New trailer introduces concept of 'Drinking Buddies' with benefits

Posted Thursday, June 20, 2013 at 5:07 PM Central

by John Couture

We've all heard of the term "friends with benefits," but I think I just coined the term "Drinking Buddies with benefits" after watching the new trailer for the film. And you're like, what's the difference?

Well, you don't necessarily be friends to be drinking buddies, do ya?

The new film stars personal fave Jake Johnson and Olivia Wilde as co-workers at a craft brewery who spend all day making beer and flirting non-stop. You'd think they would be perfect for one another, but there's a problem, they are both seeing other people.

I know, it sounds like any number of assorted stupid Rom-Coms, but I think you'll agree that this film has something that the others don't have, charisma. The pair's significant others are played by venerable actors Anna Kendrick and Ron Livingston, so right there you know that this isn't just a straight forward love story.

Jake Johnson sports a beard that his alter ego Nick on New Girl would worship. I'm pretty sure there are small birds living in it. And who doesn't love everything that Ron Livingston is in?

Did I mention that there's plenty of beer drinking and skinny dipping in the trailer? No? Huh, well, there is. Drinking Buddies hits theaters on August 23.


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