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Week of February 27, 2017

Featured Blu-ray & DVD (11)

Title (Rating) Featured Blu-ray & DVD Formats Stars B.O.
Doctor Strange (PG-13)
Collector's Edition Blu-rayDVD
Benedict Cumberbatch
Rachel McAdams
Rules Don't Apply (PG-13)
Digital HD with UltraViolet + DVDDVD + Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-ray
Warren Beatty
Lily Collins
Shut In (PG-13)
DVD + Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-rayDigital HD with UltraViolet + DVD
Naomi Watts
Jacob Tremblay
Allied (R)
Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-rayDVD
Brad Pitt
Marion Cotillard
Chronic (R)
Tim Roth
Elizabeth Tulloch
Moonlight (R)
DVDDigital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-ray
Mahershala Ali
Shariff Earp

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