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Month of July 2016

Everything DVD (307)

Estimated for release in July but not yet announced: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, The Bounce Back, The Bronze, City of Gold, Desierto, Mia Madre, Rocky Handsome

Date Title (Rating) DVD Formats Star B.O.
7/1/16 Handel: Alcina DVD Philippe Jaroussky
7/5/16 10 Movies Made for TV DVD
7/5/16 4-Movie Dove Collection Volume 1 DVD
7/5/16 5-Movie: Prehistoric Creatures DVD
7/5/16 600 Millas (R) DVD Tim Roth
7/5/16 Absolution (R) DVD Richard Burton
7/5/16 The Adderall Diaries (R) UV Digital Copy + DVD Amber Heard
7/5/16 After War Gundam X Collection 2 DVD
7/5/16 Andron (R) DVD Alec Baldwin
7/5/16 Baby Geniuses and the Space Baby DVD Jon Voight
7/5/16 Beverly Lewis' The Reckoning DVD Katie Leclerc
7/5/16 Black Brigade DVD Stephen Boyd
7/5/16 Black Fist DVD Richard Lawson
7/5/16 Bling (PG) DVD Taylor Kitsch
7/5/16 Boy and the World (PG) DVD
7/5/16 The Boys of Bonneville DVD
7/5/16 By the Sea (R) DVD Angelina Jolie Pitt $0.5
7/5/16 Cabin Fever DVD Gage Golightly
7/5/16 Chance the Rapper: One Chance DVD Chance The Rapper
7/5/16 Charlie Puth: Beginning DVD
7/5/16 Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe DVD
7/5/16 Circle DVD Julie Benz
7/5/16 Code of Honor (R) UV Digital Copy + DVD Steven Seagal
7/5/16 Cohen Film Collection: Crime Stories Bundle Set DVD
7/5/16 The Commandos Strike At Dawn MOD DVD Paul Muni
7/5/16 Dakota American Adventures: 10 Movies Set DVD
7/19/16 The Dark Knight Trilogy Special Edition DVDMovie Cash + DVD
7/5/16 David Bowie: Pushing Ahead of the Dames DVD
7/5/16 Dear Eleanor (PG-13) DVD Isabelle Fuhrman
7/5/16 Death in Paradise: Season 4 DVD
7/5/16 Dino Dan: Dinobusters DVD
7/5/16 Dog Lover DVD James Remar
7/5/16 Electra Woman & Dyna Girl DVD Grace Helbig
7/5/16 Emma's Chance DVD Greer Grammer
7/5/16 Endgame DVD Rico Rodriguez
7/5/16 Eric Clapton: Glory Years DVD
7/5/16 Family Classics: Danny Boy DVD Ralph Lewis
7/5/16 The Family Fang (R) DVD Nicole Kidman $0.2
7/5/16 Fifth Harmony: Limitless DVD
7/5/16 Ghosthunters: On Icy Trails DVD
7/5/16 The Great Polar Bear Feast DVD
7/5/16 Hero (PG-13) MOD DVD Dustin Hoffman
7/5/16 House Of Cards: Complete Fourth Season UV Digital Copy + DVD Kevin Spacey
7/5/16 I Saw the Light (R) DVD Tom Hiddleston $1.6
7/5/16 Ice Age Giants: Woolly Mammoths DVD
7/5/16 Imber's Left Hand DVD Jon Imber
7/5/16 The In-Laws (PG) Criterion Collection DVD Peter Falk
7/5/16 Joseph & Mary DVD
7/5/16 Kaboom Compilation: Pets-A-Plenty DVD
7/5/16 Knut & Friends / The Journey Home Double Feature DVD
7/5/16 Kung Fu Hustle / Mei Ren Yu (R) Double Feature DVD
7/5/16 The Levenger Tapes (R) UV Digital Copy + DVD Johanna Braddy
7/5/16 Luv Don't Live Here DVD
7/5/16 Me & My Mates vs. The Zombies Apocalypse DVD
7/5/16 The Mermaid (R) DVD Yun Lin $3.2
7/5/16 Missy Elliot: Iconic DVD
7/5/16 Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ Collection 2 DVD
7/5/16 Mothers & Daughters (PG-13) DVD Sharon Stone
7/5/16 Murder, She Baked: The Chocolate Chip Mystery DVD
7/5/16 N.W.A. & Eazy E: Kings of Compton DVD
7/5/16 Naruto Shippuden: Box Set 27 Uncut DVD
7/5/16 Nature: American Eagle DVD
7/5/16 Nature: Cloud Challenge of the Stallions DVD
7/5/16 Nature: Dogs That Changed The World DVD
7/5/16 The Next Big Thing DVD Chuck Close
7/5/16 Not One Less (G) MOD DVD Wei Minzhi
7/5/16 Nova: Vikings Unearthed DVD
7/5/16 Only Yesterday (PG) DVD Daisy Ridley $0.3
7/5/16 The Pack DVD Katie Moore
7/5/16 Peg + Cat: Out of This World DVD
7/5/16 Prince: Reign of the Prince of Ages DVD
7/5/16 Project Itoh: Empire of Corpses DVD
7/5/16 The Real Ghostbusters: Complete Collection DVD
7/5/16 The Real Ghostbusters: Volume 1 DVD
7/5/16 The Real Ghostbusters: Volume 2 DVD
7/5/16 The Real Ghostbusters: Volume 3 DVD
7/5/16 The Real Ghostbusters: Volume 4 DVD
7/5/16 The Real Ghostbusters: Volume 5 DVD
7/5/16 Return to Sender / Banshee / Stuck Triple Feature DVD
7/5/16 Roald Dah's The BFG: The Big Friendly Giant DVD
7/5/16 Saints and Soldiers: The Void (PG-13) DVD Adam Gregory
7/5/16 Saving Hope: The Complete Second Season DVD Erica Durance
7/5/16 Search Party (R) DVD Thomas Middleditch
7/5/16 Secrets of the Dead: Cleopatra's Last Tomb DVD
7/5/16 Sesame Street: Elmo's Favorite Stories DVD
7/5/16 Shonen Hollywood: Holly Stage for 50 Season Two DVD
7/5/16 The Silence of Mark Rothko DVD
7/5/16 The Sinister Squad DVD
7/5/16 Sinner in Mecca DVD
7/5/16 Six Gun Savior DVD
7/5/16 Slaves Of Babylon MOD DVD Richard Conte
7/5/16 Super Gals: The Complete Series Set DVD
7/5/16 The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three (R) Anniversary Edition DVD Walter Matthau
7/5/16 Tarzan Collection Set DVD
7/5/16 Teenage Caveman (R) MOD DVD Andrew Keegan
7/5/16 Term Life DVD Vince Vaughn
7/5/16 Texas Rein DVD
7/5/16 Us & Them: Religious Rivalry in America DVD
7/5/16 Vicious: Finale DVD
7/5/16 Walking Thunder (PG) DVD John Denver
7/5/16 WWE: Living on a Razor's Edge - The Scott Hall Story DVD
7/8/16 Wagner: Tristan Und Isolde Bayeruth Festival DVD
7/12/16 13 Cameras DVD
7/12/16 1983 Memphis Wrestling Video Yearbook Volume 1 DVD Jerry Lawler
7/12/16 2 Aces and a Dirty Heart DVD Michael Wright
7/12/16 30 Minutes to Fitness: Athletic Conditioning Volume 2 with Kelly Coffey-Meyer DVD Kelly Coffey-Meyer
7/12/16 30 Minutes to Fitness: Stregth & Stamina with Kelly Coffey-Meyer DVD Kelly Coffey-Meyer
7/12/16 39 DVD Josh Evans
7/12/16 4 MILFs vs. Zombies DVD Lloyd Kaufman
7/12/16 Above & Below DVD
7/12/16 Adjust Your Color: The Truth of Petey Greene DVD Don Cheadle
7/12/16 Adolf Hitler: Pure Evil DVD
7/12/16 Alien Arsenal (PG-13) DVD Josh Hammond
7/12/16 Alien Global Threat DVD
7/12/16 Alien Incursion DVD Mike Coleman
7/12/16 Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who DVD
7/12/16 America's Rifle: The M1 Garand DVD
7/12/16 America's Test Kitchen: 16th Season DVD
7/12/16 American Graffiti (PG) New Box Art DVD Richard Dreyfuss $115.0
7/12/16 Animal House (R) New Box Art DVD John Belushi $141.6
7/12/16 Apollo 13 (PG) New Box Art DVD Tom Hanks $172.1
7/12/16 Beautiful Prison DVD
7/12/16 The Big Lebowski (R) New Box Art DVD Jeff Bridges
7/12/16 The Birds (PG-13) New Box Art DVD Rod Taylor
7/12/16 Blaze and The Monster Machines: Fired Up DVD
7/12/16 The Breakfast Club (R) New Box Art DVD Emilio Estevez
7/12/16 Bridesmaids (R/Unrated) New Box Art DVD Kristen Wiig $169.1
7/12/16 Carnival of Souls (PG) Criterion Collection DVD Candace Hilligoss
7/12/16 Cartoon Network: Adventure Time Card Wars DVD
7/12/16 Charade New Box Art DVD James Mason
7/12/16 Classroom 6 DVD Valentina Kolaric
7/12/16 Colony: Season One DVD Peter Jacobson
7/12/16 Crashing The Party DVD
7/12/16 The Dark Horse (R) DVD Cliff Curtis
7/12/16 Dazed and Confused (R) New Box Art DVD Jason London $8.0
7/12/16 Death Valley Days: The Complete Second Season DVD
7/12/16 The Defenders: Season 1 DVD
7/12/16 Dinosaur Train: Under the Volcano DVD
7/12/16 The Divergent Series: Allegiant (PG-13) UV Digital Copy + DVD Shailene Woodley $66.0
7/12/16 El Crimen Del Dacaro Gumaro DVD
7/12/16 Emergency! The Complete Series DVD
7/12/16 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (R) New Box Art DVD Jim Carrey $33.8
7/12/16 Extreme Penetrations 2 DVD
7/12/16 The Films of Maurice Pialat Volume 3: Van Gogh DVD
7/12/16 Frankenstein: Day of the Beast DVD Michelle Shields
7/12/16 Frontline: Children of Syria Season 34 DVD
7/12/16 Girls Gone Wild: Dormroom Hookups DVD
7/12/16 Girls Gone Wild: Spring Break Sex Tapes DVD
7/12/16 Green Room (R) DVD Imogen Poots $3.1
7/12/16 Grindhouse Horror Show Volume 2 DVD
7/12/16 The Guardians DVD Chris Bell
7/12/16 Independence Wars Insurgence DVD Brian Lally
7/12/16 Invisible Invaders DVD John Agar
7/12/16 Irish Dance: See It! Feel It! Love It! DVD
7/12/16 iZombie: The Complete Second Season DVD Rose McIver
7/12/16 Jack The Giant Killer (G) DVD Kerwin Mathews
7/12/16 Jess Franco's Sexy Sisters DVD Pamela Stanford
7/12/16 Jia Zhangke Guy from Fenyang DVD
7/12/16 Kennedy's Irish Mafia DVD
7/12/16 King Kong (PG-13) New Box Art DVD Naomi Watts $218.1
7/12/16 Lego DC Super Heroes: Justice League - Gotham City Breakout Toy + DVDDVD
7/12/16 Little Blue Box DVD
7/12/16 Little Charmers: Best Sleepover Ever DVD
7/12/16 Lucy (R) New Box Art DVD Scarlett Johansson $126.5
7/12/16 Mamma Mia! The Movie (PG-13) New Box Art DVD Meryl Streep $143.7
7/12/16 Marguerite & Julien DVD Anais Demoustier
7/12/16 Mecanix DVD Stephane Bilodeau
7/12/16 Medals of World War II DVD
7/12/16 Miracles from Heaven (PG) DVD Jennifer Garner $60.7
7/12/16 Model Hunger DVD Lynn Lowry
7/12/16 Mountains May Depart DVD
7/12/16 My Big Night DVD
7/12/16 My Golden Days (R) DVD Mathieu Amalric $0.2
7/12/16 Naked & Afraid XL: Season 1 UV Digital Copy + DVD Michael Brown
7/12/16 No Men Beyond This Point DVD Ali Skovbye
7/12/16 Nova: Wild Ways DVD
7/12/16 On the Brain DVD
7/12/16 Pillow Talk New Box Art DVD Rock Hudson
7/12/16 Pokemon the Series: XY Kalo's Quest Set 1 Set DVD
7/12/16 Power Rangers Dino Charge: Breakout UV Digital Copy + DVD Brennan Mejia
7/12/16 The Preppie Connection (R) DVD Lucy Fry
7/12/16 The Present DVD Shonda Broadnax
7/12/16 Pride and Prejudice (PG) New Box Art DVD Keira Knightley $38.3
7/12/16 Professor: Tai Chi's Journey West DVD
7/12/16 Psycho (R) New Box Art DVD Anthony Perkins $32.0
7/12/16 Scarface (R) New Box Art DVD Al Pacino
7/12/16 Sex Roulette DVD
7/12/16 Shakespeare's Curse DVD
7/12/16 Signed Sealed Delivered: From Paris with Love DVD
7/12/16 Sixteen Candles (PG) New Box Art DVD Molly Ringwald
7/12/16 Slasher: Season 1 DVD
7/12/16 Sodomaniac DVD Craig Kelly
7/12/16 Somewhere in Time (PG) New Box Art DVD Christopher Reeve
7/12/16 Spring & Amaud DVD
7/12/16 Stressed to Kill DVD Bill Oberst Jr.
7/12/16 Surburban Nightmare DVD Trent Haaga
7/12/16 Survivor 24: One World MOD DVD
7/12/16 Survivor 25: Philippines MOD DVD
7/12/16 Sworn Virgin DVD
7/12/16 Tarzan in the Valley of Lust DVD
7/12/16 Two Hundred Thousand Dirty DVD
7/12/16 Vanished DVD Amanda Armstrong
7/12/16 Weight DVD
7/12/16 Weird Science (PG-13) New Box Art DVD Kelly LeBrock $23.8
7/12/16 Wet Hot American Summer (R) New Box Art DVD Janeane Garofalo
7/12/16 The White House: Inside Story DVD
7/12/16 With Child DVD Kerry van der Griend
7/12/16 Xanadu (PG) New Box Art DVD Olivia Newton-John
7/12/16 Y Homeless? DVD
7/12/16 Yatterman Night: The Complete Series DVD
7/19/16 The 100: The Complete Third Season DVD Eliza Taylor
7/19/16 Alien Contact: Secret Societies Set DVD
7/19/16 Batman Begins (PG-13) Movie Cash + DVD Christian Bale $205.3
7/19/16 Batman: The Motion Picture Anthology 1989-1997 Movie Cash + DVD
7/19/16 Bitten: The Complete Third Season DVD Laura Vandervoort
7/19/16 Black Fly DVD Matthew MacCaull
7/19/16 Bridgend DVD Hannah Murray
7/19/16 Caged: Female Hostages Set DVD
7/19/16 Caillou: Caillou Goes For The Gold DVD
7/19/16 Comix: Beyond The Comic Book Pages DVD
7/19/16 Constantine (R) Movie Cash + DVD Keanu Reeves $76.0
7/19/16 Cuba (R) DVD Sean Connery
7/19/16 Daniel Boone: Season One Collector's Edition DVD Fess Parker
7/19/16 The Dark Knight Rises (PG-13) Movie Cash + DVD Christian Bale $448.1
7/19/16 Daughter of Dawn DVD
7/19/16 Einstein's Universe DVD
7/19/16 Frontline: Benghazi in Crisis DVD
7/19/16 Gang Related (R) DVD James Belushi
7/19/16 Ghost Troop: Paranormal Soldiers Set DVD
7/19/16 Green Lantern (PG-13) Movie Cash + DVD Ryan Reynolds $116.6
7/19/16 Gun the Man Down DVD James Arness
7/19/16 Hand Gestures DVD
7/19/16 Home from Home DVD
7/19/16 Hoodlum (R) DVD Laurence Fishburne
7/19/16 Kill Zone 2 DVD Tony Jaa
7/19/16 The Magicians: Season One DVD Arjun Gupta
7/19/16 Man of Steel (PG-13) Movie Cash + DVD Henry Cavill $291.0
7/19/16 Meet My Valentine DVD Scott Wolf
7/19/16 Miles Ahead (R) DVD Don Cheadle $2.5
7/19/16 Muriel Criterion Collection DVD Delphine Seyrig
7/19/16 My Best Friend DVD Patrick Muldoon
7/19/16 Neath Arizona Skies DVD John Wayne
7/19/16 Night & Fog Criterion Collection DVD
7/19/16 Outatime DVD Bob Gale
7/19/16 The Outsider (R) DVD Craig Wasson
7/19/16 A Perfect Day (R) DVD Benicio Del Toro
7/19/16 The Perfect Match (R) UV Digital Copy + DVD Terrence J $9.7
7/19/16 Person of Interest: The Complete Fifth and Final Season DVD Jim Caviezel
7/19/16 Person of Interest: The Complete Series DVD Jim Caviezel
7/19/16 The Ratings Game DVD Danny DeVito
7/19/16 Rio, I Love You (R) DVD Basil Hoffman
7/19/16 Royal Pains: Season 8 DVD Mark Feuerstein
7/19/16 Secrets of the Dead: Teotihuacan's Lost Kings DVD
7/19/16 Sisters: Season 5 DVD Swoosie Kurtz
7/19/16 Sky Line DVD
7/19/16 Superman: The Motion Picture Anthology 1978-2006 Movie Cash + DVD
7/19/16 Touch Of Zen Criterion Collection DVD
7/19/16 V for Vendetta (R) Movie Cash + DVD Natalie Portman $70.5
7/19/16 Visions: France DVD
7/19/16 Watchmen (R) Movie Cash + DVD Malin Akerman $107.5
7/19/16 Where's Poppa? (R) DVD George Segal
7/26/16 Big Driver / Riding The Bullet Double Feature DVD
7/26/16 Born to Be Blue (R) DVD Ethan Hawke $0.6
7/26/16 The Boss (R) DVD Melissa McCarthy $62.3
7/26/16 Confessions DVD
7/26/16 Consumption DVD Sarah Greyson
7/26/16 Deadline U.S.A. DVD Humphrey Bogart
7/26/16 Deadly Pickup DVD Carter Cruise
7/26/16 Exorcist House of Horror DVD Connor Trinneer
7/26/16 Five Miles To Midnight DVD Sophia Loren
7/26/16 Genius by Stephen Hawking DVD
7/26/16 Getting Out DVD Kevin Hartzman
7/26/16 Grantham & Rose DVD Jake T. Austin
7/26/16 The Greatest Ears in Town: The Arif Mardin Story DVD Sir George Martin
7/26/16 H8rz DVD
7/26/16 Hardcore Henry (R) DVD Sharlto Copley $9.2
7/26/16 HarmonTown DVD Dan Harmon
7/26/16 I Am Wrath (R) UV Digital Copy + DVD John Travolta
7/26/16 Jack Irish: Movies DVD Guy Pearce
7/26/16 Jack Irish: Series 1 DVD Guy Pearce
7/26/16 Jacob's Hammer DVD Helen Holman
7/26/16 The Last Diamond (R) DVD Yvan Attal
7/26/16 Latessa DVD
7/26/16 Lazarus Rising DVD Eric Roberts
7/26/16 Lego Nexo Knights: Season 1 DVD
7/26/16 Let's Rap DVD Rachel Wilson
7/26/16 A Light Beneath Their Feet (R) DVD Taryn Manning
7/26/16 Listening DVD Thomas Stroppel
7/26/16 The Man Who Saved Ben-Hur DVD
7/26/16 Monstrosity / Teenage Zombies Double Feature DVD
7/26/16 Mystery Science Theater 3000 XXXVI DVD
7/26/16 Nature: Nature's Perfect Partners DVD
7/26/16 The New World (PG-13) Criterion Collection DVD Colin Farrell $12.3
7/26/16 NHL: 2016 Stanley Cup Champions DVD
7/26/16 Nova: Operation Lighthouse Rescue DVD
7/26/16 One Piece: Season 8, Voyage Two DVD
7/26/16 Ozland DVD Zack Ratkovich
7/26/16 Pioneers of African American Cinema DVD
7/26/16 The River DVD
7/26/16 The Russian Woodpecker DVD
7/26/16 A Strange Course of Events DVD
7/26/16 Travel Detective: Season 3 DVD
7/26/16 Tricked DVD Peter Blok
7/26/16 Wordworld: It's Time for School DVD
7/26/16 The Zombie King DVD Edward Furlong

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Undiscovered Picks

Upcoming movies worth watching that you may not have heard of.

  • A War
  • Spoils Before Dying: Season 2
  • Casual Encounters
  • King Georges
  • Asian Connection