/Unrated) DVD Kristen Wiig $169.1
4/15/14 Bruno (R) DVD Sacha Baron Cohen $60.0
4/15/14 Camp Dread DVD Eric Roberts
4/15/14 The Carol Burnett Show: Carol's Crack-Ups Collector's Box Set DVDDVD
4/15/14 Casino (R) Decades Collection DVD Robert De Niro
4/15/14 The Change-Up (R) DVD Ryan Reynolds $37.0
4/15/14 The Children Nobody Wanted MOD DVD Fredric Lehne
4/15/14 Children Of The Night MOD DVD Kathleen Quinlan
4/15/14 Cloverfield (PG-13) Movie Cash + DVD Michael Stahl-David $80.0
4/15/14 Collateral (R) Movie Cash + DVD Tom Cruise $100.0
4/15/14 Confession of Murder DVD
4/15/14 Confine DVD Alfie Allen
4/15/14 Copperhead (PG-13) DVD Billy Campbell $0.1
4/15/14 The Cosby Show: Season 3 DVD Bill Cosby
4/15/14 The Cosby Show: Season 4 DVD Bill Cosby
4/15/14 The Cosby Show: Seasons 3 & 4 DVD Bill Cosby
4/15/14 Cowgirls 'n Angels 2: Dakota's Summer (PG) DVD Keith Carradine
4/15/14 Crazy, Stupid, Love (PG-13) Movie Cash + DVD Steve Carell $84.3
4/15/14 Date and Switch (R) UV Digital Copy + DVD Dakota Johnson
4/15/14 Days Of Thunder (PG-13) Movie Cash + DVD Tom Cruise
4/15/14 Dazed and Confused (R) Snap Case DVD Jason London $8.0
4/15/14 Death Among Friends MOD DVD Kate Reid
4/15/14 Death Do Us Part (R) DVD Julia Benson
4/15/14 The Dilemma (PG-13) DVD Vince Vaughn $48.4
4/15/14 Dr. Dre: Beats DVD
4/15/14 Dreamgirls (PG-13) Movie Cash + DVD Beyonce Knowles $103.3
4/15/14 Endless Love (R) DVD Brooke Shields
4/15/14 Farscape: The Complete Season Four 15th Anniversary Edition DVD
4/15/14 Fast Times At Ridgemont High (R) DVD Sean Penn
4/15/14 The Fletch Collection (PG) Snap Case DVD Chevy Chase
4/15/14 Flowers in the Attic DVD Heather Graham
4/15/14 Footloose (PG-13) Movie Cash + DVD Kenny Wormald $51.8
4/15/14 Forgetting Sarah Marshall (R) Snap Case DVD Jason Segel $62.9
4/15/14 The Formula DVD Brandon Baker
4/15/14 Francombat: Art Of Strategy 12 Self Defense Situations By Alain Basset DVD
4/15/14 From the New World DVD
4/15/14 Funny People (R) DVD Adam Sandler $51.8
4/15/14 The Gabby Douglas Story DVD Imani Hakim
4/15/14 George Carlin: Complaints & Grievances / Doin' It Again Double Feature DVD
4/15/14 George Carlin: George's Best Stuff / You Are All Diseased Double Feature DVD
4/15/14 Get Him to the Greek (R) Snap Case DVD Russell Brand $60.9
4/15/14 Great Expectations (PG-13) DVD Helena Bonham Carter $0.2
4/15/14 Green Lantern (PG-13) Movie Cash + DVD Ryan Reynolds $116.6
4/15/14 The Happy Gilmore / Billy Madison Collection Snap Case DVD Adam Sandler
4/15/14 He's Just Not That Into You (PG-13) Movie Cash + DVD Ginnifer Goodwin $93.9
4/15/14 The Hidden Art of Islam DVD
4/15/14 His Greatest Gamble MOD DVD Richard Dix
4/15/14 I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (PG-13) Snap Case DVD Adam Sandler $119.7
4/15/14 I Was There: Days the World Changed DVD
4/15/14 Identity Thief (R) Snap Case DVD Jason Bateman $134.5
4/15/14 In the Name Of DVD Andrzej Chyra
4/15/14 Inception (PG-13) Movie Cash + DVD Leonardo DiCaprio $292.5
4/15/14 Interior. Leather Bar. DVD James Franco
4/15/14 Into the Cosmos Collection DVD
4/15/14 Jack the Giant Slayer (PG-13) Movie Cash + DVD Nicholas Hoult $65.2
4/15/14 JFK: A President Betrayed DVD Morgan Freeman
4/15/14 John Candy: Comedy Favorites Collection Set DVD
4/15/14 Joseph Andrews (R) MOD DVD Ann-Margret
4/15/14 King David (PG-13) MOD DVD Richard Gere
4/15/14 King Kong Movie Cash + DVD Fay Wray
4/15/14 Knocked Up (R) DVD Katherine Heigl $148.7
4/15/14 Krav Maga Street Fighting Volume 4: Self Defense By Vincenzo Qici & Johnathan(dvd DVD
4/15/14 The Last Samurai (R) Movie Cash + DVD Tom Cruise $111.1
4/15/14 Led Zeppelin: Good Times, Bad Times DVD
4/15/14 Legend of the Red Reaper DVD Tara Cardinal
4/15/14 Life as We Know It (PG-13) Movie Cash + DVD Josh Duhamel $53.4
4/15/14 Living Things DVD
4/15/14 The Lonely Man MOD DVD Jack Palance
4/15/14 Love Me or Leave Me / The Ideal Husband Double Feature DVD
4/15/14 The Making of a Lady DVD Lydia Wilson
4/15/14 Man Bait DVD George Brent
4/15/14 Married... With Children: Seasons 3 & 4 DVD Ed O'Neill
4/15/14 Married... With Children: The Complete Fourth Season DVD Ed O'Neill
4/15/14 Married... With Children: The Complete Third Season DVD Ed O'Neill
4/15/14 The Matrix (R) Movie Cash + DVD Keanu Reeves $171.4
4/15/14 The Matrix Revolutions (R) Movie Cash + DVD Keanu Reeves $139.3
4/15/14 Mean Machine (R) MOD DVD Vinnie Jones
4/15/14 Medical Center: The Complete Fourth Season MOD DVD Chad Everett
4/15/14 Meet the Parents & Meet the Fockers Snap Case DVD
4/15/14 Men Against The Sky MOD DVD Richard Dix
4/15/14 Men In War DVD Robert Ryan
4/15/14 Midsomer Murders: Series 8 DVD
4/15/14 Midsomer Murders: Series 9 New Box Art DVD
4/15/14 Midsomers Murders: Village Case Files New Box Art DVD
4/15/14 Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (PG-13) DVD Tom Cruise $209.4
4/15/14 Mobius (R) UV Digital Copy + DVD Jean Dujardin
4/15/14 Movies 4 You Horror Collection DVD
4/15/14 Murder on the Home Front DVD Patrick Kennedy
4/15/14 Muriel Anderson's 50 Right Hand Techniques You Must Know DVD
4/15/14 The Nut Job (PG) DVD Will Arnett $63.8
4/15/14 One Direction: In Their Own Words DVD
4/15/14 One Piece Collection 9 DVD
4/15/14 Pacific Rim (PG-13) Movie Cash + DVD Charlie Hunnam $101.7
4/15/14 Pavarotti: A Voice for the Ages DVD
4/15/14 Permanent Record (PG-13) MOD DVD Alan Boyce
4/15/14 Petticoat Junction: Seasons 1 & 2 Set DVD
4/15/14 Petticoat Junction: The Official Third Season DVD Linday Kaye
4/15/14 Philomena (PG-13) DVD Judi Dench $37.6
4/15/14 Pitch Perfect (PG-13) Snap Case DVD Anna Kendrick $65.0
4/15/14 Play Pro Guitar DVD
4/15/14 Playdate DVD Marguerite Moreau
4/15/14 Practice: The Final Season DVD James Spader
4/15/14 The Public Defender MOD DVD Richard Dix
4/15/14 Raiders of the Lost Ark (PG) DVD Harrison Ford $3.1
4/15/14 The Reckoning (R) MOD DVD Paul Bettany $0.2
4/15/14 Reno MOD DVD Richard Dix
4/15/14 Ride Along (PG-13) DVD Kevin Hart $134.1
4/15/14 Ripper Street: Season 2 DVD Matthew Macfayden
4/15/14 Rock of Ages (PG-13) Movie Cash + DVD Julianne Hough $38.5
4/15/14 Role Models (R) DVD Seann William Scott $67.3
4/15/14 Russia's Open Book: Writing in the Age of Putin DVD Stephen Fry
4/15/14 Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Classic Collection DVD
4/15/14 Sambo Volume 2: Master The Fight By Herve Gheldman DVD
4/15/14 Saturday Night Fever (R) Movie Cash + DVD John Travolta $94.2
4/15/14 Search For The Gods MOD DVD Kurt Russell
4/15/14 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (PG) DVD Ben Stiller $58.2
4/15/14 Sherlock Holmes: Classic Film & Radio Collection Set DVD
4/15/14 Sheryl Bailey's 50 Essential Bebop Licks You Must Know DVD
4/15/14 Shuriken School: The Ninja's Secret DVD
4/15/14 Sleep, My Love DVD Claudette Colbert
4/15/14 Smokey & The Bandit Pursuit Pack Snap Case DVD
4/15/14 Stan Lee's Mighty 7: Beginnings DVD Stan Lee
4/15/14 Stolen Face DVD
4/15/14 Street Boxing & Managing Stress with Robert Paturel DVD
4/15/14 Switch: Live Action Movie DVD
4/15/14 Ted (R/Unrated) DVD Mark Wahlberg $218.6
4/15/14 Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines (R) Movie Cash + DVD Arnold Schwarzenegger $150.4
4/15/14 Terminator Salvation (PG-13) Movie Cash + DVD Christian Bale $125.3
4/15/14 Terror Street DVD
4/15/14 Testament (PG) MOD DVD Jane Alexander
4/15/14 Thomas & Friends: Railway Mischief DVD
4/15/14 Tim Holt Western Classics Collection Volume 4 MOD DVD
4/15/14 Timeless Film Favorites: 6 Great Movies Set DVD
4/15/14 Tom Dempsey's 50 Soul Jazz Licks You Must Know DVD
4/15/14 Trap for Cinderella DVD Tuppence Middleton
4/15/14 UFC Ultimate Fighter: Season 18 DVD
4/15/14 The Wedding Singer (PG-13) Movie Cash + DVD Adam Sandler
4/15/14 Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins (PG-13) Snap Case DVD Martin Lawrence $42.2
4/15/14 Wrong Cops DVD Mark Burnham
4/15/14 Your Highness (R) Snap Case DVD Danny McBride $21.6
4/16/14 Modern Marvels: Hancock Center MOD DVD
4/16/14 Modern Marvels: Proving Grounds MOD DVD
4/16/14 Modern Marvels: Radio Out of Thin Air MOD DVD
4/16/14 Modern Marvels: Silver Mines MOD DVD
4/16/14 Modern Marvels: Sports Tech MOD DVD
4/16/14 Modern Marvels: Start to Finish MOD DVD
4/16/14 Modern Marvels: Strategic Air Command MOD DVD
4/21/14 Biography: A Tale of Cahrles Dickens MOD DVD
4/21/14 Biography: Boris Yeltsin MOD DVD
4/21/14 Biography: Marco Polo Journey East MOD DVD
4/21/14 Mod: Mikhail Gorbachev The Man MOD DVD
4/21/14 Modern Marvels: Drag Racing MOD DVD
4/21/14 Modern Marvels: The Mackinac Bridge MOD DVD
4/21/14 Trouble Every Day DVD Vincent Gallo
4/22/14 15 Murders: Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer DVD
4/22/14 Absolute Power / True Crime Double Feature DVD Clint Eastwood
4/22/14 The Address DVD
4/22/14 Alamo Bay (R) MOD DVD Ed Harris
4/22/14 American Masters: Billie Jean King DVD
4/22/14 Apokalips X DVD Farid Kamil
4/22/14 Awesome '80s Teen Comedy Collection Set DVD
4/22/14 Babes Behind Bars DVD
4/22/14 The Baby Boom Years: 1953 DVD
4/22/14 The Baby Boom Years: 1960 DVD
4/22/14 The Baby Boom Years: 1967 DVD
4/22/14 Bait MOD DVD Cleo Moore
4/22/14 Barefoot (PG-13) UV Digital Copy + DVD Evan Rachel Wood
4/22/14 Beautiful Mistake DVD
4/22/14 Ben 10 & Friends DVD
4/22/14 Bettie Page Reveals All (R) DVD Bettie Page
4/22/14 Big Bad Wolves DVD
4/22/14 Bona Fide DVD
4/22/14 Box of Bikers Set DVD
4/22/14 Buddy / Sylvester / Born Free / Living Free Set DVD
4/22/14 Classic Commercial Vehicles DVD
4/22/14 The Client List: The Complete Second Season MOD DVD Loretta Devine
4/22/14 Cloud 9 Stickers + DVD Dove Cameron
4/22/14 Confessions Of A Driving Instructor MOD DVD Robin Askwith
4/22/14 Confessions Of A Window Cleaner (R) MOD DVD Robin Askwith
4/22/14 Corazon Indomable DVD
4/22/14 Cuticle Detective: Complete Collection DVD
4/22/14 Dark Satanic Magick DVD
4/22/14 Daughter of Discipline Grindhouse Double Feature DVD
4/22/14 Deitrick Haddon's League of Xtrordinary Worshippers DVD
4/22/14 The Devil's Playground MOD DVD Richard Dix
4/22/14 Dirty Harry / Magnum Force Double Feature DVD Clint Eastwood
4/22/14 Doctor Who: The Web of Fear DVD
4/22/14 The Drunk DVD William Tanoos
4/22/14 Easy Yoga: Secret to Strength & Balance with Peggy Cappy DVD Peggy Cappy
4/22/14 Eddie Cantor: Lost Performances Volume 1 DVD
4/22/14 Empire of the Apes DVD
4/22/14 The Enforcer / The Gauntlet Double Feature DVD Clint Eastwood
4/22/14 Eureka Seven: Part 1 DVD
4/22/14 Eureka Seven: Part 2 DVD
4/22/14 Eureka Seven: The Movie DVD
4/22/14 Evel Knievel: Last American Daredevil DVD
4/22/14 Eyes Of Laura Mars (R) MOD DVD Faye Dunaway
4/22/14 A Farewell to Fools (PG-13) DVD Gerard Depardieu
4/22/14 The Five Obstructions MOD DVD
4/22/14 Four Fast Guns DVD James Craig
4/22/14 Gila DVD
4/22/14 The Good Witch's Garden DVD Catherine Bell
4/22/14 Gumnutz Juicy Tale DVD
4/22/14 Heartbreak Ridge / Firefox Double Feature DVD
4/22/14 Hellgate DVD Sterling Hayden
4/22/14 The Hooping Life DVD
4/22/14 The Hooping Life: Hooping Life / How to Hoop Double Feature DVD
4/22/14 The Hooping Life: How to Hoop DVD
4/22/14 Insane DVD
4/22/14 Jack Lemmon Collection Volume 1 Set DVD
4/22/14 Jack Lemmon Collection Volume 2 Set DVD
4/22/14 Julia DVD
4/22/14 La Maison De La Radio DVD
4/22/14 Lady Whirlwind / Hapkido DVD
4/22/14 Lightning Guns MOD DVD Gloria Henry
4/22/14 Lingerie Fighting Championship: Lace vs. Leather DVD
4/22/14 Little Busters Collection 2 DVD
4/22/14 Long Live the Dead DVD
4/22/14 The Lost Empire (R) DVD Melanie Vincz
4/22/14 Madea's Neighbors From Hell (Play) UV Digital Copy + DVD Tyler Perry
4/22/14 Master of the House Criterion Collection DVD Johannes Meyer
4/22/14 Moulin Rouge: Cabaret of Life DVD
4/22/14 Movies 4 You Film Noir / Thriller Collection DVD
4/22/14 Mr. Magoo: The Theatrical Collection DVD
4/22/14 Murder, She Wrote: The Complete Eighth Season New Box Art DVD Angela Lansbury
4/22/14 Murder, She Wrote: The Complete Seventh Season New Box Art DVD Angela Lansbury
4/22/14 Newhart: The Complete Third Season DVD Bob Newhart
4/22/14 Ninja: Prophecy of Death DVD
4/22/14 Norman Rockwell's Shuffleton's Barbershop DVD
4/22/14 Nova: Killer Typhoon DVD
4/22/14 Outlaw Josey Wales / Pale Rider Double Feature DVD
4/22/14 Outrageous Comedies Set DVD
4/22/14 Panic Button DVD Scarlett Alice Johnson
4/22/14 Pastor Shepherd DVD Danny Trejo
4/22/14 The Pawnbroker DVD Rod Steiger
4/22/14 Peter Simon: Through the Lens DVD
4/22/14 Riot In Cell Block 11 Criterion Collection DVD Neville Brand
4/22/14 Ripening Seed DVD
4/22/14 Scream Park DVD
4/22/14 Seven Warriors DVD
4/22/14 Sexy Warriors DVD
4/22/14 Shotgun DVD Sterling Hayden
4/22/14 Smoked DVD
4/22/14 Sorcerer (PG) DVD Roy Scheider
4/22/14 Steve Austin Collection Set DVD Steve Austin
4/22/14 Steve Reeves Double Feature: Giant of Marathon & War of the Trojans DVD
4/22/14 Stranger On The Prowl DVD Paul Muni
4/22/14 Super Ninja Doll DVD
4/22/14 The Suspect DVD Mekhi Phifer
4/22/14 Swiss Rails DVD
4/22/14 Teen Comedies DVD
4/22/14 Thunder at the Border MOD DVD Nadia Gray
4/22/14 Tin Can Man DVD
4/22/14 The Trials of Muhammad Ali DVD
4/22/14 Unseen Evil (R) DVD Richard Hatch
4/22/14 Visitant DVD Michele Feren
4/22/14 WWE: Best of Raw After the Show DVD
4/22/14 Yeti: 20th Century Giant DVD
4/22/14 Zombies! Collection (R) Set DVD
4/29/14 Alice In Wonderland MOD DVD Carol Marsh
4/29/14 Amazing Nuts DVD
4/29/14 The Amazing Race: The Thirteenth Season MOD DVD
4/29/14 The Amazing Race: The Twelfth Season MOD DVD
4/29/14 Approved for Adoption DVD
4/29/14 Art Machine DVD Joseph Cross
4/29/14 Asian Schoolgirls DVD
4/29/14 Asteroid vs. Earth DVD
4/29/14 Bachelor Flat MOD DVD Tuesday Weld
4/29/14 Bad Country (R) DVD Matt Dillon
4/29/14 Bartoli / Rossini: Le Comte Ory DVD
4/29/14 Battle of the Bulge / Battle Cry Double Feature DVD
4/29/14 Berenstain Bears: Carnival Coasters DVD
4/29/14 The Best Offer (R) DVD Geoffrey Rush
4/29/14 Betty Boop: The Essential Collection Volume 3 DVD
4/29/14 The Big Sleep / Key Largo Double Feature DVD
4/29/14 Black Torment DVD John Turner
4/29/14 Bob Hope Classic Comedy Collection Set DVD
4/29/14 Bucksville DVD Thomas Stroppel
4/29/14 Butterfield 8 / Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Double Feature DVD
4/29/14 Calamity Jane / Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Double Feature DVD
4/29/14 Captain Amazing-Lad Saves America MOD DVD
4/29/14 Civil War: The Untold Story DVD
4/29/14 The Clash: Rise & Fall of the Clash DVD
4/29/14 The Class: The Complete Series MOD DVD Lizzy Caplan
4/29/14 Dante's Inferno MOD DVD Spencer Tracy
4/29/14 Dark Hearts DVD Kyle Schmid
4/29/14 Dead Shadows DVD
4/29/14 Desperate: A Ray of Light in the Face of Tyranny DVD
4/29/14 Detroit Unleaded MOD DVD
4/29/14 Devil's Due (R) DVD Zach Gilford $15.7
4/29/14 Dynasty: The Eighth Season DVD John Forstyhe
4/29/14 Dynasty: The Eighth Season, Volume 1 DVD John Forsythe
4/29/14 Dynasty: The Eighth Season, Volume 2 DVD John Forsythe
4/29/14 Escape from Tomorrow DVD Roy Abramsohn $0.1
4/29/14 Father Brown: The Complete Collection Set DVD
4/29/14 Flash Gordon Collection DVD
4/29/14 Footlight Serenade MOD DVD John Payne
4/29/14 Fort Apache / She Wore a Yellow Ribbon Double Feature DVD
4/29/14 Francis the Talking Mule: The Complete Collection Set DVD
4/29/14 Frontline: Generation Like DVD
4/29/14 Gamera Legacy Collection 1965-1999 Set DVD
4/29/14 Gathering of Souls: Billy Graham Cruades DVD
4/29/14 The Gay Deception MOD DVD Francis Lederer
4/29/14 Gimme Shelter (PG-13) UV Digital Copy + DVD Vanessa Hudgens $1.3
4/29/14 Gloria (R) UV Digital Copy + DVD Paulina Garcia $2.0
4/29/14 Godzilla: The Complete Animated Series DVD
4/29/14 The Great Jesse James Raid DVD Willard Parker
4/29/14 Hallucination Strip DVD
4/29/14 Her Cardboard Lover MOD DVD Norma Shearer
4/29/14 Hill Street Blues: The Complete Series DVD Daniel J. Travanti
4/29/14 I'd Climb The Highest Mountain MOD DVD Susan Hayward
4/29/14 Il Sorpasso Criterion Collection DVD Vittorio Gassman
4/29/14 Jailhouse Rock / Viva Las Vegas Deluxe Double Feature DVD Elvis Presley
4/29/14 Jim Gaffigan: Obsessed DVD Jim Gaffigan
4/29/14 Jin-Roh: Wolf Brigade DVD
4/29/14 Kathy Smith: Ultimate Sculpt Get Sleek & Slim In Record Time DVD
4/29/14 Labor Day (PG-13) DVD Kate Winslet $13.3
4/29/14 Lady Peacock DVD
4/29/14 Lassie Come Home / National Velvet Double Feature DVD
4/29/14 The Last Of Mrs. Cheyney MOD DVD Norma Shearer
4/29/14 The Legend of Hercules (PG-13) UV Digital Copy + DVD Kellan Lutz $18.8
4/29/14 Life According to Sam MOD DVD
4/29/14 Little Big Horn DVD Lloyd Bridges
4/29/14 Locker 13 (R) DVD Jon Gries
4/29/14 Making Off MOD DVD
4/29/14 Mazinger Z: Part 1 DVD
4/29/14 Men from Shiloh Set DVD
4/29/14 Mister Roberts / No Time For Sergeants Double Feature DVD
4/29/14 Mr. Selfridge: The Complete Second Season DVD Jeremy Piven
4/29/14 North By Northwest / Strangers On A Train Double Feature DVD
4/29/14 Ocean's Eleven / Robin and the Seven Hoods Double Feature DVD Frank Sinatra
4/29/14 On Moonlight Bay / By The Light Of The Silvery Moon Double Feature DVD
4/29/14 Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton DVD
4/29/14 Panhandle DVD Rod Cameron
4/29/14 Please Don't Eat The Daisies / The Glass Bottom Boat Double Feature DVD
4/29/14 The Pleasure Seekers MOD DVD Ann-Margret
4/29/14 Poise Fit & Fierce: Take Back Your Core DVD Dr. Teri Jory
4/29/14 Power of the Powerless DVD Jeremy Irons
4/29/14 Prince Killian and the Holy Grail DVD Sergio Peris-Mencheta
4/29/14 Reach Out To Horses: Horse Whispering Defined DVD Anna Twinney
4/29/14 The Rocket DVD Sitthiphone Disamoe
4/29/14 Ruben Salazar: Man in the Middle DVD
4/29/14 Seduced And Abandoned MOD DVD
4/29/14 The Selfish Giant DVD Conner Chapman
4/29/14 Shangri-La: The Complete Series DVD
4/29/14 Sodom And Gomorrah MOD DVD Stewart Granger
4/29/14 A Soldier's Story / Memorial Day Double Feature DVD
4/29/14 Spongebob Squarepants: Spongebob, You're Fired! DVDDVD
4/29/14 Super Skyscrapers DVD
4/29/14 Survivor 15: China MOD DVD
4/29/14 Survivor 16: Fans vs. Favorites Micronesia MOD DVD
4/29/14 These Birds Walk DVD
4/29/14 Toto: 35th Anniversary Tour Live in Poland DVD
4/29/14 Transformers More Than Meets The Eye: Seasons Three & Four DVD
4/29/14 Transformers More Than Meets The Eye: Season Two, Volume 2 DVD
4/29/14 Transformers More Than Meets The Eye: Season Two, Volume 1 DVD
4/29/14 Transformers More Than Meets The Eye: Season One DVD
4/29/14 TV Western Collection Triple Feature DVD
4/29/14 Unico DVD
4/29/14 Up the Junction (R) DVD Suzy Kendall
4/29/14 The Virginian: The Complete Eighth & Final Season DVD Doug McClure
4/29/14 The Virginian: The Complete Sixth Season DVD Doug McClure
4/29/14 Wagon Train: The Complete Fourth Season DVD
4/29/14 Wagon Train: The Complete Second Season DVD
4/29/14 You, Me & Them: Series 1 DVD

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