Did you know?

  • His full name is Michael Barret Watson.
  • Barry has two brothers and one sister.
  • Barry and his family moved to Dallas suburb, Richardson, when he was eight years old.
  • Barry started modeling when he was eight, but decided he just wanted to be a kid. His manager suggested he might like acting better.
  • He moved to Los Angeles when he was 15, after his parents divorced.
  • Barry's took his first big acting role on the daytime soap opera "Days Of Our Lives." The job lasted for six-months, then he returned home to Dallas when no other work turned up.
  • Barry worked for Ross Perot's campaign in 1992.
  • Barry parked cars at the House of Blues in Los Angeles when he moved back in 1993. He tells a funny story about parking Tori Spelling's car and six-months later he did a tv movie with her. She didn't believe his story, but Barry reminded her that she didn't tip him either. (Side note: His television series now, "7th Heaven," is a Spelling production...)
  • Barry is married to Laura Watson, a woman he met while doing a guest appearance on "Malibu Shores." Guess who introduced them? Tori Spelling...

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