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Month of September 2016

Everything DVD (340)

Estimated for release in September but not yet announced: Alice Through the Looking Glass, AmeriGeddon, Being Charlie, Dheepan, Holy Hell, Phantom Detective, Star Crossed

Date Title (Rating) DVD Formats Star B.O.
9/2/16 Daniel Barenbolm Collection Boxed Set DVD
9/2/16 Styx: Live at Orleans Arena Las Vegas DVD
9/2/16 What Happened, Miss Simone? Music CD + DVD
9/6/16 666: Teen Warlock DVD
9/6/16 9/11 Inside the Pentagon DVD
9/6/16 All The Way Digital HD with UltraViolet + DVD Bryan Cranston
9/6/16 American Conjuring DVD
9/6/16 American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson DVD Sarah Paulson
9/6/16 Anger Management / You Don't Mess with the Zohan Double Feature DVD Adam Sandler
9/6/16 Asian Ghost Story DVD Cynthia Rothrock
9/6/16 August Winds DVD
9/6/16 Being Poirot DVD
9/6/16 A Bigger Splash (R) DVD Dakota Johnson $2.0
9/6/16 The Bodyguard DVD Sammo Hung
9/6/16 Boned DVD
9/6/16 Boundless Salvation: William Booth & The Salvation Army DVD
9/6/16 The Bride (PG-13) DVD Sting
9/6/16 Bridge: The Complete Story DVD
9/6/16 Brothers of the Black List DVD
9/6/16 Casa Grande DVD
9/6/16 Cat In The Hat Knows A Lot About Halloween DVD
9/6/16 Center Stage: On Pointe (PG) DVD Peter Gallagher
9/6/16 Compadres (R) UV Digital Copy + DVD Eric Roberts $3.1
9/6/16 The Congressman (R) DVD Treat Williams
9/6/16 CSI: Cyber - The Final Season DVD Patricia Arquette
9/6/16 The Darkness (PG-13) DVD Kevin Bacon $10.7
9/6/16 The Dead Room DVD Jed Brophy
9/6/16 Dognapped DVD
9/6/16 Equals (PG-13) UV Digital Copy + DVD Kristen Stewart
9/6/16 The Errand of Angels (PG) DVD Erin Chambers
9/6/16 Evil Exhumed DVD Eric Roberts
9/6/16 Fishes 'N Loaves: Heaven Sent (PG) UV Digital Copy + DVD Dominique Swain
9/6/16 The Flash: The Complete Second Season DVD Grant Gustin
9/6/16 Forever Strong (PG-13) DVD Gary Cole $0.7
9/6/16 Foyle's War Revisted DVD
9/6/16 Friday the 13th The Series: The Complete Series New Box Art DVD
9/6/16 From Afar DVD
9/6/16 Genius (PG-13) UV Digital Copy + DVD Colin Firth $1.2
9/6/16 Gridiron DVD
9/6/16 Guess How Much I Love You: Autumn Journey DVD
9/6/16 Gundam Build Fighters Try: The Complete Collection Set DVD
9/6/16 The Gunfighter DVD Eric Roberts
9/6/16 Hard Target 2 (R) DVD Scott Adkins
9/6/16 Hockney DVD
9/6/16 Honey 3 (PG-13) DVD Kenny Wormald
9/6/16 The Hunt DVD
9/6/16 In-Lawfully Yours DVD
9/6/16 John Bunyan: The People's Pilgrim DVD
9/6/16 Lamb DVD Rediat Amare
9/6/16 Limitless: The Complete Series DVD Jake McDorman
9/6/16 Love & Friendship (PG) DVD Kate Beckinsale $13.1
9/6/16 The Meddler (PG-13) DVD Rose Byrne $4.2
9/6/16 Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack DVD
9/6/16 Money Monster (R) DVD George Clooney $40.9
9/6/16 Mostly Ghostly: One Night in Doom House (PG) DVD Corey Fogelmanis
9/6/16 Nazi Games: Berlin 1936 DVD
9/6/16 The Neighbor DVD Josh Stewart
9/6/16 Neon Bull DVD
9/6/16 Night of the Living Deb DVD
9/6/16 Nina DVD Zoe Saldana
9/6/16 Now You See Me 2 (PG-13) UV Digital Copy + DVD Mark Ruffalo $62.1
9/6/16 Once Were Warriors (R) DVD Rena Owen
9/6/16 The Ones Below (R) DVD Clemence Poesy
9/6/16 Paper Tigers DVD
9/6/16 PlantPure Nation DVD
9/6/16 Rampage President Down DVD
9/6/16 The Real Ghostbusters: Volume 10 DVD
9/6/16 The Real Ghostbusters: Volume 6 DVD
9/6/16 The Real Ghostbusters: Volume 7 DVD
9/6/16 The Real Ghostbusters: Volume 8 DVD
9/6/16 The Real Ghostbusters: Volume 9 DVD
9/6/16 Rectify: Season 3 DVD Aden Young
9/6/16 Royal Road DVD
9/6/16 Sesame Street: Love to Learn DVD
9/6/16 The Seventh Fire DVD Rob Brown
9/6/16 Sorority Slaughterhouse DVD Eric Roberts
9/6/16 South Park: The Complete Nineteenth Season DVD Trey Parker
9/6/16 Supernatural: The Complete Eleventh Season DVD Jared Padalecki
9/6/16 Swan Princess: Princess Tomorrow, Pirate Today (PG) DVD
9/6/16 Sweetheart of the Gridiron DVD
9/6/16 Tale of Tales (R) DVD Salma Hayek
9/6/16 Tales from The Darkside: The Complete Series DVD
9/6/16 Therapy for a Vampire DVD
9/6/16 Three Days in Auschwitz DVD
9/6/16 Tracy Anderson: Ta Va DVD
9/6/16 The Trick or Treaters DVD
9/6/16 Urge (R) UV Digital Copy + DVD Alexis Knapp
9/6/16 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (R) DVD Tina Fey $23.1
9/6/16 The Work and the Glory: A House Divided (PG) DVD Sam Hennings $1.1
9/6/16 WWE: History of WWE Hardcore Championship 24/7 DVD
9/6/16 Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V: Season 1, Volume 1 DVD
9/9/16 Midsummer Nights Gala 2016 from Gragenegg DVD
9/13/16 1987 Memphis Wrestling Tv Yearbook DVD Jerry Lawler
9/13/16 4-Film Movies Of Excellence Set DVD
9/13/16 42nd Street Forever Volume 17: Peep Show Collection DVD
9/13/16 Agenda Illuminati: Supremacy Of The New World Order DVD
9/13/16 Alfred Hitchcock Suspense Films Collection Set DVD
9/13/16 All Hallow's Eve / All Hallow's Eve 2 Double Feature DVD
9/13/16 All Things Must Pass: The Rise and Fall of Tower Records DVD Russ Solomon $0.1
9/13/16 The Automatic Hate DVD Joseph Cross
9/13/16 Bachelors Grove DVD Tim Krueger
9/13/16 Back in Time DVD
9/13/16 Back to the Future the Animated Series: Season 2 DVD
9/13/16 Bad Ass Babes DVD
9/13/16 Barbie: Star Light Adventure Digital HD with UltraViolet + DVD
9/13/16 Batman Unlimited: Mechs vs. Mutants DVD
9/13/16 Being Canadian DVD Mike Myers
9/13/16 Best of Billy Jack Haynes Volume 1 DVD Billy Jack Haynes
9/13/16 The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Ninth Season DVD Johnny Galecki
9/13/16 Big Box of Horror Volume 2 DVD
9/13/16 Blood Of The Dragon (R) Bonus Edition DVD Wang Yu
9/13/16 Blumhouse 4-Movie Horror Collection Set DVD
9/13/16 Bogart & Bacall Collection Set DVD
9/13/16 Bowie: The Man Who Changed The World DVD
9/13/16 Brats: Our Journey Home DVD Kris Kristofferson
9/13/16 Buffalo Bill Collection Set DVD
9/13/16 Captain America: Civil War (PG-13) DVD Chris Evans $406.2
9/13/16 Captain Lust DVD Wade Nichols
9/13/16 Chicago P.D.: Season Three DVD Jason Beghe
9/13/16 Classic Nursery Rhymes DVD
9/13/16 The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist (R) Special Edition DVD Vera Farmiga $99.3
9/13/16 Curious George: Outdoor Adventures DVD
9/13/16 Cyber Tracker (R) Bonus Edition DVD Don ``The Dragon'' Wilson
9/13/16 Daniel Boone: True American Legend DVD
9/13/16 Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: You are Special DVD
9/13/16 Dark Exorcism DVD Lynn Justinger
9/13/16 Dark Revelations DVD Cuyle Carvin
9/13/16 Dashama Konah Gordon: 30 Day Yoga Challenge Disc 1 DVD
9/13/16 Dashama Konah Gordon: 30 Day Yoga Challenge Disc 2 DVD
9/13/16 Dashama Konah Gordon: 30 Day Yoga Challenge Disc 3 DVD
9/13/16 Dashama Konah Gordon: 30 Day Yoga Challenge Disc 4 DVD
9/13/16 Dashama Konah Gordon: 30 Day Yoga Challenge Disc 5 DVD
9/13/16 Dashama Konah Gordon: 30 Day Yoga Challenge Disc 6 DVD
9/13/16 Dashama Konah Gordon: 30 Day Yoga Challenge Disc 7 DVD
9/13/16 Dashama Konah Gordon: 30 Day Yoga Challenge Disc 8 DVD
9/13/16 Dashama Konah Gordon: 30 Day Yoga Challenge Disc 9 DVD
9/13/16 Dashama Konah Gordon: 30 Day Yoga Challenge Disc 10 DVD
9/13/16 Dashama Konah Gordon: 30 Day Yoga Challenge Boxset 1: 10 Set DVD
9/13/16 Deadly Intent DVD Rebecca Reaney
9/13/16 Dogman 2: Wrath Of The Litter DVD Larry Joe Campbell
9/13/16 Dr. Blake Mysteries: Season 2 DVD
9/13/16 The Dwarvenaut DVD
9/13/16 Empire: The Complete Second Season DVD Terrence Howard
9/13/16 Enter the Faun DVD Tamar Rogoff
9/13/16 Error In The Menage DVD Giana Alexis Cambria
9/13/16 Fighting Ace Bonus Edition DVD Liu Chung Liang
9/13/16 Fishing Naked DVD
9/13/16 The Fits DVD Royalty Hightower $0.1
9/13/16 Forgiveness DVD
9/13/16 Found Footage Festival: Rent-A-Friend DVD
9/13/16 Found Footage Festival: Volumes 1 & 2 Double Feature DVD
9/13/16 Found Footage Festival: Volumes 3 & 4 DVD Nick Prueher
9/13/16 Found Footage Festival: Volumes 5 & 6 Double Feature DVD Nick Prueher
9/13/16 George Harrison: A Beatle in Benton, IL Special Edition DVD
9/13/16 Girls Gone Wild: Hottest Hookups Ever DVD
9/13/16 Girls Gone Wild: Sorority Sister on Sister DVD
9/13/16 Godzilla 1985 (PG) DVD Raymond Burr
9/13/16 The Gumby Show: The '60s Series Volume 2 Toy + DVDDVD
9/13/16 Gunsmoke: One Man's Justice DVD James Arness
9/13/16 Haven: The Complete Series Set DVD
9/13/16 Hawaii Five-O (2010): The Sixth Season DVD Alex O'Loughlin
9/13/16 Hayward Justin: Live In Concert At Capitol Theatre DVD
9/13/16 House Is Not A Home DVD Richard Grieco
9/13/16 The Invoking / The Invoking 2 Double Feature DVD
9/13/16 Jamaican Mafia DVD David Squeeze Annakie
9/13/16 Jekyll & Hyde... Together Again (R) DVD Mark Blankfield
9/13/16 Justin Bieber: From a Boy to a Man DVD
9/13/16 Killer Ink DVD
9/13/16 King Jack DVD
9/13/16 Knucklebones DVD
9/13/16 Law & Order Special Victims Unit: Year 17 DVD Mariska Hargitay
9/13/16 The Legend Of Frenchie King (R) DVD Brigitte Bardot
9/13/16 Little House on the Prairie: Legacy Movie Collection Set DVD
9/13/16 The Littlest Pet Shop: Mysteries at the Pet Shop DVD
9/13/16 The Long Road to the Hall of Fame DVD Mailk Farrakhan
9/13/16 Longmire: The Complete Fourth Season DVD Robert Taylor
9/13/16 The Lord is Risen DVD
9/13/16 Madam Secretary: Season Two DVD Tea Leoni
9/13/16 Marauders (R) UV Digital Copy + DVD Bruce Willis
9/13/16 Masterpiece: Churchill's Secret DVD Michael Gambon
9/13/16 Masters of Horror: Season 1 DVD
9/13/16 The Measure of a Man DVD Vincent Lindon
9/13/16 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: Seasons 1 & 2 DVD
9/13/16 Melancholy of Haruhi-Chan Suzumiya & Nyoroni Churuya-San: The Complete Series DVD
9/13/16 Midnight Horror Collection Volume 3 DVD
9/13/16 Midnight Horror Collections Volume 4 Set DVD
9/13/16 Mindy Mylrea: Extreme Exercise Makeover DVD
9/13/16 Mindy Mylrea: Fluid Strength DVD
9/13/16 The Munsters: The Complete Series New Box Art DVD Fred Gwynne
9/13/16 Musicals Collection Set DVD
9/13/16 Nazi Megaweapons: Season 3 DVD
9/13/16 Neon Dead DVD Marie Barker
9/13/16 Newhart: The Complete Sixth Season DVD Bob Newhart
9/13/16 No Se Cortarme Les Venas O Dejarmelas Largas DVD
9/13/16 Octonauts: Creature Encounters DVD
9/13/16 One Piece: Season 8, Voyage Three DVD
9/13/16 Outlaws DVD
9/13/16 Paranormal Activity 6-Movie Collection Set DVD
9/13/16 Peanut Butter & Jellyfish and More Friendship Tales DVD
9/13/16 Peter Hammill & The K Group: Live at Rockpalast DVD
9/13/16 Pokemon Master Quest: The Complete Collection Set DVD
9/13/16 Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping (R) DVD Andy Samberg $9.4
9/13/16 Presenting Princess Shaw DVD
9/13/16 The President DVD
9/13/16 Prince: Up Close & Personal DVD Prince
9/13/16 Project Itoh: Harmony DVD
9/13/16 Puppet Master 4 (R) Remastered DVD Gordon Currie
9/13/16 Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter (R) Remastered DVD Gordon Currie
9/13/16 Purging Hour DVD Paul Cross
9/13/16 Quantico: The Complete First Season DVD Aunjanue Ellis
9/13/16 Resurrecting McGinn(s) DVD Kelly Kruger
9/13/16 The Ring (PG-13) DVD Naomi Watts $127.5
9/13/16 The Ring / Ring 2 Double Feature DVD
9/13/16 The Ring Two (PG-13) DVD Naomi Watts $76.0
9/13/16 Sacrifice DVD Elizabeth Abraham
9/13/16 Science Fiction Classics Collection Set DVD
9/13/16 Scorpion: Season Two DVD Katharine McPhee
9/13/16 Secreto De Confesion DVD
9/13/16 Shaun the Sheep: Little Sheep of Horrors Director's Cut DVD
9/13/16 Standing Tall DVD
9/13/16 The Story of the Last Chrysanthemum Criterion Collection DVD
9/13/16 Suspects: Series 3 & 4 DVD
9/13/16 Take Me To The River DVD Robin Weigert
9/13/16 Talent Has Hunger DVD Paul Katz
9/13/16 Tenebre (R) DVD Anthony Franciosa
9/13/16 Thomas & Friends: A Great Race DVD
9/13/16 Tony n' Tina's Wedding (R) DVD Joey McIntyre
9/13/16 The Transformers: The Movie (PG) 30th Anniversary Edition DVD Eric Idle
9/13/16 UFO Chronicles: Alien Arrivals DVD
9/13/16 Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe DVD $0.2
9/13/16 Vengeance Valley DVD Burt Lancaster
9/13/16 Video Killer DVD
9/13/16 When Justice Isn't Just DVD
9/18/16 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey's Monster Musical DVD Bret Iwan
9/20/16 2 Broke Girls: The Complete Fifth Season DVD Kat Dennings
9/20/16 Alienween DVD
9/20/16 Beware! The Blob (PG) DVD Robert Walker
9/20/16 Blood Simple (R) Criterion Collection DVD John Getz $1.2
9/20/16 Blue Bloods: Seasons 1-6 Set DVD
9/20/16 Blue Bloods: The Sixth Season DVD Tom Selleck
9/20/16 Bob Hope: Thanks for Tthe Memories Specials Gift Set DVD
9/20/16 The Borrowers DVD Eddie Albert
9/20/16 Cat People Criterion Collection DVD Simone Simon
9/20/16 Colliding Dreams DVD
9/20/16 Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders - Season One DVD Gary Sinise
9/20/16 Defying the Nazis: The Sharps' War DVD
9/20/16 Deserted UV Digital Copy + DVD Mischa Barton
9/20/16 Doctor Who: Series Eight, Part One DVD Peter Capaldi
9/20/16 Elephant Kingdom (PG) UV Digital Copy + DVD Cary Elwes
9/20/16 Endless Descent (R) DVD Jack Scalia
9/20/16 Free State of Jones (R) DVD Matthew McConaughey $19.3
9/20/16 Frontline: Policing the Police DVD
9/20/16 Giant Gila Monster / Killer Shrews Double Feature DVD
9/20/16 The Good Wife: The Final Season DVD Julianna Margulies
9/20/16 Gunsmoke: The Twelfth Season, Volume 1 DVD James Arness
9/20/16 Gunsmoke: The Twelfth Season, Volume 2 DVD James Arness
9/20/16 High Noon (PG) DVD Gary Cooper
9/20/16 Interrogation (R) UV Digital Copy + DVD Julia Benson
9/20/16 Johnny Guitar DVD Joan Crawford
9/20/16 Jungle Book DVD
9/20/16 Kate & Mim-Mim: Mimiloo Zoo DVD
9/20/16 Labyrinth (PG) 30th Anniversary Edition DVD David Bowie
9/20/16 The Lion Guard: Unleash the Power! Jewelry + DVD
9/20/16 Little Charmers: Spooky Pumpkin Moon Night DVD
9/20/16 Ma Ma (R) DVD Silvia Abascal $0.1
9/20/16 Mai-Chan's Daily Life The Movie: Bloody Carnal DVD
9/20/16 Midsomer Murders: Set 18 DVD
9/20/16 Mitt DVD
9/20/16 Modern Family: The Complete Seventh Season DVD Ty Burrell
9/20/16 Neighbors / Neighbors 2 Set DVD
9/20/16 Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (R) DVD Seth Rogen $55.3
9/20/16 Opry Video Classics Set DVD
9/20/16 The Originals: The Complete Third Season DVD Joseph Morgan
9/20/16 Pele: Birth of a Legend (PG) DVD Vincent D'Onofrio $0.1
9/20/16 The Real MVP: The Wanda Durant Story UV Digital Copy + DVD
9/20/16 Rodeo & Juliet DVD Nadine Crocker
9/20/16 Rookie Blue: The Complete Series DVD
9/20/16 Sunday Ball DVD
9/20/16 They Will Have To Kill Us First DVD
9/20/16 Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery DVD Kyle MacLachlan
9/20/16 The Ultimate Gift (PG) DVD Drew Fuller $3.3
9/20/16 The Ultimate Life (PG) DVD Bill Cobbs $1.3
9/20/16 Under the Sun DVD
9/20/16 Wedding Doll DVD
9/27/16 3 All Hallows Eve DVD
9/27/16 All Hallows Eve: October 30th DVD Ryan Byrne
9/27/16 And Hell Awaits DVD
9/27/16 Asockalypse DVD Joe Barrett
9/27/16 Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls (NC-17) Criterion Collection DVD Dolly Read $9.0
9/27/16 Caboblanco (R) DVD Charles Bronson
9/27/16 Canada's Most Haunted 3: Paranormal Terror In North America DVD
9/27/16 The Catch: The Complete First Season DVD Mireille Enos
9/27/16 Cell (R) UV Digital Copy + DVD John Cusack
9/27/16 Chasing the Devil DVD
9/27/16 City of Gold (R) DVD
9/27/16 Confessions Of Isabella DVD Trina McGee
9/27/16 Cyberchase: Operation & Algbraic Thinking DVD
9/27/16 A Dangerous Game: Donald Trump vs. The Enviroment DVD
9/27/16 Dekalog Criterion Collection DVD
9/27/16 Delicious DVD Louise Brealey
9/27/16 The Disappearance DVD Francois-Xavier Demaison
9/27/16 Everto DVD Alessandra Spoletini
9/27/16 Exorcist: Fallen DVD Tara Marie Kirk
9/27/16 A Faster Horse DVD
9/27/16 First Man On Mars DVD Sam Cobean
9/27/16 Francesca Blu-ray + Music CD + DVD Raul Gederlini
9/27/16 Gokudo: The Complete TV Series DVD
9/27/16 Grimm: Season Five DVD David Giuntoli
9/27/16 Haunted Honeymoon (PG) DVD Gene Wilder
9/27/16 Heart of the World: Colorado's National Parks DVD Kathy Mattea
9/27/16 Highlander (R) 30th Anniversary Edition DVD Christopher Lambert
9/27/16 How to Dance in Ohio DVD
9/27/16 Howard Lovecraft & The Frozen Kingdom (PG) DVD
9/27/16 Indian Summers: The Complete Second Season DVD Julie Walters
9/27/16 Jericho: Series 1 DVD Jessica Raine
9/27/16 Kamikaze 1989 DVD Rainer Werner Fassbinder
9/27/16 The Kids Menu DVD
9/27/16 Killersaurus DVD Julian Boote
9/27/16 The Last Man on the Moon DVD
9/27/16 Little Rascals 2-Movie Family Fun Pack Double Feature DVD
9/27/16 Milky Way DVD Paul Frankeur
9/27/16 Monster High: Welcome to Monster High Digital HD with UltraViolet + DVD Debi Derryberry
9/27/16 Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection Vol. 3 DVD
9/27/16 Now We're Alive DVD
9/27/16 OMG! We're in a Horror Movie MOD DVD
9/27/16 Other Side DVD Chad Conley
9/27/16 People You May Know DVD
9/27/16 Power Rangers Dino Charge: Rise DVD
9/27/16 Rainy Cocoa: Seasons 1 & 2 DVD
9/27/16 Reign: The Complete Third Season DVD Adelaide Kane
9/27/16 Restoration DVD Emily O'Brien
9/27/16 Ripper Street: Season 4 DVD Matthew Macfadyen
9/27/16 Scarred But Smarter: Life N Times Of Drivin' N' Cryin' DVD Kevn Kinney
9/27/16 Spirit In The Woods DVD Ashley Fast
9/27/16 Turtle & The Sea DVD Vas Blackwood
9/27/16 Valley Of The Dolls (PG) Criterion Collection DVD Barbara Parkins
9/27/16 Warcraft (PG-13) DVD Travis Fimmel $46.6
9/27/16 Who Gets The Dog? (PG) Digital HD with UltraViolet + DVD Alicia Silverstone
9/27/16 You and I DVD George Taylor

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