Monday Mixer: 'The Jungle Book' is still king

1 year ago

Is it May yet?

This is the real fallout of a lousy Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Ahead of its late March release, most industry experts believed that the comic book film would be massive and run the gamut in April, thus rivals stayed away. As it turns out, the...

Monday Mixer: 'Deadpool' destroys box office records

1 year ago

I'm trying something a little different and if all goes to plan, then you'll wake up to this little surprise. If not, then I fell asleep writing it and hopefully I still make it by the end of Monday.

Obviously, adjustments need to be made and I'm going to try my...

Project 52: 'Snow White and the Huntsman'

4 years ago

I'm about to give up on humanity.

No, it's not about the Project 52, which I know I'm sorely behind on, but I promise to catch up soon. No, my lack in the human race stems from the inconceivable fact that Snow White and the Huntsman made $155 million at the...

Ben Affleck, 'Argo' get last laugh at the Oscars

4 years ago

In what will forever be remembered as the "Great Snub," Ben Affleck got the last laugh on the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences when his film Argo took home the evening's top honors. It was the first time since Driving Miss Daisy in 1990 that director of the...

'Lincoln' scores a leading 12 Oscar nominations

5 years ago

Three score and one day ago, Hollywood unleashed upon this country a tremendous film about a legendary figure in American politics. Sometime last Summer, Oscars host Seth MacFarlane unleashed a film about a uncouth cursing teddy bear.

Shockingly enough, they are both going to the Oscars.

Lincoln's path to Oscar glory was...

Worst Trailer Ever: Snow White breaks the 'Mirror'

6 years ago

I've seen some bad trailers in my day. I've also seen good trailers for terrible movies and crappy trailers for movies that weren't half bad.

In my continuing quest to find the "Worst Trailer Ever," I was surprised to find a candidate in a trailer that just debuted last week. A...

'Snow White' trailer goes evil

6 years ago

When the movie is called Snow White and the Huntsman, you would imagine that there would at least be one word spoken from the titular character in the trailer. Of course, when it's Kristen Stewart playing Snow White that might not be such a bad thing.

Today, we got our first...

Ten surefire A-listers by 2015, plus one wild card

6 years ago

Recently, Vulture did a wonderful photo piece in which they highlighted the nine stars they felt would be "anointed big stars in 2011." It's a great read and I highly recommend that you check it out. Don't worry, I'll be here when you get back.

They nailed it, didn't they? While...


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