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Fun in Boys Shorts

Drama/Short Film

Not Rated

Box Office: $0.0M


Boxart Format Release Date
Sre d5010 2d DVD
UPC: 712267501021
06/03/2014 Not Available

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Product Details


Spooners - After convincing his husband to retire their old lumpy futon, Nelson is forced to come out in a spectacular way while shopping.
Directed by Bryan Horch, 14 min, USA.

Housebroken - A hopeless romantic learns a thing or two about relationships when he gets too close to the perfect couple in the awkwardly hilarious Housebroken.
Directed by Wade Gasque, 15 min, USA.

Bald Guy (Skallamann) - Love and acceptance for all hairstyles (or lack thereof) are found in the international musical sensation Bald Guy (Skallamann).
Directed by Maria Bock, 12 min, Norway.
In Norwegian w/ English Subtitles

Alaska is a Drag - Leo's dreams of being an international superstar are hard-fought working in a fish cannery.
Directed by Shaz Bennett, 13 min, USA.

Unanimated (Desanimado) - A cartoon character goes to therapy because he feels rejected in a "live-action" world.
Directed by Emilio Martí López, 8 min, Spain.
In Spanish w/ English Subtitles.

Sabbatical - A break from a long-term relationship leads to surprising results.
Directed by Glenn Kiser, 12 min, USA.

P.D.A.- An urban gay couple disputes their very different views on holding hands in public.
Directed by Patrick Hancock, 8 min, USA.


Drama/Short Film


Not Rated


82 Minutes


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