National Geographic: Expedition Great White - Giant on Deck


National Geographic: Expedition Great White - Giant on Deck
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Giant on Deck Off the coast of Guadalupe Island, Mexico with only hours left before the ship must head back, the crew has just one tag left and is still hoping to place it on the perfect female shark. To better their chances, the team fishes from both the mother ship and their much smaller chase boat, the Triton, stationed on the other side of the island. As luck would have it, it's the smaller ship that gets the bite, and this female shark is a fighter. More crew members must jump into a support boat and head to the Triton, which is two miles away, to take over the clash. Chasing Giants After catching, tagging and releasing 11 great whites, the crew speeds off to an ocean area pegged as the Shared Offshore Foraging Area (SOFA), a mysterious patch of ocean where great whites congregate and seem to disappear for six months. Setting out for a four-week trip, the team plans to travel around SOFA to find out why the great whites journey here and go more than a half-mile deep, where the temperatures are freezing. What could possibly lure this cold-blooded fish to such frigid depths?

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