New 'Man of Steel' trailer kicks Krypton butt

Posted Wednesday, May 22, 2013 at 4:58 PM Central

by John Couture

After being pretty much blown away by the first trailer for Man of Steel, the trailers that followed were OK, but they definitely didn't knock us out of our codpiece. The trailer below sent many a codpiece flying.

As I've mentioned countless times, I'm not a huge comic book fan and to be honest, I never really considered the Superman movies to be comic book movies in as much as they were just good action films with a unique hook. Sure, Superman wears a costume and has "super" powers, but for all accounts and purposes, he's not any different than the average Joe.

In fact, his powers weren't innate, it was our yellow sun that granted him these powers on Earth. It almost begged the question that if Krypton survived, would humans gain super powers from their red sun? Again, don't pile on, I'm sure this has been covered in the comics and I might have my facts a bit muddled, but I think you get my point.

I've always seen it as an alien story; one in which the alien protagonist actually fights to help humanity. With so many "aliens are evil" stories out there, this was a nice twist. Of course, not all Kryptonians share Superman's view, enter General Zod.

He was my favorite character in the original run of films and I think Michael Shannon is just going to nail it out of the park as this trailer seems to indicate. Speaking of this trailer, I think the alien invasion angle is a great touch and something that we haven't quite seen in a Superman film before.

Superman has been a franchise that hadn't really gotten the new polish as it were in which comic book films became more action oriented and I think this trailer proves that it's ready to play with the big boys. Man of Steel hits theaters on June 14.


4 years ago
Can't wait for this one to hit the big screen!
4 years ago
Immediate BUY for collection and watch in my own theater


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