Colin Hanks

Age: 37
Born: November 24, 1977
Sacramento, California


Fargo: The Complete First Season 2014
The Good Guys: The Complete First Season 2014
Burning Love: Seasons Two & Three 2014
NCIS: The 11th Season 2014
Super Buddies 2013 (voice)
Parkland 2013
The Guilt Trip 2012
High School 2012
Dexter: The Sixth Season 2012
Lucky 2011
Barry Munday 2010
The Great Buck Howard 2009 Troy Gable
Careless 2008
Untraceable 2008 Griffin Dowd
My Mom's New Boyfriend 2008 Henry Durand
The House Bunny 2008 Oliver
W. 2008 Speechwriter
Standing Still 2007
Rx 2007
Alone With Her 2007 Doug
Tenacious D In The Pick Of Destiny 2006
King Kong 2005 Preston
11:14 2005
Roswell: The Complete First Season 2004
Roswell: The Complete Second Season 2004
Orange County 2002
Band Of Brothers 2001
Get Over It 2001
Whatever It Takes 2000
That Thing You Do! 1996
Bad Teacher: The Complete First Season N/A

Profile created on January 10, 2002.

Did you know?

  • Colin's dad is actor Tom Hanks. His mother is Samantha Lewes.
  • His girlfriend is actress Busy Philips. They met in theater class at Loyola Marymount.
  • Colin studied at Loyola Marymount University.
  • Colin has a dog named Taz.
  • Colin made his big acting debut on the television series "Roswell."
  • Colin jokes about his high school soccer experience. "I was on the soccer team in high school and during warm-ups I would hear, 'Run, Forest Run!'"
  • Colin has one younger sister. His parents divorced when he was eight and he lived with his mother.
  • Colin was a production assistant for Apollo 13.
  • Colin had a small role in That Thing You Do! with his dad, but the young star used a stage name when auditioning to keep his father's stardome away from him earning the role himself.

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