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Saw II


Saw II


Saw II
Saw II
Saw II
Saw II


Saw II

No Longer Available

In Theaters October 28, 2005
On Blu-ray January 23, 2007 Now Available ?
On DVD February 14, 2006 Now Available ?

While investigating the bloody aftermath of a grizzly murder, Detective Eric Mason (Donnie Wahlberg) has the feeling that it is the work of Jigsaw, the notorious killer who disappeared leaving a trail of bodies -- and parts -- behind.

And Mason is right.

Jigsaw is at work again. But instead of two people locked in a room with only one unthinkable way out, there are eight. Eight strangers -- unaware of their connection to each other -- forced to play out a game that challenges their wits and puts their lives in jeopardy.

Rated R for grisly violence and gore, terror, language and drug content.

Box office gross: $87.0 million. View box office history.

Released by Lionsgate. See more credits.


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