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Anna Neagle, Ray Milland, Roland Young, Alan Marshal, May Robson, Billie Burke, Arthur Treacher, Marsha Hunt, Isabel Jewell, Doris Nolan, Stuart Robertson, Ethel Griffies, Tommy Kelly, Juliette Compton, Roxanne Barkley, Hattie Noel, Louis Jean Heydt, Cyrus Ring


Herbert Wilcox


Herbert Wilcox


After a food spill ruins the haute couture fashion she's supposed to model at an elegant charity soiree, ex-shopgirl Irene O'Dare (Anna Neagle) puts on a vintage blue gown that belonged to her late mother. The dress - showcased in a rich Technicolor sequence becomes a sensation. So does lrene when the buzz goes round the party that she's a royal heiress. Her shop manager, eager to exploit the gossip and sell more dresses, adds to the illusion by putting her up at a Park Avenue address. But lrene's would-be Prince Charming (Ray Milland), who knows her secret, isn't fond of the charade. This charming, gossamer- winged tale of Cinderella wish fulfilment originates from the 1919 stage hit that for two decades held the Broadway record for most performances. The Dandridge Sisters, including the pre-stardom Dorothy Dandridge, are in the film's jubilant, Harlem-based "Alice Blue Gown" song-and-dance sequence.




Not Rated


101 Minutes