Alison Lohman

Alison Lohman

Age: 35
Born: September 18, 1979
Palm Springs, California


Drag Me to Hell 2009 Christine
Gamer 2009 Trace
Beowulf 2007 (voice)
Things We Lost in the Fire 2007 Kelly
Delirious 2007
Flicka 2006
The Big White 2006
Delivering Milo 2005
Where the Truth Lies 2005
Matchstick Men 2003 Angela
Big Fish 2003 Sandra Bloom
White Oleander 2002
Menace 2002
The Auteur Theory 2000
The Million Dollar Kid 2000
The Thirteenth Floor 1999
Planet Patrol 1999
Kraa! The Sea Monster 1998

Photo: Copyright of Fox, Flicka.

Profile created on March 26, 2003.

Did you know?

  • Alison is also a very talented singer. She has performed with Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope and the Desert Symphony.
  • A quote on how acting has crossed over into her personal life, "I can cry on cue to get out of a traffic ticket. That's happened at least three times."
  • A quote on her first movie role, "My first film was Kraa! The Sea Monster. I played a telepathic girl who could communicate with the monster. I got so into the character and tried to take the plot so seriously. There was absolutely nothing for me to take seriously!"

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