National Geographic: Expedition Great White - Into the Unknown


National Geographic: Expedition Great White - Into the Unknown
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National Geographic joins a crew of world class anglers and scientists for a remarkable expedition to study the largest predatory fish on earth. Into the Unknown As the expedition continues deep into the SOFA, the shared offshore foraging area, the team has lost more than a third of the bait and haven't come close to catching a great white... yet. In the quest to land a big one, they discover two species of squid, which "the Doc" theorizes must be a good part of the sharks' diets. But their excitement is cut short: one of the engines on the mother ship is overheating, a storm is brewing to the north, and the first tropical depression of the season begins heading their way from the south. The Perfect Catch Captain Brett jumps into action when a great white shark gets wrapped in the line and flips over, putting it into a catatonic state. Risking life and limb, he hangs off the bow of the support vessel to unwrap the shark before it suffocates. And the search for shark sperm continues as Dr. Domeier continues his quest to determine exactly where these sharks mate.

Not Rated.

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