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99 Women 99 Women 1969
Action Of The Tiger 1957
And Now The Screaming Starts 1973
Asylum 1972
The Black Rose 1950
The Brass Monkey 1948
Cage Of Gold 1950
Charleston Charleston 1978
Chase A Crooked Shadow Chase A Crooked Shadow 1958
Count Dracula Count Dracula 1971
The Dead Zone The Dead Zone 1983
The Devil's Daughter 1991
Dorian Gray 1970
Dual Alibi 1947
Eve 1968
Fire Down Below Fire Down Below 1957
Flame Over India Flame Over India 1959
The Frightened City 1961
Gambit Gambit 1966
Going Bananas 1987
The Golden Salamander 1950
Hell Drivers 1957
Hopscotch Hopscotch 1980
The Horse Without A Head 1963
Hotel Reserve 1946
I Accuse! 1958
I Aim At The Stars 1960
Intent To Kill Intent To Kill 1958
Island Of Despair 1969
Isle Of Lost Women 1969
Journey to the Far Side of the Sun Journey to the Far Side of the Sun 1969
King Solomon's Mines King Solomon's Mines 1985
The Lady Vanishes 1979
The Ladykillers The Ladykillers 1955
The Love Lottery 1953
Lucky Mascot 1948
The Man Who Watched Trains Go By 1953
Mark of the Devil Mark of the Devil 1970
Masque Of The Red Death 1991
Master Of Dragonard Hill 1989
Memed My Hawk 1984
Mister Jerico 1969
Murders In The Rue Morgue 1971
Mysterious Island Mysterious Island 1961
Northwest Frontier 1959
The Paris Express 1953
Peter And Paul 1981
The Phantom Of The Opera The Phantom Of The Opera 1962
The Pink Panther Strikes Again 1976
The Pope Must Die(t) 1991
The Return Of The Pink Panther The Return Of The Pink Panther 1975
Revenge Of The Pink Panther 1978
The Ringer 1952
River of Death River of Death 1989
Rough Shoot 1952
Sam Marlow, Private Eye 1980
Secret Mission 1942
The Secret Of Dorian Gray The Secret Of Dorian Gray 1970
The Seventh Veil 1945
Shoot First 1952
A Shot In The Dark 1964
Skeleton Coast 1989
Snowbound 1948
Son Of The Pink Panther Son Of The Pink Panther 1993
Spartacus Spartacus 1960
Ten Little Indians Ten Little Indians 1975
Ten Little Indians 1989
Third Man On The Mountain Third Man On The Mountain 1959
Trail Of The Pink Panther 1982
Twist Of Fate 1954
Villa Rides Villa Rides 1968
War And Peace War And Peace 1956
Whispering Smith Hits London 1951
Whoops Apocalypse 1986

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