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Month of January 2017

Family Blu-ray & DVD (34)

Date Title (Rating) Blu-ray & DVD Formats Stars B.O.
1/3/17 Ace The Case: Manhattan Mystery (PG-13)
Ripley Sobo
Lev Gorn
1/3/17 Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus
1/3/17 Barbie in Princess Power
Kelly Sheridan
Britt Irvin
1/3/17 Barbie Presents Thumbelina
Kelly Sheridan
Anna Cummer
1/3/17 Dolly Parton's Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love
MOD Blu-ray
Ricky Schroder
Dolly Parton
1/10/17 The Gruffalo
Helena Bonham Carter
Robbie Coltrane
1/10/17 Power Rangers Dino Super Charge: Roar, Volume 1
Brennan Mejia
Camille Hyde
1/12/17 Cats & Dogs 1 & 2
Double Feature DVD
1/17/17 The Boxtrolls (PG)
Ben Kingsley
Toni Collette
1/17/17 Footprints / Friends for Life
Double Feature DVD
Chris Faherty
Carole Geagon
1/17/17 Lego DC Super Heroes: Justice League - Gotham City Breakout
Movie Cash + DVDMovie Cash + DVDMovie Cash + Blu-rayMovie Cash + Blu-ray
1/17/17 Lego Friends Collection
Movie Cash + DVD
1/17/17 The Lego Movie (PG)
Movie Cash + DVDMovie Cash + Blu-ray
Chris Pratt
Elizabeth Banks
1/17/17 Lego Scooby: Haunted Hollywood
Movie Cash + DVDMovie Cash + Blu-ray
Frank Welker
Grey Griffin
1/17/17 Nanny McPhee (PG)
Emma Thompson
Colin Firth
1/24/17 Charlotte's Web (G)
Dakota Fanning
Julia Roberts
1/24/17 Charlotte's Web (G)
Debbie Reynolds
Paul Lynde
1/24/17 Guardians of Oz
Jenn McAllister
Mikey Bolts
1/24/17 Hotel for Dogs (PG)
Emma Roberts
Jake T. Austin
1/24/17 Hugo (PG)
Asa Butterfield
Chloe Moretz
1/24/17 Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (PG)
Jim Carrey
Meryl Streep
1/24/17 Rango (PG)
Johnny Depp
Isla Fisher
1/24/17 The Rugrats Movie (G)
Elizabeth Daily
Christine Cavanaugh
1/31/17 Bolt (PG)
New Box Art Blu-ray
John Travolta
Miley Cyrus
1/31/17 The Book of Life (PG)
Digital HD with UltraViolet + DVDNew Box Art Blu-ray
Diego Luna
Zoe Saldana
1/31/17 The Fox and the Hound/The Fox and the Hound II (G)
New Box Art Blu-ray

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