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The One I Wrote for You


Rated PG

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Whi dd3889562 DVD
UPC: 095163889562
09/04/2018 Not Available

Release Dates

When Announced When Released
In Theaters December 05 2014
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On DVD October 06 2015Now Available

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Cheyenne Jackson, Kevin Pollak, Christine Woods, Avi Lake, Christopher Lloyd, Rafael de la Fuente, Cameron Kauffman, Enid Graham, Douglas Caballero, Rushi Kota, Brad Leland, ErinRose Widner, Andrew Sensenig, Amanda Phillips, Evelyn Hurley


Andrew Lauer


David Kauffman


Ben had bigger dreams than serving chai lattes to hipsters. He had wanted to be a singer and a songwriter. But life doesn't always follow the script we try to write. Ben has a family and bills to pay. So when he's offered a manager position at the coffee shop, his financial problems seemed to be solved. Then a new reality television show—the Song—comes to town. Without him knowing it, Ben's precocious 10-year-old daughter has entered Ben in the competition. Now Ben must decide if he'll pick up the microphone, along with a shattered relationship he left behind, to pursue the life he was meant to lead. ''The One I Wrote For You'' is a family centric, feature-length film by David Kauffman. The film has broad audience appeal with messages about the challenges of choice that ring strong and true. The story encourages viewers to live authentically in pursuit of their unique passion and identity. The film also points out, however, that in following your dream, it's important not to lose yourself.




Rated PG
some mild language and thematic elements


110 Minutes