Gillian Anderson

Age: 49
Born: August 9, 1968
Chicago, Illinois


American Gods: Season 1 2017
Wind Chill / Closure / Perfect Stranger 2017
The X-Files: The Complete Tenth Season 2016
Sold 2016
The X-Files: Complete Series & Event Series 2016
The Fall: Series 2 2016
Not Another Sci-Fi Movie 2015
Hannibal: The Complete Third Season 2015
I'll Follow You Down 2014
Crisis: The Complete First Season 2014
Robot Overlords 2014
Last Love 2013
Shadow Dancer 2013
The Fall: Series 1 2013
Great Expectations 2012
The Crimson Petal and The White 2012
Johnny English Reborn 2011 Pamela Thornton/Pegasus
Moby Dick 2011
Boogie Woogie 2010
The X Files: I Want to Believe 2008 Dana Scully
How to Lose Friends and Alienate People 2008 Eleanor Johnson
The X Files: I Want to Believe / Fight the Future 2008
The X-Files: Revelations 2008
The Mighty Celt 2008 Kate
Closure 2007
Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story 2006
The Last King of Scotland 2006
Bleak House 2005
The X Files Mythology Volume 1: Abduction 2005
The X Files Mythology Volume 2: Black Oil 2005
The X Files Mythology Volume 3: Colonization 2005
The X Files Mythology Volume 4: Super Soldiers 2005
The X-Files: The Complete Ninth Season 2004
The X Files: Seasons 1-7 2003
The X-Files: The Complete Eighth Season 2003
The X-Files: The Complete Fifth Season 2002
The X-Files: The Complete Sixth Season 2002
The X-Files: The Complete Seventh Season 2002
The X-Files: The Complete Third Season 2001
The X-Files: The Complete Fourth Season 2001
The House Of Mirth 2000
The X-Files: The Complete First Season 2000
The X-Files: The Complete Second Season 2000
Princess Mononoke 1999 (voice)
Playing By Heart 1999
The Mighty 1998
The X Files: Fight the Future 1998
Chicago Cab 1998
Hellcab 1998
Pocahontas, Virginia 1991
The Turning 1991

Profile created on November 2, 1998.

Did you know?

  • Gillian was married to production designer Clyde Klotz until 1999. They have one daughter, Piper.
  • Gillian's hair is naturally blonde.
  • Her wedding to Clyde took place on the 17th hole on a Hawaiian golf course. They were married by a Buddhist priest.
  • Gillian has one brother and one sister.
  • Gillian's high school class voted her "Most likely to be arrested." She lived up to her title when she was arrested on graduation night for trying to glue the locks shut on her school.
  • Gillian was also voted "Class Clown" and "Most Bizarre" at her high school in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  • She is a vegetarian.
  • Gillian's parents' moved to Puerto Rico when she was six months old. They lived there until she was two. Her family next moved to England until her she entered the fifth grade.
  • 'X-Files' writer Chris Carter is her daughter's godfather.
  • One of her favorite foods is salmon sushi.
  • Gillian has described herself as "into the punk scene" in high school. She wore a nose ring and had purple, black and blue hair.
  • Gillian graduated from DePaul University's Goodman Theatre School with a B.A. in Fine Arts.

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  • Buena Vista Social Club: Adios
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