Galtar and the Golden Lance: The Complete Series


Galtar and the Golden Lance: The Complete Series
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On a distant planet, ruled by force of sword and power of sorcery, the warrior Galtar rides on a quest for vengeance against Tormack, the vile despot that killed his parents. Galtar teams with Princess Goleeta, heir to the Sacred Shield, who was orphaned along with her brother, Zorn, when Tormack stole the shield. Aiding Goleeta, Galtar and the telekinetic Zorn against Tormack and the nefarious denizens of their far-flung fantastic world is the Golden Lance, which splits into a pair of invincible swords when wielded by a worthy warrior. It comes with a catch, however – if the Golden Lance is combined with the Sacred Shield, the wielder becomes master of all. As rebels and conquerors battle to unite lance and shield, both forces have to contend with the chaotic contributions of the mercenary dwarves Rak and Tuk, who excuse their propensity for perpetual double-crossing with the straightforwardly twisted, β€œIt’s the only work we know.”

Not Rated.

Released by Hanna Barbera. See more credits.


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