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Month of December 2016

Everything Blu-ray & DVD (562)

Date Title (Rating) Blu-ray & DVD Formats Star B.O.
12/1/16 All Out Disfunktion MOD DVD
12/1/16 Amigo Undead MOD DVD
12/1/16 Beyond Glory MOD DVD
12/1/16 Cassanova was a Woman MOD DVD
12/1/16 Jacques Pepin: Channukah Celebration MOD DVD
12/1/16 Jacques Pepin: Easter Celebration MOD DVD
12/1/16 Jacques Pepin: Fall Celebration Set MOD DVD
12/1/16 Jacques Pepin: Graduation Celebration MOD DVD
12/1/16 Jacques Pepin: Spring Celebration MOD DVD
12/1/16 Jacques Pepin: Summertime Celebration MOD DVD
12/1/16 Jacques Pepin: Thanksgiving Celebration MOD DVD
12/27/16 The Strike MOD DVDMOD Blu-ray Paul Calderon
12/1/16 USS Indianapolis MOD DVD
12/2/16 Aurelio: Rebel with a Cause DVD Aurelio De La Vega
12/2/16 Beyond Clueless MOD DVDMOD Blu-ray Fairuza Balk
12/2/16 The Big TNT Show DVD
12/2/16 Clip MOD Blu-ray Isidora Simijonovic
12/2/16 Combat Girls MOD Blu-ray
12/2/16 Gandu MOD Blu-ray
12/2/16 The Greasy Strangler MOD DVDMOD Blu-ray Michael St. Michaels
12/2/16 Hard Romanticker MOD Blu-ray Shota Matsuda
12/2/16 Heart: Live Royal Albert Hall with Royal Philharmonic Blu-rayDVD
12/2/16 Hemel MOD Blu-ray Hannah Hoekstra
12/2/16 Horror Stories MOD Blu-ray
12/2/16 If He Hollers MOD Blu-ray Beatriz Arjona
12/2/16 Memory of the Dead MOD Blu-ray
12/2/16 Sketch Artist (R) MOD DVD Jeff Fahey
12/2/16 Sour Grapes (R) MOD DVD Eddie Deezen
12/2/16 Spellcaster (R) MOD DVD Richard Blade
12/2/16 T.A.M.I. Show / The Big TNT Show Double Feature Blu-ray
12/2/16 To Kill For (R) MOD DVD Michael Madsen
12/2/16 Toad Road MOD Blu-ray Sara Anne Jones
12/2/16 Transformations (R) MOD DVD Rex Smith
12/2/16 Transgression MOD Blu-ray Jean-Francois Davy
12/2/16 A Very Pink Christmas MOD DVD Jeanie Elias
12/2/16 Zero To Sixty (PG) MOD DVD Darren McGavin
12/6/16 10-Movie Big Box Family Volume 3 Set DVD
12/6/16 1000 Rupee Note DVD Devendra Gaikwad
12/6/16 6-Film Collection Movies of Excellence: Morgan Freeman Volume 2 Set DVD
12/6/16 The Altrusim Revolution DVD
12/6/16 Angry Birds Toons: Season 3, Volume 2 DVD
12/6/16 Attack on Titan: Part 2 DVD + Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-rayDVD Haruma Miura
12/6/16 Author: The JT LeRoy Story (R) DVD Laura Albert
12/6/16 Back to Christmas DVD
12/6/16 Beauty and the Beast (2012): The Final Season DVD Kristin Kreuk
12/6/16 The Best of Sherlock Holmes Collection Set DVD
12/6/16 Betty White Collection Set DVD
12/6/16 Beverly Hills Christmas DVD Donna Spangler
12/6/16 Bible Idiots DVD
12/6/16 Bikini Warriors: The Complete Series DVD + Blu-ray
12/6/16 Black Jack: The Movie Blu-rayDVD
12/6/16 Borderless DVD Alireza Baledi
12/6/16 Bourne: The Ultimate Collection Set DVDSet Blu-ray Matt Damon
12/6/16 BrainDead: Season One DVD Tony Shalhoub
12/6/16 Brazil Blu-rayDVD Tito Guizar
12/6/16 The Bureau: Season 1 DVD
12/6/16 Call of Heroes Blu-rayDVD
12/6/16 The Call Up DVD Parker Sawyers
12/6/16 Casablanca Express Bonus Edition DVD Jason Connery
12/6/16 Cheers for Miss Bishop Blu-rayDVD Martha Scott
12/6/16 The Chinese Connection (R) Collector's Edition Blu-ray Bruce Lee
12/6/16 Concrete Cowboys Bonus Edition DVD Jerry Reed
12/6/16 Curse of the Man Who Sees UFOs DVD Christo Roppolo
12/6/16 Dance Again DVD
12/6/16 Dead Rising 2: End Game Blu-rayDVD Jessica Harmon
12/6/16 Decommissioned (R) DVD Johnny Messner
12/6/16 The Devil's Dolls DVDBlu-ray Christopher Wiehl
12/6/16 Don't Think Twice (R) DVD + Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-rayDVD Keegan-Michael Key $4.3
12/6/16 Doomwatch Blu-rayDVD Ian Bannen
12/6/16 The Dying of the Light DVD David Kornfield
12/6/16 Eat-Man: The Original TV Series DVD
12/6/16 Element: Beginner Level Yoga for Toning Stress Relief & Flexibility DVD
12/6/16 Elena of Avalor: Ready to Rule Toy + DVD
12/6/16 Eliminators (R) DVDDigital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-ray Scott Adkins
12/6/16 The Exterminating Angel Criterion Collection Blu-ray Silvia Pinal
12/6/16 Fairy Tail: Part 22 DVD + Blu-ray
12/6/16 Family Guy: Season 14 DVD Seth MacFarlane
12/6/16 The Fight Within (PG-13) DVD John Major Davis
12/6/16 Fists Of Fury (R) Collector's Edition Blu-ray Bruce Lee
12/6/16 The Frontier Blu-rayDVD Jim Beaver
12/6/16 Frontline: Choice 2016 DVD
12/6/16 Frontline: Subprime Education DVD
12/6/16 A Girl Like Grace DVD Meagan Good
12/6/16 The Great Gilly Hopkins (PG) DVD Sophie Nelisse
12/6/16 Greenleaf: Season One Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-rayDVD Merle Dandridge
12/6/16 Grindhouse Double Feature: Punk Rock / Pleasure Palace Double Feature DVD
12/6/16 Heart of a Dog Criterion Collection Blu-rayCriterion Collection DVD $0.3
12/6/16 Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer 30th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray Michael Rooker
12/6/16 Hidden in the Woods DVD Michael Biehn
12/6/16 The Hollars (PG-13) Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-rayDVD Anna Kendrick $0.9
12/6/16 Howards End (PG) Blu-rayDVD Anthony Hopkins
12/6/16 I am Bolt (PG) DVD Usain Bolt
12/6/16 If There's a Hell Below DVD Conner Marx
12/6/16 In Order of Disappearance (R) DVDBlu-ray Stellan Skarsgard
12/6/16 Jack Goes Home (R) DVD Britt Robertson
12/6/16 Jason Bourne (PG-13) DVD + Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-rayDVD Matt Damon $162.2
12/6/16 Joe & Caspar DVD
12/6/16 Jungle Book / Tarzan Double Feature DVD
12/6/16 Just Eat It DVD Tristram Stuart
12/6/16 Kicks (R) DVDDigital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-ray Jahking Guillory $0.1
12/6/16 Knucklehead DVD Gbenga Akinnagbe
12/6/16 Last Christmas DVD
12/6/16 The Late Bloomer (R) DVD Brittany Snow
12/6/16 Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures Blu-rayDVD
12/6/16 Llyn Foulkes: One Man Band DVD
12/6/16 Love Between the Covers DVD Len Barot
12/6/16 Love Statue LSD Experience DVD
12/6/16 Luna (R) Blu-rayDVD Jill Clayburgh
12/6/16 Lupin the 3rd: Operation Return The Treasue DVD
12/6/16 Mad Max: Fury Road (R) Black & Chrome Edition + Blu-ray Tom Hardy $153.5
12/6/16 Mad Max: High Octane Collection (R) Collector's Edition DVD
12/6/16 Millionaire Dog DVD
12/6/16 A Miracle on Christmas Lake DVD Kristian Jackson
12/13/16 MLB: 2016 World Series DVD + Blu-rayDVDCollector's Edition Blu-rayCollector's Edition DVD
12/6/16 Mom, Murder & Me DVD Sarah Klaren
12/6/16 Mudbloods DVD
12/6/16 My Dead Boyfriend (R) DVD Heather Graham
12/6/16 Mythica: Iron Crown DVD Kevin Sorbo
12/6/16 Neither Heaven Nor Earth DVD
12/6/16 The Neptune Factor (G) Blu-ray Ben Gazzara
12/6/16 Ninja Slayer: The Complete Series DVD + Blu-ray
12/6/16 Nova: School of the Future DVD
12/6/16 On Meditation DVD
12/6/16 Ordinary World Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-rayDVD Billie Joe Armstrong
12/6/16 Our Little Sister (PG) MOD DVD Haruka Ayase $0.3
12/6/16 The Perfect Weapon Blu-rayDVD Steven Seagal
12/6/16 Phantasm (R) Remastered Blu-rayRemastered DVD Michael Baldwin
12/6/16 Phantasm: Ravager Blu-rayDVD Angus Scrimm
12/6/16 Porky's II: The Next Day / Porky's Revenge Double Feature Blu-ray
12/6/16 The Possession Experiment DVD Bill Moseley
12/6/16 Prison Break: Season 4, The Final Season New Box Art Blu-ray Wentworth Miller
12/6/16 Prison Break: Season One New Box Art Blu-ray Wentworth Miller
12/6/16 Prison Break: Season Three New Box Art Blu-ray Wentworth Miller
12/6/16 Prison Break: Season Two New Box Art Blu-ray Wentworth Miller
12/6/16 The Quiet Earth (R) Blu-rayDVD Bruno Lawrence
12/6/16 Race To Freedom: The Underground Railroad Bonus Edition DVD Janet Bailey
12/6/16 The Remains DVD Todd Lowe
12/6/16 The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let's Do the Time Warp Again DVD Reeve Carney
12/6/16 Rurouini Kenshin Part 2: Kyoto Inferno DVD + Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-rayDVD
12/6/16 Santa & Me DVD Athena Baumeister
12/6/16 Scream Queens: The Complete First Season DVD Emma Roberts
12/6/16 Seasons in Quincy DVD John Berger
12/6/16 Secret Agent DVD Toby Jones
12/6/16 Secret Desires Music CD + DVD Darian Caine
12/6/16 The Secret Life of Pets (PG) DVD + Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-ray3D Blu-ray + Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-rayDVD Ellie Kemper $368.3
12/6/16 Seiyu's Life! The Complete Series DVD
12/6/16 Shannara Chronicles: Season 1 Blu-ray Ivana Baquero
12/6/16 Sheena Queen of the Jungle DVD Buster Crabbe
12/6/16 Show By Rock!! The Complete Series DVD + Blu-ray
12/6/16 SiREN DVD Hannah Fierman
12/6/16 Smart DVD
12/6/16 Something For Everyone (R) Blu-rayDVD Angela Lansbury
12/6/16 Sonic X: Complete Season 3 DVD
12/6/16 Spa Night DVD
12/6/16 Teenage Kicks DVD
12/6/16 Trash Fire (R) DVD Adrian Grenier
12/6/16 The Unspoken DVD Jodelle Ferland
12/6/16 Up on the Woof Top MOD DVD
12/6/16 Werewolf Collection: 15 Movies Set DVD
12/6/16 Where the Red Fern Grows (G) Bonus Edition DVD James Whitmore
12/6/16 WWE: The True Story of Royal Rumble Blu-rayDVD
12/6/16 Zoo: Season Two DVD James Wolk
12/7/16 Hidden in the Woods MOD Blu-ray Carolina Escobar
12/7/16 The House with 100 Eyes MOD Blu-ray
12/7/16 Landfill Harmonic MOD DVDMOD Blu-ray
12/7/16 The Man Who Skied Down Everest (G) MOD DVDMOD Blu-ray
12/7/16 Silicon Cowboys MOD DVDMOD Blu-ray Rod Canion
12/7/16 The Unknowns MOD Blu-rayMOD DVD
12/7/16 Vanishing Waves MOD Blu-ray
12/7/16 When The Levees Broke MOD DVD
12/7/16 White Girl MOD DVDMOD Blu-ray Morgan Saylor
12/9/16 Donnie Brasco (R) DVD Al Pacino
12/9/16 Killer Ink DVD
12/9/16 Vashawn Mitchell: Secret Place Live Johannesburg DVD
12/12/16 8 Week Body Transformation MOD DVD
12/12/16 Angel and the Badman MOD Blu-ray John Wayne
12/12/16 Balanceball Abs Workout MOD DVD
12/12/16 Bing Crosby: Legends in Concert MOD DVD
12/12/16 Cardio Balanceball MOD DVD
12/12/16 Carnival of Souls (PG) MOD Blu-ray Candace Hilligoss
12/12/16 Dean Martin: Reflections MOD DVD
12/12/16 Five Nights in Maine MOD DVDMOD Blu-ray David Oyelowo
12/12/16 Harry & Snowman MOD DVDMOD Blu-ray Harry DeLeyer $0.5
12/12/16 Irish Tenor Trio: Perform Classic Christmas MOD DVD
12/12/16 James Brown / B.B. King: Legends in Concert MOD DVD
12/12/16 Jimi Hendrix: Last 24 Hours MOD DVD
12/12/16 John Lennon: Messenger MOD DVD
12/12/16 Love & Truth: Journey through the Chakras MOD DVD
12/12/16 Lower Body Workout MOD DVD
12/12/16 Made in France MOD DVDMOD Blu-ray
12/12/16 Making a Killing MOD DVD
12/12/16 Marc Bolan: Ride On MOD DVD
12/12/16 Maya Fiennes: Becoming Mama MOD DVD
12/12/16 Maya Fiennes: Kundalini Yoga Courage Creativity MOD DVD
12/12/16 National Geographic: Generation X MOD DVD
12/12/16 National Geographic: Rebel Pope MOD DVD
12/12/16 Old Time Rock N Roll MOD DVD
12/12/16 Patterns MOD Blu-ray Van Heflin
12/12/16 Resistence Cord Workout MOD DVD
12/12/16 Suddenly MOD Blu-ray Frank Sinatra
12/12/16 Wisdom & Bliss: Journey through the Chakras MOD DVD
12/13/16 19-2: Season 3 DVD Adrian Holmes
12/13/16 2021 DVD Clarence Wethern
12/13/16 5 Film Collection: Classic Comedy Volume 2 Set DVD
12/13/16 5 Film Collection: Denzel Washington Volume 2 (R) Set DVD Denzel Washington
12/13/16 800 Words: Season 1 DVD
12/13/16 99 Women (R) DVD + Music CD + Blu-rayLimited Edition Blu-ray Maria Schell
12/13/16 A.C.O.R.N.S. Operation Crackdown (PG) DVD
12/13/16 America by Numbers: The New Deciders DVD Maria Hinojosa
12/13/16 America's Deadliest Home Video DVD Danny Bonaduce
12/13/16 American Gothic (2016): Season One DVD Juliet Rylance
12/13/16 The Asphalt Jungle Criterion Collection Blu-rayCriterion Collection DVD Sterling Hayden
12/13/16 Barney Thomson DVD Robert Carlyle
12/13/16 The Beatles: Their Golden Age DVD
12/13/16 Becoming Mike Nichols MOD DVD
12/13/16 Ben-Hur (PG-13) DVD + Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-rayDVD Jack Huston $26.4
12/13/16 Big Sean And Big K.R.I.T.: The Big DVD DVD
12/13/16 Black Christmas (R) Collector's Edition Blu-ray Olivia Hussey
12/13/16 Black Past DVD
12/13/16 Bolshoi Ballet: Swan Lake DVD
12/13/16 Bolshoi Ballet: The Nutcracker DVD
12/13/16 Bridget Jones's Baby (R) DVDDVD + Blu-ray Renee Zellweger $24.1
12/13/16 Britain's Bloody Crown DVD
12/13/16 Brother Nature (R) DVD Taran Killam
12/13/16 Christmas All Over Again (PG) UV Digital Copy + DVD Joey Lawrence
12/13/16 Cop Shoot Cop: New York Post Punk / Noise Series Volume 1 DVD
12/13/16 Counter Clockwise DVD
12/13/16 Creepshow 2 (R) Blu-ray Lois Chiles
12/13/16 Criticsized DVD Callum Blue
12/13/16 Death in Paradise: Season 5 DVD Danny John-Jules
12/13/16 Degrassi High: The Complete Series DVD
12/13/16 Department Q Trilogy DVD
12/13/16 The Devil Lives Here DVD
12/13/16 Dirty Old Wedge DVD Phil Castillo
12/13/16 Disorder DVD Matthias Schoenaerts
12/13/16 Django the Bastard / Boot Hill Double Feature DVD Anthony Steffen
12/13/16 Dreamscape (PG-13) Collector's Edition Blu-ray Dennis Quaid
12/13/16 Driven to Succeed DVD Chris Kamsch
12/13/16 Duck Dynasty: Season 10 DVD Justin Martin
12/13/16 End of a Gun (R) DVDUV Digital Copy + Blu-ray Alexandre Nguyen
12/13/16 Equity (R) DVDBlu-ray Anna Gunn $1.5
12/13/16 Estasy Of Isabel Mann DVD Ellen Mullen
12/13/16 Evil Bong: High 5 DVD
12/13/16 Excessive Force (R) MOD DVD Thomas Ian Griffith
12/13/16 F-150 Boyz (R) DVD
12/13/16 Fake It So Real Book + DVD Chris Solar
12/13/16 The Falls: Covenant of Grace DVD Nick Ferrucci
12/13/16 A Fat Wreck Blu-rayDVD Fat Mike
12/13/16 Father Brown: Season 4 DVD Mark Williams
12/13/16 Fear the Walking Dead: The Complete Second Season Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-rayDVD Kim Dickens
12/13/16 Fish: The Surfboard Documentary DVD Jeff Ching
12/13/16 Five Dollar Priest: New York Punk / Noise Series Volume 3 DVD
12/13/16 Florence Foster Jenkins (PG-13) DVD + Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-rayDVD Meryl Streep $27.3
12/13/16 Forbidden Hollywood Collection: Volume 1 MOD DVD
12/13/16 Forbidden Hollywood Collection: Volume 2 MOD DVD
12/13/16 Forbidden Hollywood Collection: Volume 3 MOD DVD
12/13/16 Girls Gone Wild: Spring Break Takeover DVD
12/13/16 Girls Gone Wild: Wet & Wild Beach Babes DVD
12/13/16 God Forgive Us DVD Lindsay Rathert
12/13/16 Godzilla / Pacific Rim Double Feature DVD
12/13/16 The Good Guys And The Bad Guys (PG) MOD DVD Robert Mitchum
12/13/16 Green Day: In Their Own Words DVD Billie Joe Armstrong
12/13/16 Green is Gold (R) DVD Derek W. Adam
12/13/16 Harley & The Davidsons Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-ray Michiel Huisman
12/13/16 Heroine Shelks: New York Post Punk / Noise Series Volume 2 DVD
12/13/16 Hip Hop Raw & Uncut Concert Series: Platinum Edition (R) DVD Flava Flav
12/13/16 Hollywood Horror House DVD
12/13/16 Hollywood Shorties DVD Tony Cox
12/13/16 Hooligan Sparrow DVD
12/13/16 The Hybrid DVD John Lynch
12/13/16 I Am Not A Serial Killer DVD + Blu-ray Christopher Lloyd
12/13/16 Jack Frost (R) DVD + Blu-ray Christopher Allport
12/13/16 Jim Florentine: Simple Man DVD Jim Florentine
12/20/16 Jungle Emperor Leo Blu-rayDVD
12/13/16 Kampai: For the Love of Sake DVD John Gauntner
12/13/16 Killer Rack DVD Jessica Zwolak
12/13/16 Kitka and Davka in Concert: Old And New World Jewish Music DVD Stephen Saxon
12/13/16 Klown Forever DVD + Blu-ray Casper Christensen
12/13/16 The Ladies of the House DVD Farah White
12/13/16 Land & Shade DVD
12/13/16 The Legend of Korra: The Complete Series Blu-rayDVD
12/13/16 The Legend of Legendary Heroes: The Complete Series DVD + Blu-ray
12/13/16 The Legend of Six Fingers DVD
12/13/16 Lets Be Evil DVD + Blu-ray Elizabeth Morris
12/13/16 Little Men (PG) DVD Jennifer Ehle $0.6
12/13/16 The Lodger Blu-ray Merle Oberon
12/13/16 Macao MOD DVD Robert Mitchum
12/13/16 The Man Called Noon (R) Blu-rayDVD Richard Crenna
12/13/16 Man Facing Southeast (R) Blu-rayDVD Lorenzo Quinteros
12/13/16 Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (PG-13) DVD + Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-ray3D Blu-ray + Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-rayDigital HD with UltraViolet + DVD Eva Green $87.2
12/13/16 Morgan (R) DVD + Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-rayDigital HD with UltraViolet + DVD Kate Mara $3.9
12/13/16 Motal Kombat / Mortal Kombat 2 / Mortal Kombat: Legacy Triple Feature DVD
12/13/16 Moving Violations (PG-13) Blu-rayDVD John Murray
12/13/16 Newhart: The Complete Seventh Season DVD Bob Newhart
12/13/16 Night Has a Thousand Desires Blu-ray
12/27/16 No Pay, Nudity (R) DVDMOD Blu-ray Gabriel Byrne
12/13/16 Nowhere Nevada DVD Jef Derderian
12/13/16 On Deadly Ground (R) MOD DVD Steven Seagal
12/13/16 One Piece: Season 8, Voyage Five DVD
12/13/16 The Orphan Killer Blu-ray Diane Foster
12/13/16 Ouija Possession DVD Jocelyn Padilla
12/13/16 The Park Is Mine Blu-rayDVD Tommy Lee Jones
12/13/16 Peter, Paul & Mary: 50 Years with Peter, Paul & Mary DVD Peter Yarrow
12/13/16 Plan 9 DVD Brian Krause
12/13/16 Pocket Money (PG) MOD DVD Paul Newman
12/13/16 Pokemon the Series: XY Kalo's Quest Set 2 Set DVD
12/13/16 Pound Puppies: Puppy Party DVD
12/13/16 Private Lessons (R) Blu-ray Sylvia Kristel
12/13/16 Quarter Bin DVD Ian Petrella
12/13/16 Rampo Kitan: Game Of Laplace - The Complete Series DVD + Blu-ray
12/13/16 Rock & Roll Frankenstein DVD Graig Guggenheim
12/13/16 Rocking Reverend DVD Scot Michael Walker
12/13/16 Roma (R) Criterion Collection Blu-rayCriterion Collection DVD Peter Gonzales
12/13/16 Sad Vacation: The Last Days of Sid and Nancy (R) DVD Sylvain Sylvain
12/13/16 Saltwater Aquarium Vision DVD
12/13/16 Secret Santa DVD Annette Wozniak
12/13/16 Sergeant Rutledge MOD DVD Jeffrey Hunter
12/13/16 Shakugan No Shana: The Movie DVD + Blu-ray
12/13/16 Shelley DVD + Blu-ray Ellen Dorrit Petersen
12/13/16 Sins of our Youth (R) DVD Ally Sheedy
12/13/16 Sit Stay Ride: The Story of America's Sidecar Dogs DVD
12/13/16 Slime City / Slime City Massacre Double Feature Blu-ray Debbie Rochon
12/13/16 Snorks: The Complete Third and Fourth Seasons MOD DVD
12/13/16 Something Of Value MOD DVD Rock Hudson
12/13/16 Southside With You (PG-13) UV Digital Copy + DVDDigital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-ray Parker Sawyers $6.2
12/13/16 SpacePOP Takes Off DVD
12/13/16 Stabbed In The Face DVD Eric Fox
12/13/16 Stagecoach: The Texas Jack Story Blu-rayDVD
12/13/16 Star Paws DVD William McNamara
12/13/16 Star Trek the Original Series: The Roddenberry Vault Blu-ray William Shatner
12/13/16 Steaming (R) Blu-rayDVD Vanessa Redgrave
12/13/16 Steve Lukather & Edgar Winter: Live At North Sea Festival DVD
12/13/16 The Stewardesses 3D Blu-rayDVD Christina Hart
12/13/16 Streets of Compton DVD
12/13/16 Sudden Fear Blu-ray Joan Crawford
12/13/16 Suicide Squad (PG-13) DVD + Digital HD with UltraViolet + Extended Cut Blu-ray3D Blu-ray + Digital Copy + Blu-raySpecial Edition DVD Will Smith $325.0
12/13/16 Teletubbies: Snowball DVD
12/13/16 TMNT: Earth's Last Stand DVD
12/13/16 A Trip to Unicorn Island DVD
12/13/16 Twilight Hour: Visions of Ireland's Haunted Past DVD John Hurt
12/13/16 The Twilight Zone: The Complete Series Blu-ray Rod Serling
12/13/16 Waka Flocka: Trap Goes Techno DVD
12/13/16 Watch Me Die DVD Laura Colquhoun
12/13/16 Women's Flesh: My Red Guts DVD Ayaka Tomozawa
12/14/16 American Dad: Volume 11 MOD DVD Seth MacFarlane
12/14/16 House Of Strangers MOD DVD Edward G. Robinson
12/14/16 Sole Proprietor MOD DVDMOD Blu-ray Dan Eberle
12/14/16 That Night In Rio MOD DVD Alice Faye
12/15/16 Bank Roll MOD Blu-ray Anthony Hansen
12/15/16 The Black Belle MOD DVD
12/15/16 Char•ac•ter MOD DVD Dabney Coleman
12/15/16 Chasing the White Dragon MOD DVD
12/15/16 Chitkabrey MOD DVD
12/15/16 Comedian at the Friday MOD DVD
12/15/16 The Fourth World MOD DVD
12/15/16 Fray MOD Blu-ray
12/15/16 Manga Mad MOD DVD
12/15/16 Mantras Collection MOD DVD
12/15/16 Naples: The History MOD DVD
12/15/16 National Geographic: Ancient Egypt Classics MOD DVD
12/15/16 National Geographic: Animal Holiday Special MOD DVD
12/15/16 National Geographic: Border Wars Season One MOD DVD
12/15/16 National Geographic: Dogtown New Beginnings MOD DVD
12/15/16 National Geographic: Eden At The End Of The World MOD DVD
12/15/16 The Toxic Avenger Boxset Set Blu-ray
12/15/16 Transatlantic Coffee MOD DVD Kevin Pinassi
12/15/16 Veer! MOD Blu-ray Jesse Gay
12/15/16 The Veil: Unmasked Edition MOD DVD Michael Himsworth
12/16/16 Alexisonfire: Live at Copps Blu-ray
12/16/16 Brad Paisley: Life Amplified World Tour Live from WVU Music CD + DVDDVD Brad Paisley
12/20/16 31 (R) DVDDigital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-ray Malcolm McDowell
12/20/16 America's Great Inventors: A Collection of Rare Films DVD
12/20/16 Big Town: TV Collection Double Feature DVD
12/20/16 Breakdown DVD Craig Fairbrass
12/20/16 Calvin and the Colonel Volume 2 DVD
12/20/16 Clark & McCullough: Volume 2 DVD
12/20/16 Code 3 Volume 4 DVD Richard Travis
12/20/16 Custer's Last Fight Set DVD
12/20/16 Dad's Army DVD Mark Tandy
12/20/16 The Disappointments Room (R) DVD Kate Beckinsale $2.2
12/20/16 Doctor Who: Series Eight, Part Two DVD Peter Capaldi
12/20/16 Dolly Parton's Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love DVD Ricky Schroder
12/20/16 False Faces DVD Peggy Shannon
12/20/16 For the Love of Spock MOD DVDMOD Blu-ray Chris Pine
12/20/16 Forbidden Cinema Collection Set DVD
12/20/16 Forbidden Cinema Volume 14 DVD
12/20/16 The Girl of Gold DVD Florence Vidor
12/20/16 Goat (R) DVD James Franco $0.1
12/20/16 The Golden Age of Trains Volume 4 DVD
12/20/16 Greater (PG) Blu-rayDVD Christopher Severio $1.8
12/20/16 Gun Frontier: The Complete Collection Set DVD
12/20/16 Hairspray: Live DVD Ariana Grande
12/20/16 Hellraiser: The Scarlet Box Limited Edition Trilogy Limited Edition Blu-ray
12/20/16 Hillsong: Let Hope Rise (PG) DVD $2.4
12/20/16 Hitchcock/Truffaut (PG-13) DVDBlu-ray Wes Anderson $0.2
12/20/16 It Had to be You (R) DVD Cristin Milioti
12/20/16 Living Stories of the Bible: The Pilgrimage Play / A Saviour is Born DVD
12/20/16 Lost Pre-Code Classics Collection Set DVD
12/20/16 The Magnificent Seven (PG-13) DVDDigital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-ray Vincent D'Onofrio $93.4
12/20/16 Maximum Ride (PG-13) DVD Carrie Wampler
12/20/16 Nature: Giraffes - Africa's Gentle Giants DVD
12/20/16 Nature: My Congo DVD
12/20/16 Oasis: Supersonic (R) Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-rayDVD Paul Arthurs
12/20/16 Officer 444: The Complete Serial Set DVD
12/20/16 The Power God Collection DVD
12/20/16 Roseanne for President! DVD Roseanne Barr
12/20/16 Roy Rogers with Dale Evans Volume 19 DVD
12/20/16 Shakugan No Shana Collection DVD + Blu-ray
12/20/16 Shakugan No Shana: Season Three DVD + Blu-ray
12/20/16 Shriek Of The Mutilated (R) DVD Alan Brock
12/20/16 Speaking of Animals Set DVD
12/20/16 Storks (PG) DVD + Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-ray3D Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy + Blu-rayDVD Andy Samberg $72.7
12/20/16 Suited MOD DVD
12/20/16 Sully (PG-13) Special Edition DVDDVD + Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-ray Tom Hanks $125.1
12/20/16 Sword of D'Artagnan DVD Marjorie Lord
12/20/16 Tarzan and the Lost Tribe (R/Unrated) DVD Bruce Bennett
12/20/16 To Joey, With Love DVD Joey Feek
12/20/16 WWE: Survivor Series 2016 DVD
12/27/16 American Honey (R) DVDDigital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-ray Sasha Lane $0.5
12/27/16 American Originals: Made on Main Street DVD
12/27/16 Aria: Scarlet Ammo - Season 1 DVD + Blu-ray
12/27/16 Beast & The Vixens Special Edition DVD
12/27/16 Chicklit MOD Blu-ray
12/27/16 Close to the Enemy: Season 1 DVDBlu-ray
12/27/16 Coming Through the Rye (PG-13) DVD Adrian Pasdar
12/27/16 Committed MOD DVDMOD Blu-ray Vic Cohen
12/27/16 The Cutter (R) MOD DVD Chuck Norris
12/27/16 Dog Eat Dog Blu-rayDVD Nicolas Cage
12/27/16 The Dressmaker (R) Blu-rayDVD Kate Winslet $2.0
12/27/16 Eat A Bowl Of Tea (PG-13) MOD DVD Cora Miao
12/27/16 Frontline: Terror in Europe DVD
12/27/16 Future Baby MOD Blu-rayMOD DVD
12/27/16 A Gamer's Life MOD Blu-rayMOD DVD Ashleigh Morghan
12/27/16 Hero of the Underworld MOD Blu-ray
12/27/16 Highlander Collection Set DVD Christopher Lambert
12/27/16 The House That Screamed (PG) Blu-ray Lilli Palmer
12/27/16 In a Valley of Violence (R) DVDDigital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-ray Karen Gillan
12/27/16 In Search of Balance MOD Blu-ray
12/27/16 Jericho of Scotland Yard: Season 1 DVD
12/27/16 Kill Command DVD Vanessa Kirby
12/27/16 Laurel Canyon (R) MOD DVD Frances McDormand $3.6
12/27/16 Magicians: Life of the Impossible MOD Blu-ray
12/27/16 A Man Called Ove (PG-13) Blu-rayDVD Rolf Lassgard $3.4
12/27/16 Nature: The Story of Cats DVDBlu-ray
12/27/16 No Manches Frida (PG-13) DVD Omar Chaparro $11.5
12/27/16 Nova: Great Human Odyssey DVD
12/27/16 Olympic Pride / American Prejudice MOD Blu-ray
12/27/16 PBS Kids: Valentine's Day Compliation DVD
12/27/16 Pet (R) DVD Ksenia Solo
12/27/16 Ray Donovan: Season Four DVD Liev Schreiber
12/27/16 Secrets of the Dead: After Stonehenge DVD
12/27/16 Sengoku Basara End of Judgement: The Complete Series DVD + Blu-ray
12/27/16 Sengoku Basara Samurai Kings: The Complete Series DVD + Blu-ray
12/27/16 Sengoku Basara: Last Party DVD + Blu-ray
12/27/16 Snowden (R) DVDDVD + Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-ray Joseph Gordon-Levitt $21.6
12/27/16 The Strange One MOD DVD Ben Gazzara
12/27/16 Undercover DVD Sophie Okonedo
12/27/16 Underworld (R) Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-ray Kate Beckinsale $51.5
12/27/16 Underworld: Awakening (R) Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-ray Kate Beckinsale $62.3
12/27/16 Underworld: Evolution (R) Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-ray Kate Beckinsale $62.3
12/27/16 Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (R) Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-ray Rhona Mitra $45.8
12/27/16 Versailles: Season One DVDBlu-ray George Blagden
12/27/16 The Week DVD Rick Gomez
12/27/16 When the Bough Breaks (PG-13) DVDDigital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-ray Theo Rossi $29.7
12/28/16 When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace Set DVD
12/29/16 Mr. Imperium MOD DVD Lana Turner

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