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Week of April 14, 2014

Featured Blu-ray & DVD (26)

Title (Rating) Featured Blu-ray & DVD Formats Stars B.O.
Anger Management: Volume Three
UV Digital Copy + DVDUV Digital Copy + Blu-ray
Charlie Sheen
Selma Blair
Better Living Through Chemistry
DVDUV Digital Copy + Blu-ray
Sam Rockwell
Olivia Wilde
Black Nativity (PG)
DVD + Digital Copy + Blu-rayDVD
Forest Whitaker
Angela Bassett
Copperhead (PG-13)
Billy Campbell
Peter Fonda
Date and Switch (R)
UV Digital Copy + DVDUV Digital Copy + Blu-ray
Dakota Johnson
Sarah Hyland
Great Expectations (PG-13)
Helena Bonham Carter
Ralph Fiennes
The Invisible Woman (R)
DVD + Blu-ray
Felicity Jones
Ralph Fiennes
Mallrats (R)
UV Digital Copy + Blu-ray
Jason Lee
Jeremy London
Mobius (R)
UV Digital Copy + DVDUV Digital Copy + Blu-ray
Jean Dujardin
Tim Roth
The Nut Job (PG)
DVD + UV Digital Copy + Blu-rayDVD
Will Arnett
Liam Neeson
Philomena (PG-13)
Judi Dench
Steve Coogan
Ride Along (PG-13)
DVDDVD + UV Digital Copy + Blu-ray
Kevin Hart
Ice Cube
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (PG)
DVDDVD + Digital Copy + Blu-ray
Ben Stiller
Kristen Wiig
Stan Lee's Mighty 7: Beginnings
DVD + Blu-rayDVD
Stan Lee
Armie Hammer

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