Monday Mixer: Three films zoom to the top of the box office

2 months ago

I know that it's a right of passage of being a parent, but nothing really prepares you for your child needing medical attention. Actually, with my genes, I'm surprised that it's taken my son three whole years before he finally hurt himself to the point of needing to see a...

Review: 'John Wick' reaches new heights in 4K UHD

2 months ago

For Blu-ray, the baseline title upon which to compare every other film that was released in this new format was The Fifth Element. This film was included in the first wave of titles released by Sony and with its rich color palette and heavy special effects, the film truly came...

Monday Mixer: New York Comic Con delivers the goods

6 months ago

Just when you thought this was going to be a boring weekend, you were reminded that the New York Comic Con was ongoing. While New York's Con will never rival that of its originator on the other coast, it is starting to get some real traction with studios in terms...


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