Kim Cattrall

Age: 57
Born: August 21, 1956
Liverpool, England


The Simpsons: The Sixteenth Season 2013 (voice)
Sex and the City: Season 3 / Season 4 2012
Sex and the City: Season 1 / Season 2 2012
Meet Monica Velour 2011
Sweet Baby Jesus 2011
The Ghost Writer 2010
Sex and the City 2 2010 Samantha Jones
Miss January 2009
Sex and the City 2008 Samantha Jones
The Tiger's Tail 2008 Jane O'Leary
My Boy Jack 2008
Shortcut to Happiness 2007
Kim Cattrall: Sexual Intelligence 2006
Ice Princess 2005
Sex And The City: Season 6, Part 1 2004
Sex And The City: Season 6, Part 2 2004
Sex And The City: The Complete Fifth Season 2003
Sex And The City: The Complete First Five Seasons 2003
Sex And The City: The Complete Fourth Season 2003
Sex And The City: The Complete First Four Seasons 2003
Crossroads 2002
Sex And The City: The Complete Third Season 2002
Sex And The City: The Complete First Season 2001
Sex And The City: The Complete Second Season 2001
15 Minutes 2001
Baby Geniuses 1999
36 Hours To Die 1999
Modern Vampires 1999
Peter Benchley's Creature 1998
Robin Cook's Invasion 1997
Exception To The Rule 1997
Unforgettable 1996
Where Truth Lies 1996
Every Woman's Dream 1996
Op Center 1995
Live Nude Girls 1995
Above Suspicion 1995
The Heidi Chronicles 1995
Running Delilah 1994
Breaking Point 1994
Wild Palms 1993
Double Vision 1992
Split Second 1992
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country 1991
Miracle In The Wilderness 1991
Honeymoon Academy 1990
The Bonfire Of The Vanities 1990
The Return Of The Musketeers 1989
Brown Bread Sandwiches 1989
Midnight Crossing 1988
Palais Royale 1988
Smokescreen 1988
Masquerade 1988
Mannequin 1987
Big Trouble In Little China 1986
Hold-Up 1985
City Limits 1985
Turk 182 1985
Sins Of The Past 1984
Police Academy 1984
Porky's 1981
Ticket To Heaven 1981
The Gossip Columnist 1980
Tribute 1980
The Night Rider 1979
The Rebels 1979
Crossbar 1979
The Bastard 1978
Good Against Evil 1977
Deadly Harvest 1976

Profile created on March 15, 2002.

Did you know?

  • Kim is married to Mark Levinson. They married in 1998.
  • Kim has been married twice before Mark. Andre Lysonin the 80's and Larry Davis in the 70's.
  • Even though she was born in England, Kim's parents emigrated to Canada when she was three months old.
  • Kim is an advocate for senior citizens.
  • At one time she date the Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau.
  • Kim was listed as one of the most intriguing people of 2001 by People magazine.
  • Kim graduated from high school when she was 16-years old and won a scholarship to study at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York.
  • Kim loves to ski.
  • She was engaged to actor Daniel Benzali before she married Mark.
  • Kim and her husband Mark co-authored the book, 'Satisfaction: The Art of the Female Orgasm.'

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