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Honest Thief
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The War with Grandpa
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The Empty Man
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Review: 'The Doorman' cashes in on action nostalgia

You know what they say, imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Back when Die Hard debuted in theaters in 1988, it didn't take long for every movie studio in town to try and rip off that highly successful formula. During the 1990s, it felt like a Die Hard clone came out every month.

Naturally, the fad went away, and new films rose up to take its place. These days everyone...

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Seized sq
Review: Scott Adkins shines in 'Seized'

Catsdogs sq
Review: 'Cats & Dogs 3' is a pandemic curse

Review: Shia LaBeouf is scary good in 'The Tax Collector'

Uni sets sq
Review: Universal debuts spectacular multi-film collections

Stargirl sq
Review: 'Stargirl' is a fun ride for the whole family

Legends sq
Review: 'Legends of Tomorrow' is historical for Season 5

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