Did you know?

  • Billy is married to singer Chynna Phillips and the couple have one daughter, Jamison Leoon.
  • William rode with a Chicago Fire Department in order to prepare for his role in Backdraft.
  • William graduated from State University of New York with a political science degree. For a short time, he was an aide on Capitol Hill for Democrat Thomas J. Downey.
  • While paying his dues and auditioning, William paid his bills by bartending and modeling. He was a Calvin Klein model.
  • William decided he wanted to give acting a try after watching the success of his older brother Alex.
  • William co-owns a restaurant with brother Stephen in Greenwich Village. The restaurant is called Alaia's, after Stephen's oldest daughter.
  • At their wedding, William and Chynna gave all of the guests cd's full of their favorite love songs. There was even a song written by Chynna for William.

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