Did you know?

  • Rosie was a VH-1 vj.
  • One of Rosie's best friends is Madonna.
  • Rosie was a high school homecoming queen and the most popular girl in her senior class.
  • Rosie was a Boston College student for one short year then she decided to drop out.
  • Her career started as a stand up comedian. She won $20,000 on Star Search for her act.
  • Rosie has a chain of roses tattooed around her ankle.
  • Rosie has adopted four children: Parker, Chelsea, Blake and Mia. She wants to adopt more and become a certified foster parent.
  • Rosie refuses to have biological children because of her family's background with alcoholism and cancer.
  • Rosie has a huge toy collection. Her specialty is McDonald's Happy Meal toys.
  • Rosie caused much controversy on one episode of her talk show when she made comments to Tom Selleck about the National Rifle Association. The controversy only heightened when Rosie applied for a permit to carry a concealed weapon, not for herself but for her son's bodyguard.
  • Announced in spring 2001 this would be the last season for the Rosie O'Donnell Show.
  • Starred in the Broadway production of "Grease."

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