Matthew Modine

Age: 58
Born: March 22, 1959
Loma Linda, California


47 Meters Down 2017
The Hippopotamus 2017
Bible Stories Collection 2016
The Confirmation 2015
Altar 2014
Jobs 2013 John Sculley
Cat. 8 2013
Family Weekend 2013
Girl in Progress 2012 Dr. Harford
Wrinkles 2012 (voice)
A Cat in Paris 2012 (voice)
The Dark Knight Rises 2012 Deputy Commissioner Foley
Too Big to Fail 2011
Mia and the Migoo 2011 (voice)
The Trial 2010
Frenemy 2010
Hemingway's Garden of Eden 2010
Go Go Tales 2009
Sex & Lies in Sin City 2009
Weeds: Season Three 2008
The Neighbor 2008
Mary 2008 Tony Childress/Jesus
Kettle of Fish 2007
Opa! 2005
Into the West 2005
Transporter 2 2005 Mr. Billings
The American 2005
Funky Monkey 2005
The Winning Season 2005 Honus Wagner
Le Divorce 2003
Hollywood North 2003
Hitler: The Rise Of Evil 2003
Redeemer 2002
Jim Henson's Jack And The Beanstalk: The Real Story 2002
In The Shadows 2002
Nobody's Baby 2002
The Shipment 2001
Bamboozled 2000
Flowers for Algeron 2000
Any Given Sunday 1999
The Maker 1997
The Real Blonde 1997
What The Deaf Man Heard 1997
The Blackout 1997
Cutthroat Island 1995
Bye Bye, Love 1995
Fluke 1995
Jacob 1994
The Browning Version 1994
Short Cuts 1993
And The Band Played On 1993
Equinox 1992
Wind 1992
Pacific Heights 1990
Memphis Belle 1990
Gross Anatomy 1989
Married To The Mob 1988
Full Metal Jacket 1987
Orphans 1987
Vision Quest 1985
Mrs. Soffel 1984
Birdy 1984
Private School 1983
Streamers 1983
Stranger Things: The Complete First Season N/A
The Bedford Diaries: The Complete Series N/A

Profile created on May 23, 2002.

Did you know?

  • Matthew is married to Cari Rivera and they have two children, Boman and Ruby.
  • Matt is the youngest of seven children. He was raised in a close-knit Mormon family.
  • His dad was a drive-in movie operator so his family moved quite often when he was younger.
  • Matthew dropped out of BYU and took a job as a chef at the Au Natural in Manhattan. This is where you met his wife.
  • One of his best friends is actor Eric Stoltz.
  • He does not own a television.
  • Matt and his family live out in the country on a 100-acre farm in up-state New York. Their neighbors are Liam Neeson and Natasha Richardson.

Undiscovered Picks

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  • Railroad Tigers
  • Legion of Brothers
  • Dragonheart: Battle for the Heartfire
  • North v South
  • Mine