Did you know?

  • Benjamin dated superstar actress Julia Roberts but the couple went their separate ways in 2001.
  • Benjamin comes from a very close family. His mother, brother and three sisters all live near him in San Francisco.
  • Spending time with his family was one of the main reasons he left the TV series, "Law & Order."
  • After his parents divorced, Benjamin's mother took her children and they lived at the abandoned Alcatraz prison with other Native American activists. For nine months he slept everywhere, even in jail cells. Benjamin remembers it as being quite a playground.
  • QUOTE: Although he used to be a jeans and t-shirt guy, his role in "Law & Order" changed his style. "I've come to really love wearing a suit, that's when I feel the most together. The only other time I'm that confident and comfortable is when I'm naked."
  • Ben's favorite gift ever is the horse girlfriend Julia Roberts bought him for Christmas in 1999.
  • Ben loves women in lingerie.
  • Benjamin enjoys playing tennis, swimming, working out at the gym and surfing, when he can find the time. He has to exercise at least every three days or he feels too uptight and tense.
  • Benjamin has a sweet tooth and has to have something sweet after every meal.
  • He takes three showers a day. He likes to smell clean but doesn't wear cologne.
  • In high school, everyone called Ben "Scarecrow" because he was so skinny.
  • Ben married his Pinero co-star Talisa Soto on April 13, 2002.

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