Dead Like Me: The Complete Series


Dead Like Me: The Complete Series
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Dead Like Me: The Complete Series (Seasons 1 and 2) PLUS Bonus Movies White Lightning and The End - 11 DVD SetThis 11 disc collectors edition contains all 28 episodes of the hit series, Dead Like Me, PLUS the feature length movie follow-up to the series, Dead Like Me: Life After Death, PLUS a double feature of Burt Reynolds classics: White Lightning and The End.DEAD LIKE ME: THE COMPLETE SERIES (Seasons 1 and 2)College dropout, Georgia George Lass is suddenly killed by a toilet seat that falls from the MIR space station. After discovering life after death, she is recruited for a team of grim reapers who walk the earth collecting peoples souls before they die.DEAD LIKE ME: LIFE AFTER DEATHWhen George and her colleagues get a new boss whose focus is on moving souls quickly and enjoying life without consequences, the team begins to break the strict reaper rules. While her friends fall victim to their desires for money, success, and fame, George breaks another rule by revealing her true identity to her living family. As the reapers struggle with their roles on Earth, they each find that death can be just as complicated as life. Through its strong storyline, Dead Like Me delves into the intricate mythology and dark comedy created by the TV series and appeals to the shows legions of fans as well as those new to the world of the reapers. WHITE LIGHTNING Gator McKlusky (Burt Reynolds) has been convicted of running moonshine whiskey and is offered a chance of release if he will serve as an informer to help catch his cohorts. Gator accepts, but with an ulterior motive. With thrills, spills, and some astonishing car chases, this fast paced action-adventure features a star cast including Jennifer Billingsley, Louise Latham, Diane Ladd and a young Laura Dern in her film debut. THE ENDBurt Reynolds stars as a man who loses his will to live after he learns that he is terminally ill. After a failed suicide attempt, Reynolds wakes up in an insane asylum.

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