The Net

1995 Suspense Rated PG-13 118 Minutes

The Net


The Net


The Net
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Like all of us, Angela Bennett (Sandra Bullock) lives in the age of information. Every trace of her existence is computerized.Everything about her is encoded somewhere on a complex network of information. It's something Angela never thought about -- untilthe day she was deleted. With the explosion of technological advances in the last few years, The Net is a story virtually torn from today's headlines. It takesplace in a world in which anything, from ordering a pizza to retrieving records from half-way across the planet, can be accomplishedthrough the vast and complicated map of phone lines and computers known as the Internet; a world in which, with the rightknowledge and the right program, a good hacker can log into remote computers and alter any information they choose: flight plans,medical and criminal records, top secret government information, even someone's identity.

Rated PG-13 for violence, some sexuality and brief strong language.

Released by Sony Pictures. See more credits.


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