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Lady Scarface


Not Rated

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Dennis O'Keefe, Judith Anderson, Frances Neal, Mildred Coles, Eric Blore, Marc Lawrence, Damian O'Flynn, Andrew Tombes, Marion Martin, Rand Brooks, Arthur Shields, Lee Bonnell, Harry Burns, Horace MacMahon, Edward Conrad, Joey Ray, Charles Halton, Ruth Dietrich, Robert Middlemass, Harry Humphrey


Frank Woodruff


Cliff Reid


Stage titaness Dame Judith Anderson played the title role in this zippy thriller between twin Broadway triumphs as two of drama's most illustrious villainesses, Lady MacBeth and Medea. The hunt is on for Chicago criminal mastermind Slade (Anderson), the sinister genius behind a series of daring and deadly robberies. Doggedly pursued by police lieutenant Bill Mason (Dennis O'Keefe), Slade continues to evade Mason because he assumes that Slade is a man. Luckily for the lieutenant, he has reporter Ann Rogers (Frances Neal) by his side, and she obtains a quest-changing clue for Mason -- an envelope stuffed with Slade's stolen loot and addressed to "Mary Jordan c/o the Leonard Sheldon Hotel." Mason and Rogers head for New York to set a trap for Slade, only to find an unexpected Mary Jordan claiming the envelope. And this Mary, a newlywed, may be an innocent or just another feint by the evil Slade.




Not Rated


69 Minutes