Star Wars: Rogue One

2016 Science Fiction/Action/Adventure/Fantasy Rated PG-13

The first 'The Last Jedi' trailer offers some clues

4 months ago

I have not read the script to The Last Jedi, nor have I sought out any of the almost certain to exist spoilers out there, but I'm a Star Wars fan darn it. It's pretty much impossible for me to watch a trailer for a Star Wars film and not...

April the 4th: 'Rogue One' now on Blu-ray & DVD

5 months ago

OK, fine.

It's technically no longer the 4th, but as they say, it's close enough for government work, right? Sorry about the one-day delay but part of playing catch up from vacation involves having to prioritize and make sacrifices. So, it seems that in the grand scheme of things, getting our...

March the 4th: First look at 'Han Solo' cast

6 months ago

The last month was anything but boring when it came to Star Wars news, but consider this: we still haven't seen a single bit of footage from The Last Jedi. While it seems that Disney is departing from the strategy it established on The Force Awakens, you have to remember...

The Oscar goes to... er, wait a minute

6 months ago

What's the old saying? One bad apple spoils the bunch? Well, there are plenty of things being said about the 89th Academy Awards this morning, but the one that everyone will be talking about for years is how it ended.

Before the whole Best Picture fiasco, the night was going along...

'Rogue One' rebels on DVD & Blu-ray on April 4

6 months ago

From a galaxy far, far away to your living room, Disney has set April 4 as the release date for the DVD and Blu-ray of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The latest Star Wars film debuted in theaters on December 16 and has earned over $527 million at the...

February the 4th: 'The Last Jedi'

7 months ago

Will I make it? I mean, I had good intentions to have this news story queued up on Friday waiting for the 4th, but Murphy's law and all that.

So, here I sit with about 40 minutes until the 5th, typing away to make this deadline. The question remains, will I...

'La La Land' ties record with 14 Oscar nominations

7 months ago

If La La Land's record-setting performance at this month's Golden Globes didn't impress you, then maybe this will. The film secured a massive 14 Academy Award nominations this morning, tying it with Titanic and All About Eve for the most Oscar nominations ever for a single film.

It's officially a La...

Monday Mixer: 'Star Wars: Episode VIII' has an official title

7 months ago

Don't call it a comeback, M. Night's been here for years.

Just when you think you have a pretty good handle on the box office, a crazy week will pop up and leave you questioning everything. Don't get me wrong, I was very much intrigued by Split, but never in a...

Monday Mixer: 'Hidden Figures' blasts off in first place

7 months ago

This was certainly a peculiar weekend at the box office. Technically, it is a holiday weekend, but instead of a bevy of high-profile films debuting, this weekend was filled with dumping ground movies that January is known for.

Despite evidence in recent years that films can pretty much open in any...

Our Predictions: The 2017 box office will be ruled by 'VIII'

7 months ago

A new year is a time for new beginnings. The counter is reset to zero and everyone is back at the starting line.

Well, that's the idea at least.

At probably the exact moment that I'm typing this, Rogue One has officially become the highest grossing film of 2016. What that means...

A look back at the films I watched in 2016

8 months ago

If you recall, I made a new year's resolution last year to watch at least 100 movies in 2016. Given that I have two toddlers at home, that was an ambitious goal to be sure. But, I was game to give it the old college try.

I am happy to report...

January the 4th: 'Rogue One' Redux

8 months ago

No, that headline isn't a subtle reference to more adventures with the Rogue One crew, it's just a reminder that in the aftermath of Rogue One's release, this month's news coverage is going to be dominated by Rogue One news, naturally.

Speaking of the latest film in the Star Wars franchise...

Tuesday Mixer: First look at 'Alien: Covenant'

8 months ago

I'm really beginning to think that Disney is completely changing the way that we watch films. Well, I mean, of course they are. They own the biggest film properties and as such, they pretty much dictate how and when we watch the films that we most want to see.

Take Star...

Review: 'Rogue One' is the 'Star Wars' prequel we all deserved

8 months ago

I am going to put this on front street as we normally contain our reviews to the home entertainment side of things where spoilers are less bothersome. I have been a near life-long Star Wars fan, so, of course, I took a day off to experience the latest Star Wars...

Monday Mixer: 'Rogue One' is big, but is it massive?

8 months ago

How do we define success?

Success is something that we talk about each week with this column, but by its very nature, success is relative. If a small indie film that cost $1 million to make goes out and makes a $10 million splash at the box office in its opening...

Monday Mixer: 2016, a year in moving pictures

9 months ago

2016 has been quite the year, both in film and in reality.

It has been a year for change and a year for reflection, but no matter what this year means to you, there has been plenty of great films to help us along the way. As we turn the calendar...

December the 4th: 'Star Wars' month is here!

9 months ago

December has quickly become Star Wars month for Disney. The studio is rather known for establishing and maintaining film release trends. For instance, it's no coincidence that Disney has nine of the top ten Thanksgiving weekend releases of all time.

Like clockwork, we know that there will be two (or three...

Monday Mixer: 'Moana' commands a huge Thanksgiving opening

9 months ago

Hello gluttony, my old friend. Eating all the food has acquainted us again.

After stuffing ourselves full of turkey and braving the crowds of people to save 25 cents on an electric shaver, there's only one thing left to do: watch movies. The post-Thanksgiving weekend is one that is traditionally a profitable...

November the 4th: We have a young Lando

10 months ago

I really love these monthly updates of the Star Wars universe, but I've quickly learned that with so many different tangents in the Star Wars world, it's hard to keep up with everything. Think about it.

There are the films obviously, but there's also the Star Wars Rebels animated TV show...

Will 'Rogue One' be the best 'Star Wars' film ever?

10 months ago

If you go by conventional wisdom, or ask just about anyone on the street, the most beloved Star Wars movie is The Empire Strikes Back, hands down. But, its spot in the Star Wars hierarchy might be in jeopardy later this year.

On December 16, Disney will bring Star Wars: Rogue...

October the 4th: Double the 'Star Wars' fun

11 months ago

Did you miss us last month? I could make up so many excuses and argue that since the 4th of September fell on a Sunday, I should get a pass. But, the reality is that last month was just crazy and something had to give.

And to be honest, Star Wars...

Darth Vader cameos in new 'Rogue One' trailer

1 year ago

Usually, we hold all of the Star Wars news for our monthly digest, but sometimes the news is too big to hold. A new trailer for Rogue One definitely falls into the breaking news category.

Last month, we heard about the trailer that they showed the audience at Star Wars Celebration...

Monday Mixer: U-S-A, all the way!

1 year ago

This weekend's story at the box office is one that might be home in a remake of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde. The good: Suicide Squad broke the record for an August opening. The bad: critic and audience reviews have been less than kind.

That pretty much sums up Warner Bros....

Monday Mixer: U-S-A, all the way!

1 year ago

This weekend's story at the box office is one that might be home in a remake of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde. The good: Suicide Squad broke the record for an August opening. The bad: critic and audience reviews have been less than kind.

That pretty much sums up Warner Bros....

August the 4th: A new 'Star Wars' TV series?

1 year ago

I promised that this month would be pretty big, huge even, when it came to Star Wars news and I think I was able to live up this promise. With Star Wars Celebration Europe and Comic Con, Disney and LucasFilm was able to get out in front of massive audiences...

Monday Mixer: Brand new 'Magnificent Seven' trailer

1 year ago

Just when it looked like the box office might be cooling down, a new record is set. And no, Ghostbusters wasn't the film to set the title, but that film did just fine. With the weather starting to look more like late Summer and temperatures rising, it seems logical that...

'Rogue One' delivers the sizzle

1 year ago

I know. I know.

I was supposed to hold off all of the Star Wars news until the monthly report on the 4th, but some things are just too incredible not to share. Trust me, with this weekend's Star Wars Celebration Europe and the upcoming Comic Con, there will be plenty...

July the 4th: The return of Darth Vader

1 year ago

While the rest of the country is out celebrating our independence, we've got you covered with everything that has happened in the world of Star Wars over the last month. Of course, considering the holiday, we couldn't help but indulge in a bit of inquiry over whether the have an...

June the 4th: 'Rogue One' reshoots? Uh-oh?

1 year ago

OK, I get it. June the Fourth doesn't quite roll off the tongue as nicely as May the Fourth does, but I think it gets the point across. Besides, who cares what the headline says? You're just here for the last month's worth of Star Wars news. I don't blame...

Monday (Tuesday) Mixer: 'X' marks the spot?

1 year ago

Oh boy. Summer is unofficially under way and it's shaping up to be an interesting one for sure.

Usually, it takes a few weeks to get a real feel for a Summer's box office, but I think this weekend's performance and the last month or so is painting a clear picture...

Gamers rejoice, others confused by 'Assassin's Creed' trailer

1 year ago

If you're a gamer, then there's a good chance that you were drooling today at the first trailer for Assassin's Creed. If not, you were probably scratching your head in confusion.

While no longer a die-hard gamer (another sacrifice to having children), I have enough of a foot still in that...

Who is Alden Ehrenreich? Han Solo, that's who

1 year ago

What do they say about best-laid plans and all that? The plan was to curate all of the previous month's best Star Wars news and present it to you in a neat little package on the 4th of every month. Go figure, that not two days go by and the...

'Rogue One' trailer proves that 'Star Wars' is back

1 year ago

I get it. Some people actually argued that The Force Awakens' record-breaking box office performance (currently at $935 million) was a fluke. They argued that it was only due to fanboy anticipation or the involvement of the ultimate fanboy J.J. Abrams.

The Force Awakens couldn't possibly live up to the hype...

Monday Mixer: 'Deadpool' destroys box office records

1 year ago

It's the week that studios wait the entire year for, no not the Oscars. It's the week of our National Sales Summit and we are able to meet with the studios and discuss the future of home entertainment.

OK, maybe it's more the week I wait for every year, but still...

Best movies of 2016 that you don't know about yet: John's list

2 years ago

My favorite week of the year continues with the first in our series of three stories geared to highlight those films that might have slipped through your collective cracks. These films might not receive the acclaim and notoriety of the films on our top box office films of 2016 list...

Our Predictions: The 2016 box office will be 'One' to remember

2 years ago

This is my favorite week of the year in this business. This is the week that will define us in terms of our box office expertness for the entire year. This is the week in which Tim, Dannette and I will do our best to predict what the box office...

Monday Mixer: Rest in Peace David Bowie

2 years ago

It was a busy weekend on all fronts as 2016 kicked into high gear. Not only did the NFL playoffs kickoff, but the Golden Globes were handed out on Sunday evening.

At the box office, it was a little bit of the same old and something new to keep things interesting...

Super trailer showcases 2016 films

2 years ago

It seems like everyone puts together year-end mashups, but one area that has been given the short end of the stick is coming soon mashups. That is, until now.

Burger Fiction has us covered with this slick look at the big films on deck for 2016. To be fair, many of...

Love, war and the disintegration of family in 'The Force Awakens'

2 years ago

Editors Note:

John here. As you might have ascertained from the byline above, this story was written by a new face around here. Tim is an old acquaintance of mine that I met through a friend and co-worker. Through our love of movies, we've stayed in contact through Facebook and when...

Monday Mixer: 'The Force Awakens' bigger than expected

2 years ago

If there was any question who the box office king truly is, this classic advertisement from 1977 still rings true.

Cue John Williams score. Star Wars was back this weekend and back in a big, bad way.

We all knew it was coming and yet as we wake up this morning, we...

'Star Wars' news is all the rage

2 years ago

It might sound like a broken record, but perhaps you've heard that there's a new Star Wars film coming out this year. In my absence last week, Tim was kind enough to pick up the Star Wars slack and post a few stories about "Force Friday" and several new TV...

Monday Mixer: All the 'Star Wars' news from the D23 Expo

2 years ago

You'll have to forgive the tardiness for this MM. My mom was in town visiting last week to see the grandkids and it always takes me a day or two to get back up to speed. Some would say recover from the visit, but it's really not that bad.

Sadly, I...

Monday Mixer: It's a brand new 'World'

2 years ago

I spent most of my weekend in a smoky bar, did I miss anything?

While I was busy running a local poker tournament, the World changed, literally overnight. I've been a big fan of Chris Pratt for a long time, back when he was "Fat Chris Pratt," aka Mr. Anna Faris...

Monday Mixer: Al Pacino and Cobie Smulders highlight new indie trailers

2 years ago

As you may have noticed from that byline above, I'm not your usual Monday Mixer host. As the British like to say, John is on holiday this week. He's enjoying the sandy beaches while I slave away over a carpal tunnel-inducing keyboard. Not that I'm bitter. Let's make the best...

Monday Mixer: More 'Star Wars' news than you can handle

2 years ago

Was this weekend national trailer weekend? It sure felt like it.

With all of the news emanating from Anaheim from Celebration about Star Wars, it seems like all of the other studios wanted to ride the coattails of The Force Awakens. And do you blame them? We've already posted a story...

It's official, three 'Star Wars' films in 18 months

2 years ago

Tim and I consider ourselves to be quite lucky to work in the industry that we both love and adore. One of the fringe benefits of working in the film industry is that sometimes we get access to confidential information, but the trade-off is that we are often sworn to...

Monday Mixer: Casting news for a 'Star Wars' spinoff?

3 years ago

Another weekend, another awards show.

Get used to it, between now and February 22 when the Oscars are handed out, there are exactly 1,246 different award shows. OK, maybe not exactly, but doesn't it feel like it?

I understand that everyone wants to recognize the best of the best in the past...


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