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Month of February 2017

Everything DVD (246)

Estimated for release in February but not yet announced: Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, American Pastoral, Boo! A Madea Halloween, Certain Women, The Eagle Huntress, El Jeremias, Fear, Inc., Inferno, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, La Leyenda del Chupacabras, Little Sister, Miss Hokusai, Moonlight, New Life, Priceless, The Remake, Voyage of Time: Life's Journey

Date Title (Rating) DVD Formats Star B.O.
2/3/17 Mumford & Sons: Live from South Africa Dust & Thunder DVD
2/7/17 10-Movie Action Collection Set DVD
2/7/17 2 Fast 2 Furious (PG-13) DVD Paul Walker $126.9
2/7/17 3-Movie Laugh Pack Set DVD
2/7/17 4-Movie Collection Set DVD
2/7/17 4-Movie Laugh Pack Set DVD
2/7/17 4-Movie Laugh Pack 2 Set DVD
2/7/17 5-Movie Western Collection DVD
2/7/17 The 9th Life of Louis Drax (R) DVD Jamie Dornan
2/7/17 Abattoir (R) DVD Lin Shaye
2/7/17 American Wrestler: The Wizard (PG-13) DVD William Fichtner
2/7/17 Arnold Schwarzenegger 6-Film Collection Set DVD
2/7/17 Aurora: Fire in the Sky DVD
2/7/17 Ava's Impossible Things MOD DVD Chloe Farnworth
2/7/17 Baby, Baby, Baby (R) DVD Adrianne Palicki
2/7/17 Bad Kids of Crestview Academy (R) DVD Sean Astin
2/7/17 Beethoven: The Complete Collection Set DVD
2/7/17 Ben & Ara DVD Joseph Baird
2/7/17 Beyond Redemption DVD
2/7/17 Beyond the Edge DVD Casper Van Dien
2/7/17 Bruce Willis 6-Film Collection Set DVD Bruce Willis
2/7/17 Burn Country DVD James Franco
2/7/17 Calliou: Playtime with Caillou DVD
2/7/17 Cameraperson Criterion Collection DVD Kirsten Johnson
2/7/17 Candiland DVD James Clayton
2/7/17 Cat in the Hat: Knows A Lot About Space DVD
2/7/17 Checkmate DVD
2/7/17 Come What May (R) DVD August Diehl
2/7/17 The Crash (R) DVD AnnaSophia Robb
2/7/17 Cross 2 DVD Brian Austin Green
2/7/17 Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Complete 2nd Season New Box Art DVD Larry David
2/7/17 DC Super Heroes: Batman DVD
2/7/17 DC Super Heroes: Superman DVD
2/7/17 DC Super Heroes: The Flash DVD
2/7/17 DC Super Heroes: Wonder Woman DVD
2/7/17 DC Super Villains: Poison Ivy DVD
2/7/17 DC Super Villains: The Joker DVD
2/7/17 DC Super Villains: The Penguin DVD
2/7/17 DC Super Villains: Two Face DVD
2/7/17 Desierto (R) DVD Gael Garcia Bernal $1.8
2/7/17 Elena & The Secret of Avalor DVD
2/7/17 Family Animated 6-Film Collection Set DVD
2/7/17 Fast & Furious (PG-13) DVD Vin Diesel $155.0
2/7/17 Fast & Furious 6 (PG-13) DVD Dwayne Johnson $238.7
2/7/17 The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift (PG-13) DVD Lucas Black $62.5
2/7/17 The Fast And The Furious (PG-13) DVD Vin Diesel $144.5
2/7/17 Fast Five (PG-13) DVD Dwayne Johnson $209.8
2/7/17 Fighting Ace Bonus Edition DVD Liu Chung Liang
2/7/17 Flight to Nowhere DVD Alan Curtis
2/7/17 Frank & Lola DVD Imogen Poots
2/7/17 Frankenstein: The Real Story / The Real Wolfman Double Feature DVD
2/7/17 Furious 7 (PG-13) DVD Vin Diesel $350.8
2/7/17 Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence (PG-13) DVD $0.9
2/7/17 Graves: Season One DVD Nick Nolte
2/7/17 The Institute DVD James Franco
2/7/17 Jason Statham 6-Film Collection Set DVD Jason Statham
2/7/17 Johnny Frank Garrett's Last Word DVD Sean Patrick Flanery
2/7/17 Justice League: Dark (R) DVD
2/7/17 The Land Before Time (G) DVD
2/7/17 The Land Before Time III: The Time Of The Great Giving (G) DVD
2/7/17 The Land Before Time IV: Journey Through The Mists (G) DVD
2/7/17 The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure (G) DVD
2/7/17 Land Of The Free (R) DVD Jeff Speakman
2/7/17 Lead with Your Heart DVD
2/7/17 Lego DC Super Heroes: Justice League - Gotham City Breakout / Cosmic Clash Double Feature DVD
2/7/17 Lego Ninjago: Day of the Departed DVD
2/7/17 Life on the Line (R) DVD John Travolta
2/7/17 Little Moon And Jud McGraw DVD James Caan
2/7/17 Look at Us Now Mother DVD
2/7/17 Looney Tunes: Stranger Than Fiction / The Looney, Looney, Looney Bugs Bunny Movie Double Feature DVD
2/7/17 Mary Kate & Ashley So Little Time Volume 2: About a Family / Hanging Out Double Feature DVD Mary Kate Olsen
2/7/17 Mary Kate & Ashley So Little Time Volume 1: School's Cool / Boy Crazy Double Feature DVD Mary Kate Olsen
2/7/17 Misfortune DVD Desmond Devenish
2/7/17 Mobile Suit Gundam: F91 DVD
2/7/17 Monsters Quad DVD
2/7/17 Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking: Season 4 DVD
2/7/17 The Mummy (PG-13) DVD Brendan Fraser $155.2
2/7/17 The Mummy Returns (PG-13) DVD Brendan Fraser $200.7
2/7/17 The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (PG-13) DVD Brendan Fraser $102.2
2/7/17 My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic: Exploring the Crystal Empire DVD
2/7/17 Nature: Snowbound - Animals of Winter DVD
2/7/17 Nerdland DVD Paul Rudd
2/7/17 Nicolas Cage 6-Film Collection (R) Set DVD Nicolas Cage
2/7/17 Oddball DVD Alan Tudyk
2/7/17 Paranormal Abduction DVD
2/7/17 Penny Dreadful: The Complete Series DVD Eva Green
2/7/17 Personal Effects DVD
2/7/17 Power Rangers Dino Charge: The Complete Season DVD Brennan Mejia
2/7/17 Power Rangers Samurai: The Complete Season DVD
2/7/17 Recovery (R) DVD Rachel DiPillo
2/7/17 Revelation Road: Beginning Of The End / Revelation Road 2: Sea Of Glass & Fire / Revelation Road: Black Triple Feature DVD
2/7/17 Sabrina Down Under DVD
2/7/17 Sci=Fi 6-Film Collection Set DVD
2/7/17 Seclusion DVD Matthew Wise
2/7/17 Sesame Street: Singing with the Stars 2 DVD
2/7/17 Shaun the Sheep: Seasons 3 & 4 DVD John Sparkes
2/7/17 Shimmer & Shine: Friendship Divine DVD
2/7/17 Sinbad and the War of the Furies DVD John Morrison
2/7/17 Snow White and the Huntsman / The Huntsman: Winter's War Double Feature DVD
2/7/17 Spin Out (R) DVD Xavier Samuel
2/7/17 Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Complete 6th Season DVD
2/7/17 Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Complete 7th Season DVD
2/7/17 Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Season 2 DVD
2/7/17 Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Complete Series Set DVD
2/7/17 Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Complete 3rd Season DVD
2/7/17 Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Complete 1st Season DVD Avery Brooks
2/7/17 Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Complete 4th Season DVD
2/7/17 Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Complete 5th Season DVD
2/7/17 The Take (R) DVD Idris Elba
2/7/17 Talking to the Trees DVD Ilaria Borrelli
2/7/17 Total Frat Movie DVD
2/7/17 The Twilight Zone (1980s): The Complete Series DVD Bruce Willis
2/7/17 Two Lovers and a Bear (R) Digital HD with UltraViolet + DVD Tatiana Maslany
2/7/17 Tyler Perry Quad Plays DVD
2/7/17 Tyler Perry Triple Feature DVD Tyler Perry
2/7/17 Urban Action 6-Film Collection (R) Set DVD
2/7/17 War Quad: Hurt Locker / Apocalypse Now Redux / The Brothers / The Emperor (R) Set DVD
2/7/17 Western 6-Film Collection Set DVD
2/7/17 Winning (PG) DVD Paul Newman
2/7/17 WWE 6-Film Collection Set DVD
2/7/17 WWE Presents Greatest Wrestling Factions Single Disc DVD
2/7/17 WWE: Destruction of the Shield Single Disc DVD
2/7/17 WWE: Owen - Hart of Gold Single Disc DVD
2/14/17 20 Nature Stories Set DVD
2/14/17 3 Sisters DVD Gillian Walsh
2/14/17 4 Kid Favorites: Dog Pound Pack DVD
2/14/17 Action Horror Double Feature Double Feature DVD Rayner Bourton
2/14/17 The Adventures of Fu Manchu Volume 3 DVD
2/14/17 Aliens In Egypt DVD
2/14/17 All I Need DVD Caitlan Stasey
2/14/17 American Girl DVD Nick Apostolides
2/14/17 Animal Kingdom: The Complete First Season DVD Molly Gordon
2/14/17 Bad Moms (R) DVD Mila Kunis $113.2
2/14/17 Beavis & Butt-Head: The Complete Collection Set DVD
2/14/17 Bible Conspiracies DVD Simon Oliver
2/14/17 Bible Stories: Genesis DVD Paul Scofield
2/14/17 Bigfoot: The Movie DVD Curt Wootton
2/14/17 Blaze and the Monster Machines: Race into Velocityville DVD
2/14/17 The Bride DVD Inma Cuesta
2/14/17 The Burningmore Deaths DVD Geoff Tate
2/14/17 Catatonia DVD Kim Kleemichen
2/14/17 Christine DVD Rebecca Hall $0.2
2/14/17 Creature Lake DVD Jonathan Matthews
2/14/17 The Crooked Man DVD Michael Jai White
2/14/17 Death Rot DVD Lena Howe
2/14/17 Down On The Farm DVD William McNamara
2/14/17 Easter Bunny Bloodbath DVD Shayan Bayat
2/14/17 Five Nights in Maine DVD David Oyelowo
2/14/17 Freshwater DVD ZoŽ Bell
2/14/17 Girls Gone Wild: L.A. Mansion Pool Party DVD
2/14/17 Girls Gone Wild: Party Bus Patrol DVD
2/14/17 Gladiator Eroticvs DVD Darian Caine
2/14/17 Great Forests of North America DVD
2/14/17 Harrigan DVD Amy Manson
2/14/17 The Horde DVD Paul Logan
2/14/17 I Heart U DVD Raine Brown
2/14/17 Jeremiah DVD Patrick Dempsey
2/14/17 Judy Collins: A Love Letter to Sondheim DVD Judy Collins
2/14/17 Killer Clowns DVD
2/14/17 Kojak: Sesaon One DVD Telly Savalas
2/14/17 Lego Friends Collection Triple Feature DVD
2/14/17 Leonard Cohen: Live Broadcast Sessions 1985: 1993 DVD
2/14/17 Littlest Pet Shop: Pet Stars DVD
2/14/17 London Town (R) DVD Natascha McElhone
2/14/17 Maybe Tomorrow DVD Florent Arnoult
2/14/17 Meeting at the Crossroads: Irish Celebration DVD
2/14/17 Mercy: The Complete Second Season DVD Taylor Schilling
2/14/17 Mike Nichols: American Masters DVD
2/14/17 Military Medicine: Beyond the Battle Field DVD
2/14/17 Mini Horses DVD
2/14/17 Mystic Archives of Dantalian: The Complete Series DVD
2/14/17 Night of the Living Dead Collector's Edition DVD Duane Jones
2/14/17 One Piece: Collection 18 Set DVD
2/14/17 Pig Pen DVD Lucas Koch
2/14/17 Powerpuff Girls Volume 1: Tiara Trouble DVD
2/14/17 Psycho Killer Triple Feature Triple Feature DVD Rick Rodgers
2/14/17 The Reconciler DVD Roddy Piper
2/14/17 Scooby-Doo & WWE: The Curse of Speed Demon / Wrestlemania Mystery Double Feature DVD
2/14/17 Scooby-Doo: Shaggy's Showdown DVD
2/14/17 Sisters Of The Plague DVD Isolde Chae-Lawrence
2/14/17 Stake Land 2 DVD
2/14/17 Steven Stitkowski: Intelligent Investing for Retirees DVD Steven Sitkowski
2/14/17 Sugar Skull Girls DVD Addy Miller
2/14/17 Territorial Behavior DVD Ronan Murphy
2/14/17 Thomas & Friends: Extraordinary Engines DVD
2/14/17 Thomas & Friends: The Adventure Begins DVD
2/14/17 Thomas & Friends: Whale of a Tale & Other Sodor Adventures DVD
2/14/17 Thomas & Friends: Wild Water Rescue & Other Engine Adventures DVD
2/14/17 Tom & Jerry: Back to Oz / The Wizard of Oz Double Feature DVD
2/14/17 The Tree Of Wooden Clogs Criterion Collection DVD Luigi Ornaghi
2/14/17 Trippin' DVD Zed Wilson
2/14/17 Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Women Collector's Edition DVD Mamie Van Doren
2/14/17 We are the Flesh DVD Maria Cid
2/14/17 Wearing the Green: A Documentary on St. Patrick's Day DVD
2/14/17 The Witness DVD Shannon Beeby $0.1
2/14/17 Zombies Exs DVD
2/21/17 Alzheimer's: Every Minute Counts DVD
2/21/17 American Masters: Maya Angelou - And Still I Rise DVD Maya Angelou
2/21/17 Bad Santa 2 (R) DVD Billy Bob Thornton $14.3
2/21/17 Beauty and the Beast (PG-13) DVD Vincent Cassel
2/21/17 Blood on the Mountain DVD
2/21/17 Casablancas: The Man who Loved Women DVD John Casablancas
2/21/17 Curious George: Egg Hunting DVD
2/21/17 Dinosaur Train: What's at the Center of the Earth DVD
2/21/17 Evelyn (PG) DVD Pierce Brosnan $1.2
2/21/17 Fatal Instinct DVD Ivan Sergei
2/21/17 The Great & The Small DVD
2/21/17 King Solomon's Mines (PG-13) DVD Richard Chamberlain
2/21/17 The Klansman (R) DVD Lee Marvin
2/21/17 The Last Best Year (PG) DVD Mary Tyler Moore
2/21/17 Lego Friends: United As One DVD
2/21/17 Lou Grant: The Complete Four Season DVD Ed Asner
2/21/17 Marinomi: The Fire in the Frame DVD Giuseppe Marinoni
2/21/17 Mildred Pierce Criterion Collection DVD Joan Crawford
2/21/17 Panther Girl Of The Kongo DVD
2/21/17 Seasons (PG) DVD $0.1
2/21/17 Sophie & The Rising Sun DVD
2/21/17 Speed Sisters DVD Betty Saadeh
2/21/17 Tie the Knot DVD Tara Reid
2/21/17 Transformers Rescue Bots: Protect & Explore DVD
2/21/17 Waffle Street DVD Danny Glover
2/21/17 Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown (R) Criterion Collection DVD Carmen Maura
2/21/17 WWE: The Best of Raw & Smackdown 2016 DVD
2/28/17 2 Pac - Assassination: Battle for Compton DVD Tupac Shakur
2/28/17 All We Had DVD Katie Holmes
2/28/17 American Experience: Race Underground DVD
2/28/17 American Experience: Rachel Carson DVD
2/28/17 American Faith DVD
2/28/17 Beauty and the Beast (G) 25th Anniversary Edition DVD Paige O'Hara $47.5
2/28/17 Before Trilogy (R) Criterion Collection DVD Ethan Hawke
2/28/17 Betrayal Knows My Name: The Complete Series DVD
2/28/17 Blood DVD Emmett J. Scanlan
2/28/17 Creature Below DVD
2/28/17 Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Daniel Visits the Farm DVD
2/28/17 Elite DVD Allison Gregory
2/28/17 Fuller House: The Complete First Season DVD Candace Cameron Bure
2/28/17 Harbinger DVD Dimitrius Pulido
2/28/17 Mary, Mother Of Jesus DVD Christian Bale
2/28/17 Mily Miss Questions: 10 Adventures for Curious Minds DVD
2/28/17 Mother of All Lies DVD Francesca Eastwood
2/28/17 Officer Downe (R) DVD Sam Witwer
2/28/17 Power Rangers: Best of Blue DVD
2/28/17 Red Data Girl: The Complete Series DVD
2/28/17 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (G) Signature Edition DVD Adriana Caselotti
2/28/17 Star Fleet: The Complete TV Series DVD
2/28/17 The Ten Commandments DVD Naveen Andrews

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