James Caan

Age: 77
Born: March 26, 1940
The Bronx, New York


Action Adventures: 5-Movie Collection 2017
J.L. Family Ranch 2017
The Throwaways 2016
The Good Neighbor 2016
Wuthering High 2015
The Outsider 2014
Preggoland 2014
Naked City: Season 2 2014
The Tale of Princess Kaguya 2014 (voice)
Blood Ties 2014
Back in the Game: The Complete First Season 2014
A Fighting Man 2014
The Simpsons: The Sixteenth Season 2013 (voice)
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 2013 Tim Lockwood (voice)
Naked City: The Complete Series 2013
Small Apartments 2012
Route 66: The Complete Series 2012
Detachment 2012
For the Love of Money 2012
That's My Boy 2012 Father McNally
Henry's Crime 2011
The Godfather / The Godfather Part II 2011
Tribes of October 2010
Middle Men 2010
Mercy 2010
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2009 Tim Lockwood (voice)
New York, I Love You 2009
Las Vegas: Season Five 2008
Get Smart 2008 The President
Wisegal 2008
Las Vegas: Season Four 2007
This Thing of Ours 2006
Las Vegas: Season Three, Uncut & Uncensored 2006
Las Vegas: Season Two - Uncut & Uncensored 2005
Santa's Slay 2005
Dogville 2004
Las Vegas: Season One - Uncut and Uncensored 2004
Jericho Mansions 2004
The Incredible Mrs. Ritchie 2004
City Of Ghosts 2003
Elf 2003
Lathe of Heaven 2002
In The Shadows 2002
Blood Crime 2002
Night At The Golden Eagle 2002
Luckytown 2001
The Godfather Collection 2001
A Glimpse Of Hell 2001
Dead Simple 2001
The Way Of The Gun 2000
The Yards 2000
Mickey Blue Eyes 1999
This Is My Father 1998
Poodle Springs 1998
Eraser 1996
North Star 1996
Bulletproof 1996
Bottle Rocket 1996
A Boy Called Hate 1995
Flesh And Bone 1993
The Program 1993
Honeymoon In Vegas 1992
For the Boys 1991
The Dark Backward 1991
Misery 1990
Dick Tracy 1990 Spaldoni
Alien Nation 1988
Gardens Of Stone 1987
Kiss Me Goodbye 1982
Bolero 1981
Thief 1981
Hide In Plain Sight 1980
Chapter Two 1979
Gone With The West 1979
Little Moon And Jud McGraw 1979
Comes A Horseman 1978
A Bridge Too Far 1977
Another Man, Another Chance 1977
Harry And Walter Go To New York 1976
Funny Lady 1975
Rollerball 1975
The Killer Elite 1975
Freebie And The Bean 1974
The Gambler 1974
Slither 1973
Cinderella Liberty 1973
The Godfather 1972
Brian's Song 1971
T.R. Baskin 1971
Rabbit, Run 1970
The Rain People 1969
Journey To Shiloh 1968
Submarine X-1 1968
Countdown 1968
El Dorado 1967
Games 1967
The Glory Guys 1965
Red Line 7000 1965
Lady In A Cage 1964


Hide In Plain Sight 1980

Profile created on March 15, 2001.

Did you know?

  • Jimmy is married to Linda Stokes and they have two sons.
  • Jimmy has walked down the aisle three times before Linda. He was married to Dee Jay Mattis in the 60's, Sheila Ryan for one year in the 70's and Ingrid Hajek in 1990. He has a son with both Ryan and Hajed and a daughter with Mattis.
  • Jimmy played on the football team when he attended Michigan State University.
  • His oldest son, Scott, is an actor as well.
  • In the beginning of his career, Jimmy worked on the rodeo circuit for nine years. He wasn't a bull-rider, but he roped steers. He seriously injured his shoulder during a rodeo, tearing it to the bone. For what? Third place and $86.
  • Jimmy has had many surgeries on his bad shoulder. Sports writer, the late Jim Murray, says "Jimmy Caan was not born, he was embroidered."
  • QUOTE: "You know, I've actually had two children with the same woman. That's certainly a sign of maturity, don't you think?"

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