Review: Even 4K can't save 'Snitch' from itself

1 month ago

I have to admit that I'm not the biggest Dwayne Johnson fan in the world, so perhaps my indifference to him clouded my initial viewing of Snitch a few years ago. I remember being pretty excited about the film, but the lasting taste in my memory was one of being...

Monday Mixer: 'Fate of the Furious' sets a new record

3 months ago

There's one aspect of the box office that we don't really talk much about, but is probably something that we should at least acknowledge. Given that our site's main focus is the home entertainment market in the United States, we have mostly focused on the domestic box office.

In the past...

Monday Mixer: First teaser trailer of 'Thor: Ragnarok' surfaces

3 months ago

Some weeks are better than others. The last month seemed to be a case of studios not being able to do any wrong. And then? Here come The Smurfs.

I'm not sure what it is about those little blue creatures, but they just haven't been able to get a proper shake...

Monday Mixer: All of the Super Bowl movie ads here

5 months ago


Fills up coffee mug for the second, no third time.

I'm going on the record now. My vote can be bought for 2020. I will literally vote for any candidate that supports making the Monday following the Super Bowl a national holiday.

I jest, I think, but it is hard to...

Our Predictions: The 2017 box office will be ruled by 'VIII'

6 months ago

A new year is a time for new beginnings. The counter is reset to zero and everyone is back at the starting line.

Well, that's the idea at least.

At probably the exact moment that I'm typing this, Rogue One has officially become the highest grossing film of 2016. What that means...

Monday Mixer: 'Rogue One' is big, but is it massive?

7 months ago

How do we define success?

Success is something that we talk about each week with this column, but by its very nature, success is relative. If a small indie film that cost $1 million to make goes out and makes a $10 million splash at the box office in its opening...

Monday Mixer: First look at 'X-Men's new Nightcrawler

2 years ago

For the first time in over two months, I woke up with a clean face. The annual playoff beard is no more for 2015. My beloved Nashville Predators had a great unexpected resurgence to prominence in the NHL this season and while it ended on a sour note and much...


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