Ali Larter

Age: 41
Born: February 28, 1976
Cherry Hill, New Jersey


Resident Evil: The Final Chapter 2017
The League: The Complete Series 2016
Lovesick 2015
The Diabolical 2015
Legends: The Complete Season 1 2015
The League: The Complete Season Five 2014
You're Not You 2014
Resident Evil: Afterlife 2010 Claire Redfield
Crazy 2010 Evelyn Garland
Heroes: Season 4 2010
Heroes: The Complete Series 2010
Obsessed 2009 Lisa Sheridan
Heroes: Season 3 2009
National Lampoon's Stoned Age 2009 Fardart
Heroes: Season 2 2008
Resident Evil: Extinction 2007
Marigold 2007 Marigold Lexton
Confess 2007
Heroes: Season 1 2007
A Lot Like Love 2005
Syriana 2005
3 Way 2004
Giving It Up 2003
Final Destination 2 2003 Clear Rivers
Blade / Final Destination Set 2003
Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back 2001 Chrissy
Legally Blonde 2001
American Outlaws 2001
Final Destination 2000
Varsity Blues 1999
Drive Me Crazy 1999
House On Haunted Hill 1999

Profile created on April 14, 2000.

Did you know?

  • Remember the Designer Imposters TV commercial from the early 1990s featuring a naked model (with black bars covering certain areas) dancing around while spraying perfume on herself? That was Ali.
  • Ali grew up in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.
  • Ali's parents met on a blind date and 30 years later, still happily married.
  • When she was 19, Ali followed her boyfriend to Los Angeles, only to be dumped a few months later. She decided a trip to Australia for some time and distance would do her some good.
  • Ali refers to her and her girlfriends "balls-to-the-wall chicks...f there's a table, we're dancing on it."
  • Ali likes hard-rock music. She likes to dance to Guns n' Roses in a pair of tight jeans and boots.
  • Ali was once propositioned by Benecio Del Toro at a Miami South Beach bar
  • When Ali was young, the wild child and her friends would throw snowballs at the cable lines in hopes their tv's would pick-up Cinemax so they could watch sex scenes.
  • Ali saves notes and phone messages from guys she likes.

Undiscovered Picks

Upcoming movies worth watching that you may not have heard of.

  • Nocturne
  • WTF: World Thumbwrestling Federation
  • Wolves
  • Heritage Falls
  • Ripped