Review: 'Blair Witch' will scare and delight fans of the original film

7 months ago

On July 16, 1999, a phenomenon was born. On that date, The Blair Witch Project debuted in theaters and the term "found footage" found its way into our lexicon. While the merits of that accomplishment can be debated, one thing is indisputable, The Blair Witch Project was a cultural phenomenon...

Monday Mixer: 'Blair Witch' gets lost in the woods

11 months ago

At what point will studios abandon the sequel/reboot strategy? Not a day goes by that we don't hear about another doomed-for-failure sequel or remake that we don't need.

I mean, I get the attraction for Hollywood. These old franchises already have a built-in audience and they can bank on name recognition...

Comic Con trailers raise the bar this year

1 year ago

One of the great things about Comic Con is that you never really know what you're going to get. I mean, sure, you know that you'll see all of your favorite comic book people and as Hollywood has co-opted the event over the years, you know that you will see...


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