Gaby Hoffmann

Age: 33
Born: January 8, 1982
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Lyle 2015
Manhattan Romance 2015
Obvious Child 2014
Wild 2014
Louie: Season 3 2014
Veronica Mars 2014 Ruby Jetson
Crystal Fairy 2013 Crystal Fairy
Life During Wartime 2010
Severed Ways: The Norse Discovery of America 2009
Perfume 2001
Black And White 2000
You Can Count On Me 2000
200 Cigarettes 1999
Coming Soon 1999
All I Wanna Do 1998
Volcano 1997
Everyone Says I Love You 1996
Freaky Friday 1995
Now And Then 1995
Whose Daughter Is She? 1995
Semi-Precious 1995
Sleepless in Seattle 1993
The Man Without A Face 1993
This Is My Life 1992
Field Of Dreams 1989
Uncle Buck 1989
Transparent: The Complete First Season N/A

Profile created on June 28, 2001.

Did you know?

  • Gaby's mother put her in commercials when she was four to help pay the bills.
  • Gaby's mother is model Vivanee Susan Hoffmann. She starred in several Andy Warhol movies in the sixties.
  • The children's book "Gaby At The Chelsea" was written by her mother and friend Jane Lancellotti. The story is about her life while living at the Chelsea Hotel in New York.
  • Gaby's half sister is actress Alexandra Auder.
  • Gaby is good friends with actress Christina Ricci.
  • Gaby studied literature at Bard after she filmed 200 Cigarettes.
  • Gaby loves Woody Allen and cites Everyone Says I Love You as her favorite movie to make.

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