First 'Beauty and the Beast' trailer shines

Posted Monday, November 14, 2016 at 2:58 PM Central

by John Couture

The art of remaking a beloved animated classic into a live-action film is a delicate one. Just take Alice in Wonderland as an example.

Done right, the result is a $335 million blockbuster. Done wrong, the result is a $77 million flop.

So, when word broke that Disney was making a live-action version of the classic Beauty and the Beast, it was understandable that there was plenty of trepidation to go around. Some films just lend themselves to live-action remakes such as The Jungle Book, while others like Beauty and the Beast seem dubious at best.

I mean, this is a story in which people have been cursed and turned into talking anthropomorphic household items. It also features a leading character who is a beast, I mean, it's right there in the title, so every artistic choice would naturally be scrutinized under a fine microscope. The first casting announcement of Emma Watson as Belle was spot on, no, better than that it was, daresay, perfect.

Suddenly, the project looked promising, but still, how would the film look as a live-action movie? The first teaser trailer, again, was promising, but we didn't get much of a look at the areas of concern such as the Beast, Mrs. Potts, and the rest.

Would a talking clock and teapot translate well or just look silly? Well, today's first full-length trailer gave us a pretty good idea on all of that.

While there are still plenty of other questions to be answered and it could still all go sideways in a hurry, this trailer makes me pretty confident that Beauty and the Beast will be one of the more successful live-action adaptations. What do you think?


9 months ago
When I heard about this movie I was so excited.
Then I heard that Emma Watson was in it and I was really excited.
Then I saw the teaser and I was even more excited.
Then I saw the full trailer and am now worried and disappointed.

I think this movie will do well on name alone and the few who actually like it. Firstly, I think the Beast looks horrible. The old begger woman did not turn this prince into a beast, she turned him into a really hairy dude with a case of Hypertrichosis, who has horns; horns that are way too big if you ask me. Michael J Fox in Teen Wolf looks more like the Beast than this thing does.
Another thing is, I realize its hard to make anthropomorphic household items but a teapot with two dots and a curved lined to make eyes and a mouth is not an anthropomorphic teapot, I'm sorry. Wilson form CastAway was more anthropomorphic than Mrs. Potts in this.

I truly hope that this movie will be amazing on all accounts, but as of now, after seeing the trailer, I'm a bit skeptical.
5 months ago
Beauty and the beast was the best Disney movie ever to be remade.


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