Did you know?

  • His father is actor Bruce Glover.
  • He graduated from Beverly Hills High School in 1982.
  • Crispin sued Steven Spielberg for cutting some of Crispin's footage from Back to the Future and splicing it into the sequel and used another actor to finish. Spielberg settled.
  • He celebrates his birthday twice a year, April 20th and September 20th.
  • Crispin attended The Mirman School, a private school for gifted and talented children in Bel Air, California.
  • He is known as a madman and a genius.
  • Crispin is noted for his eccentric-vintage clothing style.
  • He drives a 1961 convertible Studebaker.
  • Crispin also writes and sings. He has two albums out and three novels.

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