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Month of August 2016

Everything Blu-ray & DVD (794)

Date Title (Rating) Blu-ray & DVD Formats Star B.O.
8/1/16 Angels & Demons / The Da Vinci Code Double Feature Blu-ray Tom Hanks
8/1/16 Battle: Los Angeles / Lockout Double Feature Blu-ray
8/1/16 Black Hawk Down / Tears Of The Sun Double Feature Blu-ray
8/1/16 Boa vs. Python / Chupacabra Terror / Frankenfish / Lake Placid 3 Set DVD
8/1/16 Bram Stoker's Dracula / Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Double Feature Blu-ray
8/1/16 The Bridge on the River Kwai / The Caine Mutiny / Das Boot / From Here to Eternity / The Guns of Navarone Set DVD
8/1/16 The Evil Dead (NC-17) Blu-ray Bruce Campbell
8/1/16 From Fat to Finsh Line MOD DVDMOD Blu-ray
8/1/16 Ghost Rider / Hellboy Double Feature Blu-ray
8/1/16 Groundhog Day / Stripes Double Feature Blu-ray
8/1/16 I Know What You Did Last Summer Collection Triple Feature DVD
8/1/16 Laughing Out Loud Collection Set DVD
8/1/16 Layer Cake / Snatch Double Feature Blu-ray
8/1/16 A League Of Their Own / The Natural Double Feature Blu-ray
8/1/16 Legends Of The Fall / Les Miserables Double Feature Blu-ray
8/1/16 Made Of Honor / Maid In Manhattan / My Best Friend's Wedding / The Wedding Planner Set DVD
8/1/16 Monster Hunt MOD Subtitled DVDMOD Dubbed DVDMOD Dubbed Blu-rayMOD Subtitled Blu-ray Baihe Bai
8/1/16 Murder Rap: Inside the Biggie & Tupac Murders MOD DVDMOD Blu-ray Tupac Shakur
8/1/16 Resident Evil / Resident Evil: Afterlife / Resident Evil: Apocalypse Triple Feature DVD
8/1/16 Step Brothers (R) Blu-ray Will Ferrell $100.5
8/1/16 Stone Cold / Jesse Stone: Death In Paradise / Jesse Stone: Night Passage Triple Feature DVD
8/1/16 Superbad (R) UV Digital Copy + Blu-ray Jonah Hill $121.5
8/1/16 Will Smith Collection Set DVD
8/2/16 12-Movie Family Adventure Collection Set DVD
8/2/16 5 Action Movies Featuring Steven Seagal in Russian Set DVD Steven Seagal
8/2/16 5 Western Movies Set DVD
8/2/16 8-Movie Dove Collection Set DVD
8/2/16 9 Months That Made You DVD
8/2/16 The Adventures of Panda Warrior (PG) UV Digital Copy + DVD Rob Schneider
8/2/16 The American Side DVD Camilla Belle
8/2/16 April and the Extraordinary World (PG) DVDDVD + Blu-ray Marion Cotillard $0.2
8/2/16 Assassin X DVD
8/2/16 Babyfirst: Color Crew Shades of Fun DVD
8/2/16 Babyfirst: Out & About - Entertainment On The Go DVD
8/2/16 Batman: The Killing Joke (R) DVD + Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-rayDVD Kevin Conroy $3.2
8/2/16 Beta Test DVD Manu Bennett
8/2/16 The Binding Blu-rayDVD Max Adler
8/2/16 Bite DVDBlu-ray Elma Begovic
8/2/16 The Blacklist: The Complete Third Season Blu-rayDVD James Spader
8/2/16 Blindspot: The Complete First Season Blu-rayDVD Sullivan Stapleton
8/2/16 Breaking the Bank DVD
8/2/16 The Bronze (R) DVDBlu-ray Melissa Rauch $0.4
8/2/16 Careful What You Wish For DVD
8/2/16 Carter High (PG-13) DVD Vivica A. Fox $0.2
8/2/16 Cashmere Mafia: The Complete Series DVD Lucy Liu
8/2/16 Chosen (R) UV Digital Copy + DVD Harvey Keitel
8/2/16 Christmas Dragon DVD
8/2/16 Confirmation Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-rayDigital HD with UltraViolet + DVD Kerry Washington
8/2/16 Davie & Goliath DVD
8/2/16 Dennis the Menace: The Complete Series DVD
8/2/16 The Devil's Mistress DVD Andrea Riseborough
8/2/16 Difret DVD Meron Getnet
8/2/16 Dough Blu-rayDVD Jonathan Pryce $1.0
8/2/16 Farm Blu-ray
8/2/16 The First Monday in May (PG-13) DVD Andrew Bolton $0.5
8/2/16 Gibby Dvd DVD Shelby Lyon
8/2/16 The Girlfriend Experience: Season One Blu-rayDVD Riley Keough
8/2/16 Guernica DVD James D'Arcy
8/2/16 Gundam Build Fighters: The Complete Collection Set Blu-raySet DVD
8/2/16 Hangs Upon Nothing DVD + Blu-ray Mikala Jones
8/2/16 Heathcliff: The Complete Series DVD
8/2/16 High Strung (PG) DVD Jane Seymour $0.1
8/2/16 High-Rise (R) Blu-rayDVD Tom Hiddleston $0.3
8/2/16 Holding the Man DVD
8/2/16 IMAX: Humpback Whales UV Digital Copy + Blu-ray4K Ultra HD + 3D Blu-ray + UV Digital Copy + Blu-ray Ewan McGregor
8/2/16 In the Name of Ben Hur DVD
8/2/16 Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (PG) Collector's Edition Blu-ray Donald Sutherland
8/2/16 Jormungand + Jormungand Perfect Order: The Complete Series 1 & 2 DVD + Blu-ray
8/2/16 Keanu (R) DVDDigital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-ray Will Forte $20.6
8/2/16 Key & Peele: The Complete Series DVD Keegan-Michael Key
8/2/16 The Knick: The Complete Second Season UV Digital Copy + Blu-rayDVD Clive Owen
8/2/16 Last Days in the Desert (PG-13) DVD Susan Gray
8/2/16 Last Night a DJ Saved My Life DVD David Hasselhoff
8/2/16 Lazer Team DVD Alan Ritchson $1.1
8/2/16 Leapfrog: The Gift of Learning DVD
8/2/16 Little White Lie DVD Lacey Schwartz
8/2/16 The Lobster (R) UV Digital Copy + DVDDigital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-ray Colin Farrell $8.6
8/2/16 Louder Than Bombs (R) DVD Jesse Eisenberg $0.1
8/2/16 The Man in 3B (R) DVD Lamman Rucker $0.3
8/2/16 Manhattan Night (R) UV Digital Copy + Blu-rayUV Digital Copy + DVD Yvonne Strahovski
8/2/16 Marguerite (R) Blu-rayDVD Catherine Frot $0.4
8/2/16 The Mark Of Zorro Blu-ray Tyrone Power
8/2/16 Meet the Blacks (R) UV Digital Copy + DVDDigital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-ray Mike Epps $9.1
8/2/16 Milton Berle's Low Impact/High Comedy Workout + Show Episodes DVD
8/2/16 Most Likely to Die DVD
8/2/16 Murdoch Mysteries Collection 5-8 Set Blu-raySet DVD
8/2/16 Murdoch Mysteries: Season Nine Blu-rayDVD
8/2/16 My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic: Soarin' Over Equestria DVD
8/2/16 Night Visitor (R) Blu-ray Elliott Gould
8/2/16 Nova: Bombing Hitler's Supergun DVD
8/2/16 Observance Blu-rayDVD Lindsay Farris
8/2/16 Octonauts: Slime Time DVD
8/2/16 Panzer DVD
8/2/16 Paw Patrol: Sports Day DVD
8/2/16 Peppa Pig: School Bus Trip DVD
8/2/16 Peppa Pig: Sunny Vacation DVD
8/2/16 Peter: Redemption DVD John Rhys-Davies
8/2/16 The Power of the Resurrection DVD
8/2/16 Pride & Prejudice (PG) DVD Kam Heskin
8/2/16 Priests: Exorcism DVD
8/2/16 Puerto Ricans in Paris (R) DVDBlu-ray Luis Guzman $0.1
8/2/16 Puzzled Love DVD
8/2/16 Rawhide Blu-ray Tyrone Power
8/2/16 Real Murders: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery DVD
8/2/16 Red Sonja: Queen of Plagues DVD + Blu-rayDVD Misty Lee
8/2/16 Rolling Girls: The Complete Series DVD + Blu-ray
8/2/16 Saints and Soldiers (PG-13) DVD Corbin Allred $1.2
8/2/16 Samurai 7: The Complete Series DVD + Blu-ray
8/2/16 Saving Mr. Wu Blu-rayDVD Andy Lau
8/2/16 Sea Fog DVD Yun-Seok Kim
8/2/16 Septembers of Shiraz (PG-13) DVD Salma Hayek
8/2/16 Silent Witness: Season 3 DVD
8/2/16 Sniper: Ghost Shooter (R) DVD Dennis Haysbert
8/2/16 Songs My Brothers Taught Me DVD
8/2/16 The Suffering DVD Nick Apostolides
8/2/16 Summer Camp (R) UV Digital Copy + DVD Diego Boneta
8/2/16 Talk to the Animals: Friends for Life DVD
8/2/16 Thirteen DVD
8/2/16 Titanic (PG-13) Blu-rayDVD Peter Gallagher
8/2/16 Torchlighters: The Martin Luther Story DVD
8/2/16 Traded Blu-rayDVD Kris Kristofferson
8/2/16 Traders Blu-rayDVD John Bradley
8/2/16 The Trust (R) Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-rayUV Digital Copy + DVD Nicolas Cage
8/2/16 Viral (R) DVD Analeigh Tipton
8/2/16 When Calls The Heart: Forever In My Heart DVD Erin Krakow
8/2/16 White Fang: The Complete Series DVD
8/2/16 The Work and the Glory (PG) DVD Sam Hennings $3.0
8/2/16 World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman DVD + Blu-ray
8/2/16 World War II: When Lions Roared DVD Bob Hoskins
8/3/16 Adventures on the Red Plane MOD DVD
8/3/16 The Sighting MOD DVD
8/4/16 Brooklyn Bizarre MOD Blu-ray
8/4/16 Burning Bodhi (R) MOD Blu-ray Kaley Cuoco
8/4/16 Daddy MOD Blu-ray
8/4/16 Dollface MOD Blu-ray Jason Vail
8/4/16 Endgame (PG-13) MOD Blu-ray Chiwetel Ejiofor
8/4/16 The Greeks: Season 1 MOD DVD
8/4/16 Like You Mean It MOD Blu-ray
8/4/16 The Living (R) MOD Blu-ray Fran Kranz
8/4/16 Love in the Time of Civil War MOD Blu-ray
8/4/16 Lyle MOD Blu-ray Gaby Hoffmann
8/4/16 Map of Hell MOD DVD
8/4/16 Of Mind and Music (PG-13) MOD Blu-ray Joaquim de Almeida
8/4/16 Perfect Cowboy MOD Blu-ray
8/4/16 Primal Survivor: Season 1 MOD DVD
8/4/16 Riddle Room MOD Blu-ray
8/4/16 Ripple Effect (R) MOD Blu-ray Forest Whitaker
8/4/16 Sand Dollars MOD Blu-ray Geraldine Chaplin
8/4/16 Seeing Heaven MOD Blu-ray
8/4/16 Silent Victim (R) MOD DVD Michele Greene
8/4/16 Southern Baptist Sissies MOD Blu-ray Emerson Collins
8/4/16 Steel MOD Blu-ray
8/4/16 Steel Toes (R) MOD Blu-ray Andrew Walker
8/4/16 Superbeast (R) MOD DVD Antoinette Bower
8/4/16 Take Me Home (PG-13) MOD Blu-ray Sam Jaeger
8/4/16 This Is Martin Bonner (R) MOD Blu-ray Paul Eenhoorn
8/4/16 Transfixed MOD DVD
8/4/16 Two-Bit Waltz (R) MOD Blu-ray Clara Mamet
8/4/16 The Village Barbershop (R) MOD Blu-ray John Ratzenberger
8/4/16 The Wait (R) MOD Blu-ray Jena Malone
8/4/16 Winter of Frozen Dreams (R) MOD Blu-ray Thora Birch
8/4/16 Yosemite (R) MOD Blu-ray James Franco
8/9/16 11/22/63 DVDBlu-ray James Franco
8/9/16 Absolute Duo: The Complete Series DVD + Blu-ray
8/9/16 Accused at 17 MOD Blu-ray Cynthia Gibb
8/9/16 Alone in the Ghost House DVD
8/9/16 Amor De Mis Amores DVD
8/9/16 Another Cinderella Story (PG) New Box Art DVD Selena Gomez
8/9/16 The Ant Bully (PG) New Box Art DVD Nicolas Cage $28.1
8/9/16 Barakamon: The Complete Series DVD + Blu-ray
8/9/16 Basket Case 2 (R) Blu-ray Kevin Van Hentenryck
8/9/16 Basket Case 3: The Progeny (R) Blu-ray Annie Ross
8/9/16 Baskin DVD + Blu-ray Mehmet Cerrahoglu
8/9/16 Battles without Honor & Humanity: Hiroshima Death Match DVD + Blu-ray Bunta Sugawara
8/9/16 Battles without Honor & Humanity: Police Tactics DVD + Blu-ray Bunta Sugawara
8/9/16 Battles without Honor & Humanity: Proxy War DVD + Blu-ray Bunta Sugawara
8/9/16 Battles without Honor & Humanity: The Final Episode DVD + Blu-ray Bunta Sugawara
8/9/16 Battles without Honor and Humanity DVD + Blu-ray Bunta Sugawara
8/10/16 Blooded MOD Blu-rayMOD DVD
8/9/16 Canadian Pacific DVDBlu-ray Randolph Scott
8/9/16 The Cariboo Trail Blu-rayDVD Randolph Scott
8/9/16 Cats & Dogs (PG) New Box Art DVD Jeff Goldblum $90.9
8/9/16 Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore (PG) New Box Art DVD Chris O'Donnell $43.5
8/9/16 Charlie Chan & The Curse Of The Dragon Queen (PG) Blu-ray Peter Ustinov
8/9/16 Chopin: Desire for Love MOD Blu-ray
8/9/16 Christmas in the Clouds (PG) MOD Blu-ray Sam Vlahos $0.3
8/9/16 A Cinderella Story (PG) New Box Art DVD Hilary Duff $51.4
8/9/16 A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song (PG) New Box Art DVD Lucy Hale
8/9/16 Code Black: Season 1 DVD
8/9/16 Creature Feature Set DVD
8/9/16 Dark Diamond DVD
8/9/16 Dark Waves DVD
8/9/16 Dennis The Menace (PG) New Box Art DVD Walter Matthau
8/9/16 Dukhtar Blu-rayDVD
8/9/16 El Crimen Del Dacaro Gumaro DVD
8/9/16 Exclamation Mark & More School Adventures DVD
8/9/16 Fathers and Daughters (R) DVD Amanda Seyfried
8/9/16 Female Prisoner Scorpion: The Compete Collection Blu-ray Meiko Kaji
8/9/16 Foodies DVD
8/10/16 Fred Dinenage: Murder Casebook - The Complete First Season MOD Blu-rayMOD DVD Jenni Day
8/9/16 Free Willy (PG) New Box Art DVD Jason James Richter
8/9/16 Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home (PG) New Box Art DVD Jason James Richter
8/9/16 Free Willy 3: The Rescue (PG) New Box Art DVD Jason James Richter
8/9/16 Froning: The Fittest Man in History (PG) MOD DVDMOD Blu-ray Rich Froning
8/9/16 Frontline: The Secret History of ISIS Season 34 DVD
8/9/16 Garo the Animation: Season One, Part Two DVD + Blu-ray
8/9/16 Girls Gone Wild: Hottest Girls on Girls DVD
8/9/16 Girls Gone Wild: Spring Break 2016 DVD
8/9/16 The Golden Age of Musicals DVD
8/9/16 The Goonies (PG) New Box Art DVD Sean Astin $61.4
8/9/16 Gremlins (PG) New Box Art DVD Zach Galligan $148.2
8/9/16 Gremlins 2: The New Batch (PG-13) New Box Art DVD Zach Galligan
8/9/16 Gunslinger Girl + Gunslinger Girl II Teatrino: Season One & Two Ova DVD + Blu-ray
8/9/16 Halt and Catch Fire: The Complete Second Season DVD Lee Pace
8/9/16 Happy Feet (PG) New Box Art DVD Elijah Wood $197.9
8/9/16 Happy Feet Two (PG) New Box Art DVD Elijah Wood $63.8
8/9/16 A Hologram for the King (R) Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-rayUV Digital Copy + DVD Tom Hanks $4.1
8/10/16 In The Dark Half MOD Blu-rayMOD DVD
8/9/16 Intro to Dance for Boys: Using Horton and West African Dance DVD
8/10/16 Jim: The James Foley Story MOD Blu-rayMOD DVD Ben Chase
8/9/16 Kangaroo Jack (PG) New Box Art DVD Jerry O'Connell $66.5
8/9/16 Koko: The Gorilla Who Talks DVD
8/9/16 Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole (PG) New Box Art DVD Jim Sturgess $55.6
8/9/16 Line of Duty: Series 3 DVD
8/9/16 A Little Princess (G) New Box Art DVD Eleanor Bron
8/9/16 Lone Survivor (R) 4K Ultra HD + Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-ray Mark Wahlberg $125.1
8/9/16 Lucy (R) 4K Ultra HD + Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-ray Scarlett Johansson $126.5
8/9/16 The Mask (PG-13) New Box Art DVD Jim Carrey $119.9
8/9/16 Maude: The Complete Final Season DVD Beatrice Arthur
8/9/16 Meet the Guilbys DVD
8/9/16 The Monster with a Thousand Heads DVD Jana Raluy
8/9/16 Moonstalker MOD Blu-ray
8/9/16 Moving Creatures DVD
8/9/16 Nature: Frogs Thin Green Line DVD
8/9/16 Nature: Invasion of the Giant Pythons DVD
8/9/16 Nature: Raptor Force DVD
8/9/16 Nature: The Wolf That Changed America DVD
8/9/16 Nature: Why We Love Cats & Dogs DVD
8/9/16 NBA Champions 2015-2016 Blu-ray + DVD
8/9/16 NCIS: New Orleans - The Second Season DVD Scott Bakula
8/9/16 Oblivion (PG-13) 4K Ultra HD + Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-ray Tom Cruise $89.0
8/9/16 Perry Mason: The Complete Movie Collection DVD
8/9/16 Rehab Addict: Season 2 MOD DVD
8/9/16 Resurrection County MOD Blu-ray Dayton Knoll
8/9/16 Scooby Doo (PG) New Box Art DVD Freddie Prinze, Jr. $152.0
8/9/16 Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed (PG) New Box Art DVD Freddie Prinze, Jr. $83.8
8/9/16 Scooby-Doo & WWE: The Curse of Speed Demon DVDBlu-ray
8/9/16 Space Jam (PG) New Box Art DVD Michael Jordan
8/9/16 Speed Racer (PG) New Box Art DVD Emile Hirsch $43.9
8/9/16 State of Control DVD
8/9/16 Supergirl: The Complete First Season Blu-rayDVD Melissa Benoist
8/9/16 Sweet Bean DVD
8/9/16 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret Of The Ooze (PG) New Box Art DVD Paige Turco
8/9/16 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: Turtles in Time (PG) New Box Art DVD Elias Koteas
8/9/16 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Original Movie (PG) New Box Art DVD Judith Hoag $135.3
8/9/16 The Tiger Blu-rayDVD
8/9/16 Tunnel: Season 1 DVDBlu-ray
8/9/16 Two Newly Restored Films by Philippe De Broca Double Feature Blu-ray
8/9/16 Up in Flames DVD
8/9/16 Violent Shit: The Movie DVD + Music CD + Blu-ray Giovanni Lombardo Radice
8/9/16 The Wiggles: Wiggletown DVD
8/9/16 Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory (G) New Box Art DVD Gene Wilder
8/9/16 WWE: The Attitude Era Volume 3 DVDBlu-ray
8/9/16 Yogi Bear (PG) New Box Art DVD Dan Aykroyd $100.2
8/10/16 Between Us (R) MOD Blu-ray Julia Stiles
8/10/16 Bloodlust Zombies MOD Blu-ray Alexis Texas
8/10/16 Divorcing Jack MOD DVD
8/10/16 How to Be a Serial Killer (R) MOD Blu-ray Matthew Gray Gubler
8/10/16 Karla (R) MOD Blu-ray Laura Prepon
8/10/16 Leonie (PG-13) MOD Blu-ray Emily Mortimer
8/10/16 The Lesser Blessed (R) MOD Blu-ray Joel Evans
8/10/16 Like Sunday, Like Rain (R) MOD Blu-ray Leighton Meester
8/10/16 Looking for Palladin (R) MOD Blu-ray Ben Gazzara
8/10/16 Memoria (R) MOD Blu-ray Thomas Mann
8/10/16 Murder City Angels MOD Blu-ray
8/10/16 New Year's Eve (PG-13) New Box Art Blu-ray Halle Berry $54.5
8/10/16 No God, No Master (PG-13) MOD Blu-ray David Strathairn
8/10/16 One Peace at a Time MOD Blu-ray Caroline Boudreaux
8/10/16 Restitution (R) MOD Blu-ray Mena Suvari
8/10/16 Reuniting the Rubins (PG) MOD Blu-ray Timothy Spall
8/10/16 Rhymes for Young Ghouls (R) MOD Blu-ray Devery Jacobs
8/10/16 The Scenesters (R) MOD Blu-ray Sherilyn Fenn
8/10/16 The Steps (R) MOD Blu-ray Christine Lahti
8/11/16 Backgammon MOD Blu-rayMOD DVD Noah Silver
8/11/16 Bolshoi Babylon MOD Blu-rayMOD DVD Anastasiya Meskova
8/11/16 Bunker of the Dead MOD Blu-rayMOD DVD Michael Abts
8/11/16 Mad Tiger DVD
8/11/16 Mike Nichols: American Masters MOD DVDMOD Blu-ray
8/11/16 Weight Watchers: Punch Kit DVD
8/11/16 Weight Watchers: Ultimate Dance Party Kit DVD
8/11/16 Weight Watchers: Yoga Starter Kit DVD
8/12/16 Inside Metal: LA Metal Scene Episode 2 DVD
8/12/16 The Smiths: 30 Years of the Queen is Dead DVD
8/15/16 18 Fingers of Death (R) MOD Blu-ray James Lew
8/15/16 The Alley Cat MOD DVDMOD Blu-ray Jenny Strubin
8/15/16 And They're Off (PG-13) MOD Blu-ray Sean Astin
8/15/16 Angel Dog (PG) MOD Blu-ray Jon Michael Davis
8/15/16 Armed and Deadly (R) MOD Blu-ray Lisa Varga
8/15/16 Barry White: Larger Than Life MOD DVD
8/15/16 The Beast of Xmoor MOD Blu-ray Melia Kreiling
8/15/16 Becoming Redwood (R) MOD Blu-ray Ryan Grantham
8/15/16 Beyond the Myth: The Truth About Pit Bulls MOD Blu-ray
8/15/16 Bob Marley: Freedom Road MOD DVD
8/15/16 Bob Marley: Spiritual Journey MOD DVD
8/15/16 Christmas is Here Again (G) MOD Blu-ray Kathy Bates
8/15/16 Como Perry: Legends in Concert MOD DVD
8/15/16 Cougar Hunting (R) MOD Blu-ray Lara Flynn Boyle
8/15/16 Cuba De Ayer / Fidel Castro Biography MOD DVD
8/15/16 Dead Files Season 2, Volume 3 MOD DVD
8/15/16 Dead Files: Season 1 MOD DVD
8/15/16 Djinn MOD Blu-ray Aiysha Hart
8/15/16 Elvis Presley: Complete Volumes 1-4 Set DVD
8/15/16 Elvis Presley: On Elvis MOD DVD
8/15/16 Farm Kings: Season 1 MOD DVD
8/15/16 Farm Kings: Season 2 MOD DVD
8/15/16 Female Werewolf MOD DVDMOD Blu-ray Carrie Gemmell
8/15/16 Ghost Adventures: Season Six MOD DVD
8/15/16 The High Schooler's Guide to College Parties MOD Blu-ray Nate Rubin
8/15/16 James Brown: Legends in Concert MOD DVD
8/15/16 Jerry Lee Lewis: Legends in Concert MOD DVD
8/15/16 Keep Your Distance (R) MOD Blu-ray Gil Bellows
8/15/16 Kings of Rock: Legends in Concert MOD DVD
8/15/16 Lady Gaga's Secret World MOD Blu-ray
8/15/16 Layover: Season 2 MOD DVD Anthony Bourdain
8/15/16 Life of Pi (PG) 4K Ultra HD + Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-ray Suraj Sharma $124.9
8/15/16 A Light Beneath Their Feet (R) MOD Blu-ray Taryn Manning
8/15/16 Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years MOD DVD
8/15/16 Ode to My Father MOD DVD $2.2
8/15/16 The Peanuts Movie (G) 4K Ultra HD + Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-ray Noah Schnapp $130.1
8/15/16 Run For Your Life MOD Blu-ray Fred Lebow
8/15/16 Spellbound MOD DVD Son Yi-jin
8/15/16 Sweatshop MOD Blu-ray Ashley kay
8/15/16 Tommy and the Cool Mule (PG) MOD Blu-ray Kevin Sorbo
8/15/16 Toy Hunter: Season 1 MOD DVD
8/15/16 Under Heavy Fire (R) MOD Blu-ray Casper Van Dien
8/15/16 We are Summer: Insane Coaster Wars - Xtreme Waterparks MOD DVD
8/15/16 Who's Your Monkey? (R) MOD Blu-ray Jason London
8/16/16 The 'Burbs (PG) Blu-ray Tom Hanks
8/16/16 11 Minutes DVD Richard Dormer
8/16/16 The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai Across The 8th Dimension (PG) Collector's Edition Blu-ray Peter Weller
8/16/16 The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet Volume 24 DVD Ozzie Nelson
8/16/16 The Adventures of Paula Peril DVD Valerie Perez
8/16/16 The Affair: Season Two DVD Dominic West
8/16/16 Alfred The Great (PG) MOD DVD David Hemmings
8/16/16 Almost Holy (R) DVD Gennadiy Mokhnenko
8/16/16 American Experience: Boys of '36 DVD
8/16/16 American Ninja (R) Blu-rayDVD Michael Dudikoff
8/16/16 American Ninja 2: The Confrontation (R) Blu-rayDVD Michael Dudikoff
8/16/16 American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt (R) Blu-rayDVD David Bradley
8/16/16 American Ninja 4: The Annihilation (R) Blu-rayDVD Michael Dudikoff
8/16/16 American Sophomore DVD Patrick Warburton
8/16/16 The Angry Birds Movie (PG) DVDDVD + Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-ray4K Ultra HD + Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-ray Jason Sudeikis $107.5
8/16/16 Angry Birds Toons: Season 3, Volume 1 DVD
8/16/16 Annie Oakley Volumes 10-13 DVD
8/16/16 Assassination Classroom: Season 1, Part 2 DVD + Blu-ray
8/16/16 Atroz DVD + Music CD + Blu-ray Lex Ortega
8/16/16 Back on Board: Greg Louganis DVD
8/16/16 The Beatles: Scream & Shout DVD Paul McCartney
8/16/16 Beethoven (PG) Blu-ray Charles Grodin
8/16/16 The Best of ICW Wrestling Volume 2 DVD
8/16/16 Big Town Volume 2: Heart of the City DVD
8/16/16 Blackmail MOD DVD Edward G. Robinson
8/16/16 Blood Blockade Battlefront: The Complete Series Limited Edition Blu-ray
8/16/16 Bloodsworth: An Innocent Man DVD
8/16/16 Boston Blackie: Volume 4 DVD
8/16/16 Cabin In The Sky MOD DVD Ethel Waters
8/16/16 Cat On A Hot Tin Roof MOD Blu-ray Elizabeth Taylor
8/16/16 Cecil B. DeMille Silent Collection Set DVD
8/16/16 A Christmas Detour DVD Candace Cameron Bure
8/16/16 A Cinderella Story: If The Shoe Fits (PG) DVD Sofia Carson
8/16/16 The Count of Monte Cristo Volume 5 DVD
8/16/16 Cross Current Volume 2 DVD
8/16/16 Crossroads Volume 5 DVD
8/16/16 Crown for Christmas DVD Danica McKellar
8/16/16 The Dark (R) DVD William Devane
8/16/16 Dark Victory MOD DVD Bette Davis
8/16/16 Dead Ringer MOD DVD Bette Davis
8/16/16 Dirty Country DVD Larry Pierce
8/16/16 The Dream Team (PG-13) Blu-ray Michael Keaton
8/16/16 Eleni (PG) Blu-rayDVD Kate Nelligan
8/16/16 Elvis Blu-ray Kurt Russell
8/16/16 Encounter (R) DVD Justin Arnold
8/16/16 Endless Night DVD
8/30/16 Eureka Seven: The Complete Series DVD + Blu-rayBlu-rayDVD
8/16/16 Fatal Obsession DVD Tracy Nelson
8/16/16 Frontline: The Business of Disaster Season 34 DVD
8/16/16 Fury MOD DVD Sylvia Sidney
8/16/16 The Glass Bottom Boat MOD DVD Doris Day
8/16/16 God's Not Dead / God's Not Dead 2 Back-To-Back DVDSide-By-Side DVD
8/16/16 God's Not Dead 2 (PG) DVDDVD + Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-ray Melissa Joan Hart $20.7
8/16/16 Golden Age of Train Volume 3 DVD
8/16/16 The Good Earth MOD DVD Paul Muni
8/16/16 Gotham: The Complete Second Season DVDDigital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-ray Ben McKenzie
8/16/16 The Great Outdoors (PG) Blu-ray Dan Aykroyd
8/16/16 Great Wrestling Tag Teams of 1979-80 DVD Jerry Lawler
8/16/16 Hangin' with Mr. Cooper: Season One MOD DVD Mark Curry
8/16/16 Hell on Wheels: The Complete Fifth Season Volume 1 Blu-rayDVD Anson Mount
8/16/16 Hello, My Name is Frank DVD
8/16/16 Hitler's Rise & Fall: The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler DVD
8/16/16 Homegrown: The Counter-Terror Dilemma MOD DVD
8/16/16 Hotel Hell DVD Rodney Osborne
8/16/16 The House on Cuckoo Lane DVD
8/16/16 I am JFK Jr. DVD Robert De Niro
8/16/16 Ingrid Bergman in Her Own Words Criterion Collection Blu-rayCriterion Collection DVD Pia Lindstrom $0.1
8/16/16 Johanna Enlists DVD Mary Pickford
8/16/16 The Killer Three Pack Set DVD Kris Desautels
8/16/16 Lady of the Dugout / You're Fired Double Feature DVD Al Jennings
8/16/16 Lake Nowhere Limited Edition Blu-ray Oscar Allen
8/16/16 Legion of Honor DVD Kate Maberly
8/16/16 Liebmann DVD
8/16/16 Lights Camera Blood DVD Alan MacKenzie
8/16/16 Little Hoop Dreams DVD Dennis Rodman
8/16/16 Lou Grant: The Complete Second Season DVD Ed Asner
8/16/16 Love Me DVD John Adams
8/16/16 Lucky Boy DVD George Jessel
8/16/16 Lust In Space DVD Darian Caine
8/16/16 Madame Behave DVD Julian Eltinge
8/16/16 Man in the Wilderness (PG) MOD Blu-ray Richard Harris
8/16/16 Massť DVD Johnny Alonso
8/16/16 Max Fleischer Color Classics DVD
8/16/16 Microwave Massacre DVD + Blu-ray Jackie Vernon
8/16/16 Moby Dick MOD DVD John Barrymore
8/16/16 The Money Pit (PG) Blu-ray Tom Hanks
8/16/16 Newsreels of 1955-1959 DVD
8/16/16 Nicknames DVD
8/16/16 Officer O'Brien DVD William Boyd
8/16/16 Once Upon a Time: The Complete Fifth Season DVDBlu-ray Ginnifer Goodwin
8/16/16 Our Last Tango DVD
8/16/16 Overseas Adventure Volume 2 DVD
8/16/16 Patch Adams (PG-13) Blu-ray Robin Williams $134.3
8/16/16 The Playboy of the Western World DVD Gary Raymond
8/16/16 Posthumous DVD Jack Huston
8/16/16 Power Rangers Megaforce: The Complete Season DVD
8/16/16 Power Rangers Super Megaforce: The Complete Season DVD Andrew M. Gray
8/16/16 The Pride And The Passion Blu-rayDVD Cary Grant
8/16/16 Psychopaths: Backwoods Babes on the Run DVD Lisa Neeld
8/16/16 Raiders! DVD + Blu-ray Ernest Cline $0.1
8/16/16 Real Monsters Volume 2: Werewolves, Demons, Vampires & Sea Creatures DVD
8/16/16 Requiem for the American Dream MOD Blu-rayMOD DVD Noam Chomsky
8/16/16 Robot World DVD
8/16/16 Rules DVD Zak Lee
8/16/16 Ryderz: The Movie DVD
8/16/16 RZ-9 DVD Ethan McDowell
8/16/16 Sailor Moon Crystal: Set 1 Limited Edition Blu-rayDVD + Blu-raySet DVD
8/16/16 Saved! (PG-13) Blu-rayDVD Jena Malone $8.8
8/16/16 Session 9 (R) Blu-ray David Caruso
8/16/16 Sharkenstein DVD
8/16/16 Sheriff of Cochise: Volume 5 DVD John Bromfield
8/16/16 Shimmer & Shine: Welcome to Zahramay Falls DVD
8/16/16 Shooting the Prodigal DVD Paul Wilson
8/16/16 Sky DVD Norman Reedus
8/16/16 THE Sleeping Room DVD Julie Graham
8/16/16 Spirit Of The Bull DVD Paco De La Garza Balli
8/16/16 Sundown (R) UV Digital Copy + DVD Teri Hatcher
8/16/16 Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon (PG) Blu-rayDVD Liza Minnelli
8/16/16 UFO Chronicles: War Room DVD
8/16/16 Unholy Partners MOD DVD Edward G. Robinson
8/16/16 Union Bound (PG-13) DVD Randy Wayne
8/16/16 Urban Cannibal Massacre DVD Kyle Carthens
8/16/16 Vampire Babes: The Vampire Bitches / After the Blood Rush Double Feature DVD George Pogacich
8/16/16 The Vampire Diaries: The Complete Seventh Season DVDDigital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-ray Nina Dobrev
8/16/16 Vintage Sleaze DVD
8/16/16 Virtual Crying DVD
8/16/16 The Warning DVD Summer Moore
8/16/16 Whoever Slew Auntie Roo? (PG-13) DVDBlu-ray Shelley Winters
8/16/16 The Widow From Chicago MOD DVD Alice White
8/16/16 Wild In The Streets (PG) Blu-rayDVD Shelley Winters
8/16/16 Wrestling Video Magazine: Spring 1981 DVD Jerry Lawler
8/16/16 Zombie Beast of the Confederacy DVD Sera Feeny
8/18/16 Jacques Pepin: Fast Food My Way Collection MOD DVD
8/18/16 Jacques Pepin: Fast Food My Way Volume 1 MOD DVD
8/18/16 Jacques Pepin: Fast Food My Way Volume 2 MOD DVD
8/18/16 Jacques Pepin: Fast Food My Way Volume 3 MOD DVD
8/19/16 After Sunset MOD DVD
8/19/16 Chasing Killer Storms MOD DVD
8/19/16 Civil War Minutes: Confederate MOD DVD
8/19/16 Civil War Minutes: Union MOD DVD
8/19/16 Drive-In Movie Memories MOD DVD
8/19/16 The Elephant in the Room MOD DVD
8/19/16 Hollywood Collection: Grace Kelly MOD DVD Grace Kelly
8/19/16 Hollywood Collection: Joan Crawford MOD DVD Joan Crawford
8/19/16 Hollywood Collection: Marilyn Monroe MOD DVD Marilyn Monroe
8/19/16 Hollywood Collection: Shirley MacLaine MOD DVD Shirley MacLaine
8/19/16 Hollywood Collection: Shirley Temple MOD DVD Shirley Temple
8/19/16 The Last Ridge: The Uphill Battles of the 10th Mountain Division MOD DVD Scott Simon
8/19/16 Let's Dance Swing MOD DVD
8/19/16 Mandela: One Man MOD DVD
8/19/16 Nature Connection with David Suzuki DVD
8/19/16 Powerwolf: Metal Mass Live Music CD + Blu-rayMusic CD + DVD
8/19/16 The Secret Life of Whitetails MOD DVD
8/19/16 Secret World / Wellness: Ancient China MOD DVD
8/19/16 Secret World / Wellness: Ancient India MOD DVD
8/19/16 Secret World / Wellness: Ancient Rome MOD DVD
8/23/16 3rd Reich: Evil Deception DVD
8/23/16 ABC Monsters: Starring MNOP DVD
8/23/16 Addicted to Fresno MOD DVDMOD Blu-ray Judy Greer
8/23/16 All This And Heaven Too MOD DVD Bette Davis
8/23/16 American Dreamer (PG) Blu-ray JoBeth Williams
8/23/16 Ash vs. Evil Dead: The Complete First Season Blu-rayDVD Bruce Campbell
8/23/16 Batman: Gotham Knight / Batman: Year One Double Feature Blu-ray
8/23/16 Beautiful Something DVD
8/23/16 The Bet DVD Diamond Dallas Page
8/23/16 Blood of the Vine: Season 4 DVD
8/23/16 The Bloodstained Butterfly DVD + Blu-ray Helmut Berger
8/23/16 Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season Three DVD Andy Samberg
8/23/16 Castle: The Complete Eighth and Final Season DVD Nathan Fillion
8/23/16 Chandu The Magician Blu-ray Edmund Lowe
8/23/16 City On Fire (R) DVDBlu-ray Barry Newman
8/23/16 Clean Break: Season 1 DVD
8/23/16 Clown (R) Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-rayDVD Peter Stormare $0.1
8/23/16 Cross Ange 2: Rondo of Angel and Dragon Blu-ray
8/23/16 Dark Horse (PG) DVD $0.8
8/23/16 DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year DVD
8/23/16 DC's Legends of Tomorrow: The Complere First Season Blu-rayDVD Victor Garber
8/23/16 Der Bunker Blu-rayDVD
8/23/16 Django Unchained (R) Blu-ray Jamie Foxx $162.8
8/23/16 Downriver DVD Reef Ireland
8/23/16 The Duel (R) Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-rayUV Digital Copy + DVD Liam Hemsworth
8/23/16 Elementary: The Fourth Season DVD Jonny Lee Miller
8/23/16 Endeavour: Series 3 Blu-rayDVD Shaun Evans
8/23/16 Escape from Planet Earth (PG) Blu-ray Brendan Fraser $57.0
8/23/16 Fitzpatrick Travel Talks Volume 2 MOD DVD
8/23/16 The Great Lie MOD DVD Bette Davis
8/23/16 Hal: The Movie DVD + Blu-ray
8/23/16 Hard Labor DVD
8/23/16 The Hateful Eight (R) Blu-ray Kurt Russell $54.1
8/23/16 Heroic Legend of Arsian: Season 1, Part 1 DVD + Blu-ray
8/23/16 Ikki Tousen: Great Guardians Season 3 DVD
8/23/16 Ikki Tousen: Xtreme Xectuor Season 4 DVD
8/23/16 In This Our Life MOD DVD Bette Davis
8/23/16 Independence Fitness: Abs & Core Workout for Seniors DVD
8/23/16 Independence Fitness: Coordination & Balance Workout for Seniors DVD
8/23/16 Independence Fitness: Legs Workout for Seniors DVD
8/23/16 Justice League: Doom / Justice League: War Double Feature Blu-ray
8/23/16 Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox / Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths Double Feature Blu-ray
8/23/16 Kids vs. Monsters DVD Malcolm McDowell
8/23/16 Laughing Under The Clouds: The Complete Series DVD + Blu-ray
8/23/16 Lawless (R) Blu-ray Shia LaBeouf $37.3
8/23/16 The Letter MOD DVD Bette Davis
8/23/16 Little Murders of Agatha Christie DVD
8/23/16 The Love Machine DVD
8/23/16 Lucifer: The Complete First Season MOD Blu-rayDVD Tom Ellis
8/23/16 Maggie's Plan (R) Blu-rayDVD Greta Gerwig $3.3
8/23/16 The Man Who Came To Dinner MOD DVD Monty Woolley
8/23/16 The Man Who Knew Infinity (PG-13) DVDBlu-ray Dev Patel $3.8
8/23/16 Midnight Run (R) Collector's Edition Blu-ray Robert De Niro
8/23/16 Modesty Blaise Blu-ray Monica Vitti
8/23/16 My Friend Flicka: The Complete Series DVD
8/23/16 Narcos: The Complete First Season UV Digital Copy + DVDDigital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-ray Wagner Moura
8/23/16 NCIS: Seasons 1-13 Set DVD
8/23/16 NCIS: The Thirteenth Season DVD Mark Harmon
8/23/16 The Nice Guys (R) DVDDVD + Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-ray Ryan Gosling $36.2
8/23/16 Nicholas Le Floch Volume 3 DVD
8/23/16 No Escape (R) Blu-ray Pierce Brosnan $27.2
8/23/16 The Nymphets DVD
8/23/16 NYPD Blue: Season 10 DVD Dennis Franz
8/23/16 Orgasm Inc. DVD
8/23/16 The Other Side DVD Mark Kelley
8/23/16 Outlaws & Angels (R) DVD Luke Wilson
8/23/16 Papirosen DVD
8/23/16 Paths of the Soul DVD
8/23/16 Psycho IV: The Beginning (R) Blu-ray Anthony Perkins
8/23/16 Ratchet and Clank (PG) DVDDigital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-ray Bella Thorne $8.8
8/23/16 Roots Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-rayUV Digital Copy + DVD Forest Whitaker
8/23/16 Scandal: The Complete Fifth Season DVD Kerry Washington
8/23/16 Silver Linings Playbook (R) Blu-ray Bradley Cooper $132.0
8/23/16 Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (R) Blu-ray Jessica Alba $13.7
8/23/16 Snow White and the Huntsman (PG-13) 4K Ultra HD + Digital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-ray Chris Hemsworth $155.1
8/23/16 Snowpiercer (R) Blu-ray Ed Harris $4.4
8/23/16 Southpaw (R) Blu-ray Jake Gyllenhaal $52.4
8/23/16 Spiders Blu-ray
8/23/16 The Strain: The Complete Second Season DVDBlu-ray Corey Stoll
8/23/16 Sunset Song (R) DVD Peter Mullan $0.1
8/23/16 Superstore: Season 1 DVD America Ferrera
8/23/16 A Taste Of Honey Criterion Collection Blu-rayCriterion Collection DVD Dora Bryan
8/23/16 Three Bad Men Blu-ray George O'Brien
8/23/16 The Walking Dead: The Complete Sixth Season Blu-rayDVD Andrew Lincoln
8/23/16 Weiner (R) DVD $1.5
8/23/16 Wild Kratts: Wild Reptiles DVD
8/23/16 Woman In The Dunes Criterion Collection Blu-rayCriterion Collection DVD Eiji Okada
8/23/16 The Wonder Years: The Complete Series New Box Art DVD Fred Savage
8/23/16 WWE: Battleground 2016 DVD
8/25/16 Aging Out MOD DVD
8/25/16 Beauty is Embarrassing MOD DVD
8/25/16 Enlighten Up! MOD DVD
8/25/16 From Mao To Mozart: Isaac Stern In China (G) MOD DVD
8/25/16 In The Spirit (R) MOD DVD Elaine May
8/25/16 Jane Austen's Sense & Sensibility New Box Art DVD Hattie Morahan
8/25/16 King Corn MOD DVD
8/25/16 Liebelei MOD DVD
8/25/16 Marjoe (PG) MOD DVD
8/25/16 Marshall University: Ashes to Glory MOD DVD
8/25/16 Mauvaise Graine MOD DVD
8/25/16 A Novel Romance MOD DVD Amy Acker
8/25/16 Revenge of the Electric Car (PG-13) MOD DVD Elon Musk
8/25/16 Sholem Aleichem: Laughing in the Darkness MOD DVD Alan Rosenberg $0.7
8/25/16 Small Time MOD DVD Glenn Plummer
8/25/16 Star of India MOD DVD Cornel Wilde
8/25/16 The Weather Underground MOD DVD Lili Taylor $0.5
8/26/16 American Operas DVD
8/26/16 Deep Purple: Live at the NEC DVD
8/26/16 Kiss: Kiss Rocks Vegas Music CD + Blu-rayMusic CD + DVD
8/26/16 Mirrors 2: Evil Lives (R) New Box Art Blu-rayNew Box Art DVD Nick Stahl
8/30/16 19-2: Season 2 DVD Adrian Holmes
8/30/16 Arrow: The Complete Fourth Season UV Digital Copy + Blu-rayDVD Stephen Amell
8/30/16 Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State DVD
8/30/16 Backstreet Boys: Show 'Em What You're Made Of DVD Brian Littrell $0.2
8/30/16 Balto 3-Movie Family Fun Pack Set DVD
8/30/16 Barbarosa (PG) DVDBlu-ray Willie Nelson
8/30/16 Beelzebub: Series 1, Part 1 DVD
8/30/16 Blood Redd DVD Stephanie Hullar
8/30/16 Blunt Talk: The Complete First Season DVD Patrick Stewart
8/30/16 The Carol Burnett Show: The Lost Episodes Ultimate Collector's Edition DVD
8/30/16 Chicago Fire: Season Four DVD Jesse Spencer
8/30/16 Chicago Med: Season One DVD Nick Gehlfuss
8/30/16 Chimes at Midnight Criterion Collection Blu-rayCriterion Collection DVD Orson Welles
8/30/16 Citizen Soldier (R) Blu-rayDVD
8/30/16 The Commitments (R) Blu-rayDVD Robert Arkins
8/30/16 Crazy About Tiffany's DVD
8/30/16 Criminal Minds: Season 11 DVD Thomas Gibson
8/30/16 Demon Lord Dante: The Complete Series DVD
8/30/16 Destiny Blu-rayDVD Lil Dagovar
8/30/16 Dinosaurs of the Jurassic Collection New Box Art DVD
8/30/16 Disco Godfather DVD + Blu-ray Rudy Ray Moore
8/30/16 Doamygar-D: The Complete Series DVD
8/30/16 Dreadtime Stories DVD Jordan Bruster
8/30/16 Evils of the Night (R) DVD + Blu-ray Neville Brand
8/30/16 Father Joseph DVD
8/30/16 Getter Robo Armageddon: The Complete Series Blu-ray
8/30/16 Getting Out DVD Kevin Hartzman
8/30/16 Gone with the Bullets MOD DVD
8/30/16 Grey's Anatomy: Complete Twelfth Season DVD Ellen Pompeo
8/30/16 The Halloween Tree DVD Ray Bradbury
8/30/16 The Hee Haw Collection Collector's Edition DVD
8/30/16 The Immortal Story Criterion Collection Blu-rayCriterion Collection DVD Orson Welles
8/30/16 Jane Wants a Boyfriend (R) DVD Lindsay Arber
8/30/16 The Jungle Book (PG) DVD + Digital Copy + Blu-rayDVD Neel Sethi $363.9
8/30/16 Life in a Walk MOD DVDMOD Blu-ray
8/30/16 The Loves Of Carmen MOD DVD Rita Hayworth
8/30/16 Me Before You (PG-13) DVDDigital HD with UltraViolet + Blu-ray Emilia Clarke $56.2
8/30/16 Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug & Cat Noir: Spots On DVD Cristina Vee
8/30/16 Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries: Series 1-3 Collection Set DVDSet Blu-ray
8/30/16 Mom: The Complete Third Season MOD DVD Allison Janney
8/30/16 Monkey King: The Hero is Back DVD
8/30/16 My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic: Everypony's Favorite Frights DVD Andrea Libman
8/30/16 National Geographic Brain Games: Season 6 New Box Art DVD
8/30/16 National Geographic: Amazing Planet DVD Patricia Clarkson
8/30/16 National Geographic: Brain Games New Box Art DVD
8/30/16 National Geographic: Brain Games Season 2 New Box Art DVD
8/30/16 National Geographic: Brain Games Season 4 New Box Art DVD
8/30/16 National Geographic: Brain Games Season 5 New Box Art DVD
8/30/16 National Geographic: Brain Games Season 3 New Box Art DVD
8/30/16 National Geographic: Dinosaur Collection New Box Art DVD
8/30/16 National Geographic: Unlikely Animal Friends New Box Art DVD
8/30/16 National Geographic: When Sharks Attack New Box Art DVD
8/30/16 Nazis: A Warning from History DVD
8/30/16 NCIS: Los Angeles - The Seventh Season DVD LL Cool J
8/30/16 The Night Manager Blu-rayDVD Tom Hiddleston
8/30/16 Once Upon A Time MOD DVD Cary Grant
8/30/16 Peekarama: Body Girls / Let's Get Physical Double Feature DVD
8/30/16 The Phenom DVDBlu-ray Ethan Hawke
8/30/16 Pound Puppies: Halloween at Shelter 17 DVD Alanna Ubach
8/30/16 The Prisoner MOD DVD Alec Guinness
8/30/16 Rage / Pay The Ghost Double Feature DVD Nicolas Cage
8/30/16 Sex in the Comics DVD
8/30/16 Shameless: The Complete Sixth Season Blu-rayDVD William H. Macy
8/30/16 Smalltown DVD Nathan Ross Murphy
8/30/16 Star Wars Rebels: Complete Season Two Blu-rayDVD Freddie Prinze Jr.
8/30/16 Supernature: Wild Flyers DVD
8/30/16 Taboo DVD + Blu-ray
8/30/16 Top Gear USA: The Complete Fifth Season DVD
8/30/16 The Town That Dreaded Sundown / Nobody Gets Out Alive / Shiver (triple Feature Triple Feature DVD
8/30/16 True Tears: The Complete Series DVD
8/30/16 Visions: Germany & Austria DVD
8/30/16 Visions: Greece DVD
8/30/16 Visions: Israel DVD
8/30/16 Walking Dead In The West DVD Jarod Anderson
8/30/16 World War II: Behind Closed Doors DVD

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