National Geographic: Expedition Great White - Life and Limb


National Geographic: Expedition Great White - Life and Limb
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National Geographic joins a crew of world class anglers and scientists for a remarkable expedition to study the largest predatory fish on earth. Life and Limb: The crew is on the verge of a scientific discovery that could finally solve the mystery of where great white sharks breed. But to get the proof he needs, Dr. Domeier must collect sperm samples from wild great whites. The crew sets off to Guadalupe Island, Mexico, in search of some great white candidates. And when they locate a large male, they immediately jump into action. In 20 minutes, they land him in the cradle, secure a satellite tag, and take samples in an attempt to prove Dr. Domeier's theory. Behind the Scenes: Go behind-the-scenes of Expedition Great White with video blogs from the cast of the National Geographic series.

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