Monday Mixer: All of the Super Bowl movie ads here

6 months ago


Fills up coffee mug for the second, no third time.

I'm going on the record now. My vote can be bought for 2020. I will literally vote for any candidate that supports making the Monday following the Super Bowl a national holiday.

I jest, I think, but it is hard to...

Monday (Tuesday) Mixer: 'X' marks the spot?

1 year ago

Oh boy. Summer is unofficially under way and it's shaping up to be an interesting one for sure.

Usually, it takes a few weeks to get a real feel for a Summer's box office, but I think this weekend's performance and the last month or so is painting a clear picture...

Best movies of 2016 that you don't know about yet: Tim's list

2 years ago

I have written thousands of articles for this site, but this one has probably been the toughest to write. As many of you know, Tim and I have been working on this site since its inception in 1999 and we pride ourselves on what it has become and how it...


Undiscovered Picks

Upcoming movies worth watching that you may not have heard of.

  • The Veil
  • Dead Again in Tombstone
  • The Hatred
  • It Stains the Sands Red
  • Bring It On: Worldwide #Cheersmack