Clown Panic

2017 Documentary Not Rated 90 Minutes

Clown Panic


Clown Panic
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A worldwide Clown Panic occurred in 2016 with Killer Clowns terrorizing innocent members of the public. Clown costumes were soon banned leaving many individuals who live their lives 24/7 as Clowns known as Clownarchists depressed and distraught. This shocking documentary forces us to look at the psyche of the human race grappling with a world on the brink. Coulrophobia aka The Fear of Clowns is a very real disease but what compels a person to be addicted to clown attire, some causing grief or harm to others, some wanting nothing more than to share their interests and be accepted? The Clown Panic phenomenon reveals a chink in the armor of the highly advanced and civilized ideal that sometimes fails to accept certain realities that occur in our everyday lives.

Not Rated.

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