National Geographic: Expedition Wild Season 2


National Geographic: Expedition Wild Season 2
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Wildlife expert Casey Anderson — and his best friend, a 900-pound brown bear named Brutus — return for a second season of Expedition Wild, where Casey treks deep into America’s oldest national park and immerses himself into the daily lives of the park’s inhabitants. Casey returns to Yellowstone in the spring to track bears as they emerge from their winter lairs with ravenous appetites, while animal mothers around the park work tirelessly to protect their vulnerable newborns from becoming the first meals of the season. Then, Casey studies one of Yellowstone’s top predators, the gray wolf, which is thriving after being reintroduced to the park a mere 15 years ago. Finally, Casey investigates the circumstances leading up to three grizzly bear attacks on humans, and enlists his pal Brutus to help set the record straight about safely coexisting with these powerful creatures. Episodes include Yellowstone Spring, Inside the Wolf Pack, and Inside a Grizzly Attack.

Not Rated.

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