Big Buck Hunter

Xbox One

  • UPC 834656000349
  • Retail $29.99

Released on Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Published by Game Mill Entertainment
Rated T

Big Buck Hunter, the classic arcade shooting game is back on next generation console, for a brand new hunting experience. Consisting of 2 Big Game adventures: Whitetail Deer and Moose; each adventure offers players the chance to hold 3 treks, each with 5 hunting sites and a dangerous animal to hunt for extra points. Complete with single and 2-player options, players will have the choice between solo treks, or competing against one another in turn-based or head-to-head competitions, as well as online leaderboards.

2 Big Game Adventures including Whitetail Deer and Moose adventure. Each adventure will hold 3 treks, each with 5 hunting sites for a total of 36 levels to play through. Bonus Elk adventure - 3 additional treks each with 15 extra sites and a Black Bear dangerous trophy animal. Hunt the dangerous animal for extra points. Compete with your friends in turn-based or head-to-head competitions.


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