Did you know?

  • Shemar's past relationships include Halle Berry and Toni Braxton.
  • Shemar graduated from Santa Clara University. He majored in communications and played varsity baseball.
  • Shemar paid for most of his college by professional modeling.
  • Shemar appeared in the Presshia music video "Splackavellie" and also Toni Braxton's "How Many Ways" video.
  • Shemar is bi-racial. His father is African-American from Alabama and his mother is caucasion from Canada.
  • His name comes from the first three letter of each of his parents' names, Sherrod and Marilyn.
  • Shemar is a world traveler, seeing most of the world before he was six years old. He lived in Denmark for two years (Danish becoming one of his fluent languages) then to Bahrain for three years. Shemar and his mom traveled through Pakistan, Germany, Greece, the Virgin Islands and Ghana. They finally settled in Northern California after a couple more years back in Boston.

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