Week of April 11, 2017

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Many people enjoyed the style of release lists we offered on our old site. This is current attempt to revive that format. We want to present you with the options that fit your needs best.

Movie Title B.O. $M

Hidden Figures DRAMA—True story of three African-American women at NASA in 1960s.


Lion DRAMA—Young man seeks out his lost family years later.


Monster Trucks FAMILY—High school senior befriends a strange creature.


The Bye Bye Man HORROR—Three friends deal with the curse of a vengeful killer.


Believe DRAMA—Local business owner tries to save a Christmas pageant.


Walking with the Enemy ACTION—A man risks everything to stand up to Hitler during WWII.


Toni Erdmann COMEDY


Sword Master ACTION—Powerful swordsman is haunted by his deadly actions.


Worlds Apart DRAMA—Three love stories involving a foreigner and a Greek.


War on Everyone

Brimstone MYSTERY—Wrongfully accused woman is hunted by a preacher.

3rd Reich: Hitler's UFOs and the Nazi's Most Powerful Weapon DOCUMENTARY—A look at Nazis supposed involvement with aliens.

All of Me DOCUMENTARY—Group of women make food for Mexican migrants.

America's National Parks: Centennial Collection DOCUMENTARY

American Moonshine ACTION—Woman takes over her husband's bootlegging business.

Blackhearts MUSIC—A look at three friends who are diehard death metal fans.

Breakdance Academy COMEDY—A hilarious send up of boy bands and teen movies.

Chupacabra Territory HORROR—Four friends search for the existence of the Chupacabra.

Claire in Motion DRAMA

Deadly Paranormal Encounters with the After Life DOCUMENTARY—Two haunting documentaries on one disc.

Death Penalty: Executions on Death Row DOCUMENTARY—A shocking indictment against capital punishment.

Devil in White SCI-FI—Rebels plot to kill the president of a pharma corporation.

Don Cherry: Rock Em Sock Em Hockey 28 SPORTS—A collection of hockey's hardest hits and best fights.

Duck Dynasty: Seasons 1 & 2 TV SERIES

Duck Dynasty: Seasons 3 & 4 TV SERIES

Dumb-ish COMEDY—Two roommates effort to get money for their record.

Dylan Bob: In His Own Words MUSIC—A look into the life and music of icon Bob Dylan.

Empire State Of The Dead HORROR—A zombie outbreak spreads across the globe.

Fantom Killer FOREIGN

Father Knows Best: Season Five TV SERIES

Female Zombie Riot HORROR

Fishing Adventure: Outdoor Life SPORTS—A look at the art of fishing over generations.

Frontline: The Divided States of America DOCUMENTARY


Girls Gone Wild: Camp Wild MATURE—Girls go wild outdoors while on a camping trip.

Girls Gone Wild: Freakshow MATURE—The freaks return for more partying.

Great British Baking Show: Season 1 TV SERIES—The first season of the Great British Baking Show.

Great British Baking Show: Season 2 TV SERIES—The second season of the Great British Baking Show.

Great British Baking Show: Season 3 TV SERIES—The third season of the Great British Baking Show.

Greek: Chapter Six TV SERIES

Horror Factory VI: Sadistic Serial Killers, Psychopaths & Maniacs HORROR—Double dose of dark horror films.

Is Genesis History? DOCUMENTARY

Jess Franco's Marquise De Sade HORROR—Twin sisters share a bond through sexual exploits.

Journey Into The Beyond / Mondo Balordo HORROR

Lad: Yorkshire Story DRAMA—Young man and park ranger bond over adversity.

Lady Gaga: Media Collection MUSIC—A collection of Lady Gaga interviews and media appearances.

Leonard Cohen: Live in San Sebastian 1988 MUSIC—A live concert from Leonard Cohen.

Let's Go Pocoyo: Playtime CHILDRENS

Mad Families COMEDY—Three families share a single camp site over 4th of July.

The Mafia Kills Only in Summer FOREIGN

Mariah's World: Season One MUSIC

Mars: Season One TV SERIES

Masterpiece: To Walk Invisible The Bronte Sisters DRAMA—The Bronte sisters face a bleak future.

Mildew from Planet Xonader HORROR

Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir: It's Ladybug CHILDRENS

Naciye HORROR—Pregnant couple travels to check on rental house.

Override ACTION—Man enacts a revenge plan against terrorist who killed kid.

Phat Puffs Gone Wild Part 2 MATURE—All new thick and beautiful magazine girls live and uncut.

Piggy Tales: Third Act CHILDRENS—The third season of the series Piggy Tales.

Road Trip Across America DOCUMENTARY

Robot Wars ACTION—Team of corporate thieves steal a powerful new technology.

Seizure HORROR—Human trafficking gangster is cursed by a girl.

She Kills HORROR—Woman enacts revenge with her Satan STD-infected vagina.

Silicon Valley: The Complete Third Season TV SERIES

The Story of God with Morgan Freeman: Season Two TV SERIES

Strangely in Love COMEDY

Tangled Before Ever After Volume 1 CHILDRENS—Rapunzel postpones her wedding to explore life.

Teletubbies: Twinkle, Twinkle CHILDRENS

Top Gear: Complete Season 23 TV SERIES

Toriko: Parts 1-4

Two Black Men A Week DOCUMENTARY—Police murder two black men a week in the U.S.

Ungovernable Force COMEDY—A look into the world of sex, violence and punk rock.

Veep: The Complete Fifth Season TV SERIES

The Violent Shit Collection


Western World WESTERN—U.S. Marshal tracks a killer to the Wyoming Territory.

Wild Kratts: Panda Monium CHILDRENS

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: Making a Classic DOCUMENTARY

Xiaolin Showdown: Season 3

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Undiscovered Picks

Upcoming movies worth watching that you may not have heard of.

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  • The Watcher
  • The Ghost of New Orleans
  • Youth in Oregon
  • Punching Henry