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Very Good Girls


Rated R

Box Office: $0.0M


Boxart Format Release Date
Wgu br01573 Blu-ray
UPC: 812491015735
09/23/2014 Not Available
Wgu d01572d DVD
UPC: 812491015728
09/23/2014 Not Available

Release Dates

When Announced When Released
In Theaters July 25 2014
On 4K-UHD Not AvailableAlert MeRemind Me
On Blu-ray September 23 2014Now Available
On DVD September 23 2014Now Available

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Dakota Fanning, Elizabeth Olsen, Peter Sarsgaard, Demi Moore, Clark Gregg, Kiernan Shipka, Richard Dreyfuss, Ellen Barkin, Boyd Holbrook, Clare Foley, Finise Avery, Katelynn Bailey, Ari Barkan, Lenny Platt, Owen Campbell


Naomi Foner


Naomi Foner


Naomi Foner (RUNNING ON EMPTY) takes the director's chair for this gentle and sensitive youth drama that follows two New York City teenagers and the events that put a strain on the bond between them, during one of the last summers of their adolescence. Lilly (Dakota Fanning) is quiet, thoughtful and introspective - the product of two conservative parents (Ellen Barkin and Clark Gregg) who keep a tight rein on her. Gerry (Elizabeth Olsen), on the other hand, is free-spirited, uninhibited andslightly caustic - the daughter of a left-of-center mom and dad (Demi Moore and Richard Dreyfuss) who let her do whatever, and go wherever, she pleases. Shortly before they each leave for college in the fall, the girls spend most of their time together, whiling away pleasant afternoons, but soon they both meet and fall for the same boy - artist David (Boyd Holbrook) who sells novelty ice cream bars at Far Rockaway Beach. He decides that he much prefers Lilly to Gerry, and Lilly loses her virginity to him. The affair grows more serious, but Lilly can't bring herself to divulge the news to Gerry for fear of breaking her heart. Not long after, an unexpected tragedy occurs in Gerry's family and forces Lilly to reach out in an attempt to console her best friend.




Rated R
language and sexual content


120 Minutes


Well Go USA