Did you know?

  • Linda was married to James Cameron from 1997 to 1999. They have one daughter, Josephine.
  • Linda met her first husband, actor Bruce Abbott, while filming T.A.G. : The Assassination Game. The marriage lasted seven years and they had one son, Dalton.
  • Linda attended Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland, but after two years of school she decided to go to New York and study acting at the Lee Strasberg Institute.
  • Linda has a twin sister, Leslie, an older sister, Laura and a younger brother, John.
  • Linda turned down an offer to star in Terminator 3.
  • Linda and Leslie's father died in a car wreck when the girls were five years old. Her mother later remarried.
  • Linda moved to from New York to Los Angeles to further her acting career and when she tried to buy her first home in Venice, she discovered her agent had embezzled over $100,000 from her and money from other clients as well.
  • Linda moved in with Terminator director James Cameron after Terminator 2 filming ended.
  • Linda landed the lead role in the television series "Beauty And The Beast" in 1987. She earned several award nominations, including and Emmy nomination.
  • She bought a house in Hawaii to get out of the dirty city but kept a house in Hollywood so she wouldn't have to live in hotels while working.
  • Linda loves to go to Alaska and fish.

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